My Photography Diary: Dee and Her Love of Bubble Wrap – April

Entry 13 of my photography diary and it’s more of Dee. Dee LOVES bubble wrap, she loves boxes and she loves plastic so in the conservatory, or Dee’s room as I like to call it, she has a big box filled with plastic, tissue paper and bubble wrap. What she loves to do is get herself buried underneath it. I have to admit that I do get worried when I come in and see the bubble wrap completely covering her (how does she do that?) but she always fine and knows to leave herself enough air.

Admittedly I do have a lot of photos of Dee, but I find her a great muse, and a fab model to practice on. Here I made a few of my own presets called Dee (of course) and added a little bit of editing to the Photos. Again i have used my 50mm.

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Big Boho Love

Kelly xx




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    Jaye Cole | Tux & Tales Photography

    OMG I love a good Dee post! She is too cute!

    Honestly, Kelly your photography has really come along leaps and bounds! Those are really fantastic photos and a great use of depth of field in the ones where she is peeking out from under the bubble wrap!

    Our cat Ernie goes MENTAL over black plastic bin liners. It is ridiculous. You need to take one out 20 minutes before you need to use it so he has ample opportunity to roll all over it.

    Amy ✈ Fly Away Bride

    Aren’t cats the best photography subjects? Dee is a gorgeous cat. Great photos too!


    Thank you, I have a great model! I’m sure there will be more of her coming soon xx

    Maria -A Sweet Start

    Your Dee is so darn cute! I love these photos. It’s great to see a whole montage of her. I always smile when I see a pic of her on your Instagram. :)


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