Wedding Entertainment – Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests

Wedding Entertainment is such a BIG subject! There is so much to choose from and so many options. Choosing your wedding entertainment should reflect you as a couple. There is no point choosing a rock band if you and your guests only like soul music, just as there is no point hiring a magician if you dislike magic. The type of wedding you hold can often dictate the type if entrainment you choose. Lots of live music works best for a festival type wedding, while garden games and the like work better for a village fete type wedding. There are so many options out there, from bands, DJs, comedians, cartoonists, dancers, flair bar people, casinos……the list is endless, so make sure you choose what is right for you and your guests.

Getting Ready for the Wedding: 5 Ideas for Entertaining Guests

Wedding Entertainment - Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests

Photo by James & Kerrie wedding Photography – full wedding here

Wedding entertainment depends not only on the theme and style of the wedding but also on financial possibilities. If you have unlimited funds, you can invite entertainers, actors, singers, and possibly popular music groups to entertain your guests. If your budget is smaller then you may need to get a bit more creative but that doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t have fun.

The main thing is to choose entertainment that fits you as a couple and the theme of the wedding. The day has to flow, so you need to make sure that whatever you choose fits in with your own style and what you think your guests will appreciate. Garden games with a village fete feel may not fit an elegant and glamours wedding, while a trapeze artist won’t fit a village fete wedding. Read on for some excellent ideas on how to make your wedding entertainment shine!

Wedding Entertainment - Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests

photo by Lawless Rose Photography – full wedding here 

Photo area

A hugely popular form of entertainment is the photo area. The photo area can become a ‘Welcome zone’ for friends and family, as well as a fun Photo Booth option later on in the day.

With the development of social media, special hashtags for weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Don’t forget to put a sign with a hashtag up for the wedding in a prominent place, so that the day after the celebration, you can review the photo mosaic of the evening.

Guests will also appreciate the opportunity to print photos right at the party: for this, you can use a classic photo booth or a photo machine for printing photos from Instagram. The decoration of the photo area should fully match the style and theme of the wedding.

Wedding Entertainment - Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests


Active Entertainment

One of the main components of a wedding reception is an active entertainment program. It is important to think it over carefully so that your guests are kept busy and that all age groups are kept entertained. An outdoor playhouse in Dubai can be an excellent option, for example, for children, or even hire in a children’s entertainer to keep the little ones occupied while the speeches are on.

Wedding Entertainment - Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests

Photo by Florence Fox – full wedding here

Show Program

It’s always fun to bring in a variety of entertainment, especially entertainment that you wouldn’t normally get in normal day to day life. You could think of hiring:

  • Magicians
  • Artists and Cartoonists
  • Sand Animation
  • Dancers
  • Fire Shows
  • Singers and Cover Bands

However, don’t try and book too much, your guests need to be kept occupied (but not overloaded) and always make sure that your entertainment flows. Too many different sorts of things could just confuse your guests.

Wedding Entertainment - Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests

photo by Oxana Mazur – full wedding here 

Live music

Live music is a great addition to both a sophisticated wedding evening with a well-thought-out program and a cozy dinner for the closest of friends. As live music, you can choose any format — from a string quartet to a contemporary band.

It is important that the style of music is fully consistent with the format of the banquet. Live music can accompany guests throughout the evening: from the welcome buffet and ceremony to separate blocks during the wedding banquet.

Wedding Entertainment - Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests

photo by J S Coates – full post here

Mobile Bar

A mobile bar decorated in the style of your wedding is a great way to add even more fun and creativity to your celebration. Depending on what season your wedding reception will be in – depends on the type of alcohol you should buy for the party. There are some nuances that young people prefer light alcohol and older people like strong drinks. However, do not forget that alcohol itself does not create an atmosphere of fun, but can only be a beautiful accompaniment. Why not consider hiring a mixologist or a flair barperson to add another level to the bar area, watching bartenders mix up cocktails is an artform in itself!

Wedding Entertainment - Fantastic Ideas for Entertaining Guests

Photo by Jamie Dunn – Full shoot here


You need to make sure your guests are not bored. Yes they will want to chat, and conversation can sometimes be the best form of entertainment. However, do try and throw in a bit of a mixture of entertainment for them. Think about what makes your wedding unique and how the entertainment can enhance this, what reflects you as a couple. Think about these things and you can’t go wrong.






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