Diary of a Boho Bride – Becki and Jonny, Entry 7: Happily Ever After.. Is Officially 2 Weeks Away!

diary of a boho bride

These recent Diary entries have been bitter sweet for me, as week by week we are saying goodbye to our current Boho brides, as we wave them off on their merry way to get married. With Jo and Nik, and Faye and Jens already married it is now the turn of Becki and Jonny as their wedding is in two weeks time. It has been an absolute Joy to have Becki on the Blog, and I can’t wait to share her wedding photos with you all in a few months time. She has already agreed to come back to the blog and share with us some more of her DIY projects which i’m really excited about!

So today in Becki’s last post she tells us all about her last minute plans, presents, the honeymoon and a bit of a reflection on her relationship with J and what marriage means to her

diary of a boho bride

I’ll pass the Blog over to Becki………

By the time this hits the blog there will only be 2 weeks until I finally become the new Mrs Durrans!

In the final weeks before the wedding, I’m finding myself reminiscing about all the years me and J have been together so far. All that we have done and the places we have been and when I look back on it all it seems like a lifetime already, but this is just the beginning for us really.
So to pay homage to the fact that we are high school sweethearts I decided to write a poem which is now framed and will be placed in the bar area of the hotel. This is where our guests will be welcomed into before the ceremony takes place, so it will hopefully be a nice little welcome for them and it’s a very personal little gesture. And here it is..

diary of a boho bride

Gifts, gifts and more gifts…

I’ve been busy getting all the thank you gifts organized and also I’ve been creating little favour/gift bags for the children. They have little Disney colouring in pages & puzzles, some bubbles, sweeties and for the boys there is a little lego character and for the girls, there is a Disney fairy character.

And I’m pretty sure the guys will think I’m nuts for even bothering to do this, but I’ve made these for them..

diary of a boho bride

We have bought my mum a purple leather Pandora bracelet with a heart charm to thank her for all the help she’s given me which I know she will love.
And as much as I would love to tell you all about the bridesmaid gifts and some little things I have made for my 3 best friends, I can’t, because they will be reading this and I don’t want to risk spoiling the surprise for them so that’s totally under wraps right now, but I promise to get photo’s and come back and tell you all about it.

diary of a boho bride

I’ve mentioned before that we are having CD’s as wedding favours for our guests, which will double up as place names with a hand stamped tag tied to them. Well, we’ve kept a couple of these for our memory box and decided to have something different on the top table waiting for me and J instead.
So we decided we would buy each other a little something as a complete surprise. Something not too expensive, but that we both know we will love.

It is J’s 30th Birthday the weekend before we get married which for him is kind of a blessing as he really doesn’t want to make a fuss about turning 30, so all the wedding stuff is kind of taking centre stage instead. But of course I have been buying gifts for his birthday too and we will celebrate whilst on honeymoon by going to a gorgeous seafood restaurant and I’m totally gonna try get the restaurant to sing happy birthday to him mwahahaha!


Final Preparations.. and the Honeymoon!

I think all the planning is done.. I say “think” because I’m still lying awake at night pondering what I can hang from the ceiling in the reception room, even though a) the room really doesn’t need it, b) we have enough tealights to light the whole of UK, so anything else would be too much and probably most importantly c) the bank balance is pretty much none existent now anyway!!

So now all that’s left to do really, is to start thinking about the honeymoon.. 2 blissful weeks in Walt Disney World, Florida! Now I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to their honeymoon, but until you’ve been and experienced it for yourself, you really can’t do it justice in explaining what it’s like.
I often find myself saying well it’s just kind of magical and then people tend to look at me like I’ve gone crazy haha!
Some people may think its just theme parks for children, but it really isn’t and there is actually so much there for adults. So much that we haven’t done in our previous trips when we have been with a group of friends and so this time we are planning to see a bit more of what Disney World has to offer.

And anyway, who wouldn’t want a princess dress, to marry Prince Charming, in a world where good defeats evil and they all live happily ever after in a great big castle??
I swear I’m not crazy, although I do blub like a baby every single time I watch ‘Wishes’ fireworks in front of the castle!


“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish, I wish tonight,

We’ll make a wish and do as dreamers do..

And all our wishes,

Will come true….”


diary of a boho bride



We’ve had nearly two years of planning the wedding itself, which is just one day. Certainly, it’s going to be one fabulous, unforgettable day I’m sure, but it’s the marriage that is the real goal isn’t it?
And you’d think after being together 12 years already that it wouldn’t really make much difference to us being married or not, but it does.

It’s only now that all the planning is drawing to a close, that I’ve had time to really sit and think about the marriage itself. Of course, I’ve always known that I wanted to get married one day, but now that the wedding is nearly here I am realising more and more just how much it means to me.
I’ve also never really considered how I’d feel about taking J’s surname and how immensely important that actually is to me. I definitely didn’t appreciate just how sentimental J would be about wearing a wedding ring, but he is and I just can’t wait to be his wife now.

We have shared a lot of highs and a few lows getting to this point in our lives, so it kind of feels like the start of something somehow. Lots of decisions to be made and plans to see out and it’s really exciting…


And finally..

I want to take this opportunity to thank Kelly so so much for having me on her wonderful blog and providing lots of amazing advice and encouragement.

I am so grateful for being able to record our wedding planning here. I’ve enjoyed every second of writing my diary posts and also the diy tutorials too. I have had lots of wonderful support and amazing feedback from thoroughly lovely brides, grooms and wedding industry folk through this blog so thank you all for putting up with my slightly hysteria driven ramblings!!

See you on the other side everyone!!


Much love,

Becki xx


Awwww thank You Becki, you are very kind! It has been amazing having you on  the blog I have loved every minute of your wedding story. I can’t wait to share in your celebrations in 2 weeks time! Now i just need to figure out what to wear to the wedding! eek!!



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    Becki I’m going to Florida for 2weeks for our honeymoon too! It is amazing and you’re quite right about people not fully appreciating it until they go and see for themselves – have an unbelievably fantastic time!!! Have a gorgeous wedding day :) xx


    Thank you so much Samantha! I am unbeleivably excited to go back to Florida.
    Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon too hun!


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