Guest Blogger: A Marquee Wedding….all your questions answered!

I featured Your Marquee a few weeks ago as my featured supplier. Henry has been kind enough to put a few details together with some good advice for all those brides and grooms in the middle of planning their Marquee Wedding, hope it’s of some help to you:

A Marquee Wedding….all your questions answered!


What size marquee do I require?

So what size marquee creates the perfect cosiness! It’s the balance between too tight, or too much space that you don’t know what to do with! There are some basic rules however….

1) Thinking about a dance floor? Great, but remember that typically this will take up one or even two bays of the marquee.

2)Tables and Chairs? The basic rule is that per bay of 9m wide marquee you can get three 5ft 6’ round tables (each seating approx 10 guests), so 30 guests per 9m x 3m bay.

3) Thinking of having a catering marquee? Again, this is not a problem – this can be inside the main marquee with an ivory curtain divide so that it is completely hidden (this will take up approximately one bay of the marquee) or alternatively this can be in a totally separate marquee and linked via a door unit. 

4)Fancy a Lounge/Chill out area? Most Marquee companies should be able to offer a range of event furniture and luxurious linings which can create a secluded relaxation area in your marquee. Typically this will take up one bay of the marquee but can of course be bigger should you wish!

marquee wedding

This marquee is theoretically made up of five sections (or bays). Two of which in the attached marquee are taken up with a dance floor so that effectively leaves three bays of marquee for seating guests. This means you could seat approx 90 guests in this area and still have space for the dance floor. Obviously things such as a bar, a band and chill out areas will add to the space required.

10 things to look for in a wedding marquee and the hire company

1.) Colour Schemes – Will the marquee company let us tailor the marquee to fit with our colour schemes?

wedding marquee

2.) Carpet– Does the marquee company let you pick your own coloured carpet? and how many times will that carpet be used?

3.) Marquee Quality–  You should always check the quality of the marquee that you are hiring, how many times has it been used, how old it is, you need to make sure your is in tip top condition.

4. ) Window Walls– Does the marquee company charge extra for window walls, and do they offer them?  

5.) Flooring – Does your marquee company offer solid flooring as well as carpets, many don’t. ideally you should be looking for interlocking solid wood flooring as standard. This provides a solid base to lay the carpet on and is a must have for seated guests and guests wearing heeled shoes.

6.) Marquee furniture– Will you marquee company provide the furniture as well as the marquee, or do they subcontract this out to another company? Also will they lay out the furniture out for you? and if not who will you get to do this?

7.) Working hours to fit around you and your busy schedule-Will the marquee company offer a no obligation marquee site visit at a time suitable to you?

8.) Full itemised breakdown of costs– Are you being offered a  quote that  can be broken down into constituent parts so you can pick and choose your optimum specification.

9.) Marquees for every budget– The marquee company should work with you to choose a specification to suit your budget,. no matter how big or small.

10.) Testimonials– Check out the companies past work and always ask to read testimonials from both corporate and private customers.

your marquee

A note from Henry

‘The above is aimed to provide a brief introductory guide to the world of marquees. Of course, if you need any advice as to the size of the marquee you require then the guys at Your Marquee Ltd are always on hand to offer their expertise gained from providing over 300 marquee weddings. All you need to tell them is how many seated or standing guests will be coming to your wedding and the Project Managers at Your Marquee Ltd will do the rest!’

If you would like more information about what they can offer you go to:
07528 863 445
01904 700 566

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