Diary of a Boho Bride – Becki and Jonny, Entry 4: Suit Up! The Wedding Cast and Crew and Other Adventures

diary of a boho bride Today on Diary of  a Boho Bride we welcome back Becki to the Blog. Last time Becki told us all about how music is playing an important part in their wedding. Today with only 4 months to go before the big day Becki tells us all about  Jonny’s suit and the experience she and Jonny had choosing it. (Not a great mention for wedding fairs!) We then get introduced to the wedding party, as well as a quick catch up with Becki’s ever increasing DIY to do list!

diary of a boho bride


I’ll pass the Blog over to Becki…………………

Hi everyone,
With only 4 months to go, I don’t know if any other brides feel the same way, but it’s starting to feel like I’m on a very high rollercoaster and this is it now like we are teetering on the very top of the drop and it’s about to go into full speed from now on.
Time is literally flying now and it really seems like two minutes since I was last here writing about the music we had chosen for our wedding day. Now that I am sat down writing about what we’ve been up to it doesn’t actually feel like we’ve done a lot which is not good when I’m sat staring at lists and lists on A2 sized sheets of paper, but let’s not panic!
This month we have definitely accomplished one of the very important tasks that needed to be done and that was:

The Suits

iary of a boho bride - the suit

Jonny has been dragged around all the local wedding fairs with me so he’s come across the main suit hire companies in our area and not once has he been bowled over the by choice of suits or the sales people. In fact some of them were still only making conversation with me the Bride, which completely baffles me. Surely it should be the one thing that the guys get to decide on at the least?

Now I think J would like me to point out that the moodboard was most definitely put together by me and not the groom. Ladies you can thank me later for the Ryan Gosling eye candy……..
And the first question they ask? Colour scheme.
Aren’t we past the days where the most important aspect of a wedding is what the colour scheme is? What about the type of people we are or the style of the wedding, relaxed, formal, indoor, outdoor, festival or vintage etc. Surely these are what have an impact on what the groom should be wearing as well rather than just matching the cravat or tie and waistcoat to the correct shade of blue.


Now anyone that knows me will know I am sucker for anything from the 90’s, but one thing that should be banned is those swirly pattern John Virgo-esque circa 1997 waistcoats!!
I really don’t want to offend anyone who is having that style for their wedding, but to me they just don’t seem to have moved on over the years and I think this is where the choice element starts to seem a bit bleak from the main suit hire companies. And referring back to what Nick wrote about suit hire companies in Jo and Nick’s diary here, we very much had a similar experience.

But having said all that it only took J about 20 seconds flat to choose his suit and he loves it!
He knew the colour he wanted, he knew he didn’t want it to be a shiny fabric, he knew he didn’t want the tails & top hat kind of look and by knowing what he wanted to rule out before stepping into the shop it helped him find the perfect mid grey lounge suit which is a short jacket and he has also opted for the waistcoat in the same fabric as the suit (thank God!)
All we need to do now is buy him a tie so that he has a keepsake from the wedding because the suits will only be hired for the day and we need to organise getting the guys measured up too.


Let me introduce you to the guys and girls of the wedding party.

  • The Best Man – Gary
  • The Best Usher/Understudy Best Man (more on that below) – Matt
  • The Chief Bridesmaid – Emma
  • And the two Best Bridesmaids – Samantha & Katie
best man and best usher Chief bridesmaid Emma the two bridesmaids

We all met at the same school so these amazing people have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Best man Gary now lives in Wales and bridesmaid Katie lives in Sheffield, but friendship outweighs the distance and even though we might not see them every day or even every month, when we do it’s just like old times again.

So to explain the understudy best man position a little more, the best man might not be able to come to wedding, but for probably THE best reason ever!!
The wonderful news came, that he and his fiancée are expecting a baby and the due date?……………3 days before the wedding!!
We are so excited for them and it’s definitely going to be an exciting & life changing week that’s for sure.

And on the subject of babies, let me introduce you to the absolutely gorgeous, Lucas James, who is my Chief Bridesmaid’s 5 month old baby boy. Don’t we just have the most super cool dude pageboy in the world!

page boy


A quick Crafting/DIY update…

 You know how I keep saying finish one project before you start another? Well I am officially crap at taking my own advice.
I have just started making burlap bunting for the top table whilst still making progress with our brooch bouquets, finishing the last of the jam jar tealight holders and my crafting to do list is still quite long, but as if that wasn’t enough, I have now bought a badge maker!
Seriously there is probably something wrong with me.. I just can’t stop!

Although I’m damn sure that on the day I’ll be stood in my gorgeous dress, (not handmade, oh no I draw the line at that) surrounded by our wonderful friends and family and I’ll be over the moon that the majority of the wedding was hand created by my mum, my bridesmaids, my husband (squeal at how good that sounds!) and little old me!


And finally… 

We are having our Love Shoot with our amazing photographers Paul & Kelly of Paul Joseph Photography this month, on my birthday in fact! We are heading to York for the photo shoot and I’m really nervous, but excited about what we have planned for it. Although someone mentioned splatting a birthday cake in my face for a photo  (yes Paul i’m referring to you, so I think I’d better be on my guard that day!!!

I’ll hopefully be able to share a few sneak peeks with you and chat about how it all went in my next diary post.


Bye for now

Becki xx 


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