DIY Tutorial: Hand-beaded Flower Hair Pins

DIY Tutorial

I have a new DIY contributor to welcome to the blog today, she is called Kirsty Newnum and is from www.handmadeweddings.co.uk. Kirsty is going to be a new regular contributor to the blog, so look out for more from her in the forthcoming weeks.
Today Kirsty is going to be showing us how to make these super cute Hand-beaded Flower Hair Pins, which are perfect for you on your wedding day, or your bridesmaids, or flower girls.

Hand-beaded Flower Hair Pins you will need you will need
  • Beeds – Approximately £4.00 for 15g from any bead store – plenty to make three pins
  • Glass Cut Crystal bedsAround £2.50 for 10 from any bead store
  • Hair Pins – £2.50 – £6.00

Step 1) Cut a piece of wire approximately 45-50cms long (you will not need all of the wire but it is easier to work with when a little longer). Feed 15 seed beeds onto the wire, approximately 15cm from one end. Loop the beaded wire together, pinching the wire together and twisting the wire twice. This will create the first petal.


Step 2) Feed another 15 beads onto the long piece of wire and repeat step 1 to create the second petal. Pull the beads into a loop and twist the wire twice.


Step 3) Feed a further 15 beads onto the long piece of wire and repeat step 2 to create the third petal.


Step 4) Repeat step 3 to create the fourth petal


Step 5) Repeat step 3 to create the fifth petal.


Step 6) After twisting the wire, pull the longest end towards the middle, and feed on one of the multi-facetted glass cut beads.


Step 7) Pull both ends of the wire towards the back of the flower and twist a couple of times to secure


Step 8) Place each end of the wire across the top of the pin, facing different directions. Starting with one side, pull the wire over and under the pin, pulling the wire tight with the use of the pliers. Repeat for the other side (approximately 4 wraps per side). Cut the end of the wire, with the cutters, as close as possible to the pin. Use the pliers to press the ends flat to the pin to avoid catching in the hair.

9 10
  • Tips

    – The flowers can be made smaller or larger but the number of beads per petal should be odd for the best shape
    – When wearing hair pins, it works best to wear an odd number
    – These pins are a great accessory for the bride or bridesmaids

  • Time taken: 20-30 minutes per pin

Hand-beaded Flower Hair Pins Finished


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Handmade Weddings is all about handmade wedding accessories, from paper flower bouquets to hand-beaded hair accessories. At Handmadeweddings.co.uk you will find regular inspiration and, DIY tutorials to help you with the planning of your wedding.

And if you want to know how to make something, but don’t know how, let us know and we will do what we can to feature a tutorial.

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