Diary of a Boho Bride – Becki and Jonny, Entry 1: Balloon Release

A few weeks ago I announced the 5 new Boho Brides. I have been looking forward to getting them started on the blog and reading their entries and to be honest I was going to wait until the new blog launch for the first one BUT they are all itching to get started!
So today we have Becki’s first diary entry, and today she is going to be telling us all about her ideas for a Balloon Release.

Diary of a Boho Bride


I’ll pass the Blog over to Becki……………

Hello everyone, Let me start by telling you that I’ve been in a little wedding bubble since 2010 because it was back in May that year when I was asked to be a bridesmaid for my best friend Emma.

I can’t possibly begin to talk about my own wedding without mentioning Emma’s big day. You see me and Emma both share the same quality.. patience.. lots of it, seeing as though we had to wait a little while for both our high school sweethearts to pop the question! But it pays off, because I got the chance to become her chief DIY devotee in all the planning stages and now I have the experience, knowledge and understanding I could never have anticipated for planning my own wedding.
Like I said it has helped me massively, but I also think that being in the bubble for so long is the reason why I am now tending to search for the alternatives for some things rather than what’s considered traditional or the norm.

Following the ceremony when we get our guests together, there would normally be a group confetti throwing photo of some sort, but instead we have chosen to have a balloon release and I’m totally excited about it!

Balloon Release

(Photo Source) 

I have fond memories of doing this as a child at school, where you would write your name and the school’s address on a little tag attached to a colourful balloon (cue full on battle to get your favourite colour!) and see how far in the world it would reach. Aww such high expectations! I was never the one that got a response though.. so I’m trying again aged 27!
So each guest will be handed a balloon, strike a pose for a group photo with them in all their multi-coloured glory, that’s 70 balloons in total by the way and then we shall release them into the sky.

Balloon Release

(Photo source)

Thankfully we won’t be spending the night before the wedding nearly passing out from trying to blow them up as we are hiring a company to do that for us.
However, I have given the task to the groom and his best men, of filling six large round balloons with helium on the morning of the wedding! I know risky, but it’s way cheaper that way and figure it’s only six balloons what could possibly go wrong??

We have fallen completely in love with the imagery it creates! I love that it can look really dreamy and romantic or fun and flirty and a huge pop of colour, but they are also reminiscent of our childhood again as it reminds us of funfairs, giant lollipops and those big balloons on rubber bands you used to get and drive your mother insane with the noise the made!
In fact note to self, hide the rubber bands from guys on the day seeing as I’m putting them in charge of this little project!

Balloon Release

(Photo Source)

So there we have it, a group balloon release and fantastic photo’s to treasure. I’m hoping it will be one of those key moments during the day that will get people talking, laughing and hopefully it’s something new that no one will expect.

Balloon Release

(Photo Source – 1,  2,  3,  4,  5)

Guaranteed to bring out the inner child in everybody, young and old.

Becki xx


Thanks so much Becki, it sounds like a wonderful idea, I’m sure the guests will love it! What do you think? would you consider a balloon release? are you having anything else at your wedding that breaks away from the norm? I’d love to hear your stories.


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    Jill Hanby

    Ah I love this idea!! We are having balloons instead of flowers at our wedding, so balloons have a place in my heart but I love the excitement of a balloon release and even better the fab photos and colours you will have!! Great idea Becki! :)


    Do you have a sample of the card you attached to the balloons? I am doing this balloon release but stuggling as to what to write on the card. Thank you in advance.

    Stein Brun

    Balloons released, goes up, explodes and rain down everywhere in nature where people don,t usually reach. The strings attached are mostly plastic, aka plastic pollution. Exploded balloons are mistaken by turtles, fish and birds to be food. Hundreds of thousands of them die because of this each year. Its so frustrating watching people promoting this devastating behavior. :(


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