DIY Tutorial: Bridesmaid Gift- Fabric Flower Hair Clip and Gift Box

DIY Tutorial

I have a super cute DIY tutorial for you today and it comes from Rachel Thompson. This tutorial comes in two parts so it’s up to you if you do one or both parts. If you are looking for a cute homemade gift to give to your bridesmaids, or even a friend then this tutorial is for you. It dosn’t have to be wedding related it could be for a birthday or a christmas present, it’s totally up to you.

Fabric Flower Hair Clip and Gift Box you wilo need words
  •  The fabric for this particular method must be synthetic, as natural fibres will simply burn under the candle flame!
  •  The quantity of fabric here will make approx 2 flowers, (depending on how big/small) so this can be increased/reduced as necessary. You will need 5 cut out circles per flower. you will need - Fabric Flower Hair Clip and Gift Box

STEP 1) Place your fabric lengths on top of one another and pin the paper circle template on top.

photo two

STEP 2) Cut around the template and then re-pin all the cut out fabric circles to keep them together. You will need approx 5 circles per flower. Using your fabric scissors, cut 5 slits around the outer edge of the circles and towards its centre. Careful not to cut too far in!

photo three

STEP 3) Light your candle, and being careful not to burn your fingers, take each circle one at a time and hold the cut edges over the flame. The heat from the candle will ‘curl’ the edges and create ‘petals’ for your flowers. You can use tweezers to hold your fabric here if the flame is too hot! Repeat this process until all your circles have been curled.

photo six

STEP 4) Layer each curled flower on top of each other and then taking a needle and thread, run a couple of stitches through to secure in place

photo eight

STEP 5) Using a glue gun, stick a decorative button or bead in the centre of the flower, and then turning it over, stick the small felt circle on the back.

photo eleven

STEP 6) Stick the flower onto the blank hair clip, wait to dry, and then your lovely hair clip is ready to packaged for your Bridesmaid!

  • Top tip: You can make these hair clips to match the colour scheme of your wedding or hen party, so that your Bridesmaids can wear their hand made gifts on the special day.
photo thirteen

STEP 7) To create some extra special packaging for your handmade gifts, take your gift box, ribbon and buttons of your choice, as well as your alphabet stamps and ink (although of course, you can hand write any messages).
A craft card box as shown here offsets the ivory fabric really well, and are readily available at craft stores or online.
Place a little extra fabric in the box to line it and lay the hair clip on top.
Cut a length of ribbon or lace that stretches across the lid of the box and down its sides. Glue this in place using textile glue. You can use the glue gun again here, but UHU textile glue is better for this as it is like PVA and dries clear.

photo forteen

STEP 8) Next, glue your buttons or beads along the length of ribbon to create a pretty pattern.

photo fifteen

STEP 9) Then, taking your alphabet stamps and ink, stamp the message you wish you say. I’ve put ‘Thank you for being my Bridesmaid’ here- but you could type the name of the recipient, or just ‘Thank you’- whatever suits!

You now have a beautifully hand made gift for your special Bridesmaid that is packaged with a personal touch.

photo sixteen


Fore more information on Rachel’s work go to

[email protected]

Rachel is a Cambridge based illustrator and designer, creating unique and bespoke illustrations of wedding venues and cherished houses.
Working with you to maintain a truly personalised feel, Rachel’s illustrations are available as framed originals for a wedding gift, or custom rubber stamps for your own DIY stationery. Rachel can also work with you to design and print all your wedding stationery, including menu cards, guest books and orders of service and featuring an illustration of your chosen venue, making a lasting memory of your special day.



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