Diary of a Boho Bride: A Christmas Special

As of the new year, Fridays will be about our Boho Brides and reading about their wedding planning adventures in ‘Diary of a Boho Bride’. Because of this I thought it would be nice to hear from all of them today and to find out exactly what they have planned for Christmas and if they are intending to do any wedding planning over the Christmas Holidays.

With the brides I am working with myself I do tend to tell them to take Christmas off from the wedding planning, to relax and try not to think about the wedding, but I also appreciate that when families come together over Christmas it can be hard not to talk about it.

So Today we get a glimpse into the world of the Boho Brides, as they share with us how they will be spending their Christmas break!


I’ll pass you over to the brides………….


Diary of a Boho Bride

So, my last Christmas as a Miss! Waaaa! I feel I should be making the most of it somehow, but really I’m just getting excited about what sort of traditions we’ll be able to bring to our house next year as Mr & Mrs. Luckily Chris gets to come home for the holidays so I imagine most of the time I shall be attached to him like a limpet, begging him not to leave again in the new year. Planning wise there’s plenty of bits and bobs to do, including chasing up some tardy guests who seem to have completely disregarded the need to RSVP. Luckily after a cup of mulled wine I’ll have no issues harassing them about it! Also, our second reception venue has gone bust (my parents had arranged another do for family and friends who can’t travel North for the big day) so I’ll have to sort that out/find a replacement venue whilst I’m down South. I have 10 pints of confetti to be stuffed into pouches for the orders of service, and (today in fact!) I’m giving notice so that I can change the name in my passport in advance. That all sounds rather a lot doesn’t it?! Oh, and I’m running a marathon 6 days before the wedding so I shall be training hard and making room for lots of turkey and mince pies ready for a practice race I have on the 6th of January. As you do…
Have a lovely holiday everyone, whether you are busy planning or having a break just spend some time with your loved ones, that’s what Christmas is all about. :)

Laura x



Diary of a Boho Bride

Christmas is going to be a busy time for us – lots of family to visit and we’ll be in Spain for the big day with Phil’s dad – but I am planning to get some of the slightly less glamorous aspects of wedding planning dealt with. I’m taking advantage of a festive weekend in Yorkshire with my parents to do some major list making with my mum – she’s brilliantly practical so she’s my dream planning helper. We’re going to be planning recipes for afternoon tea, and dealing with some slightly complicated logistical issues to do with transport and decorating. Along with Phil, we’ll also be starting to look at the dreaded seating plan – if only people neatly grouped into eights! There should still be plenty of time for eating yummy things and having a bit of time to relax after a very busy 2012 and before an even busier 2013.

Best, Rachel x


Diary of a Boho Bride

It’s beginning to look a lot like…a chance to get some more wedding prep done!  As much as we are both planning to enjoy the festive period with a trip away to snowy Austria, we know that we need to devote some time to sorting out all those little jobs we have been stalling on.  Since we booked our wedding day I have been walking around saying “we’re getting married next year”, but once Christmas is over and Auld Lang Syne has been sung, we know that it will be a case of ‘we’re tying the knot…this year…eeekk!!’

So over the festive period we will be working on our own wedding website.  This site is especially for our guests with details of the island, sights to see, places to stay, details of our big day etc. to make it easier to arrange and more fun for our guests planning to join us out in Greece.  We also need to decide on our wedding invitations.  We are torn between designing and producing them ourselves or finding a company that could make us really bespoke Greek invitations.  Therefore we need to do some research into wedding stationery and have a practise at making a few of our own ideas and see what works best for us.  So a busy Christmas planned, but fuelled with Yule log and mulled wine!

Merry Christmas to all the Boho-ers! xxx




Diary of a Boho Bride

Its Christmas time and it’s my absolute favourite time of year. The lead up to Christmas day is the best bit for me, all the excitement & the build up to it.

So it will be spent sprucing the house up with decorations, drinking mulled wine after walking the dog in the cold, snow covered fields. Wearing festive pjs and watching Home Alone and Elf which makes it officially Christmas time!
Attempting to make Eggnog, failing so sticking to gingerbread latte instead, eating mince pies with cream, spending time with family & friends and welcoming our dear friends new baby boy into the world for his first Christmas.

I’d like to say that the wedding planning is on a little holiday, but I’m sure I’ll squeeze in a few little wedding bits & bobs here and there. Like shopping for presents in Leeds, but instead coming home with a guest book, wooden signs and about 27 more ideas for what we can include into our (already too big) big day!

Merry Christmas everyone and here’s to 2013, which for a lot of us will be OUR year so bring it on!!

Becki xx



Diary of a Boho Bride

Ho Ho Ho …..Merry Christmas!!

So the house is decorated, presents purchased and the cards delivered. This year with the added extra of a handmade Save The Date inside. I wasn’t going to line the pocket of my local post office twice so thought I would kill two birds with one stone, as they say.
It’s quite exciting to know that first piece of vital information is making its way out to our guests, and once the festivities of the next few weeks are over, 2013 will be here with a bang and the countdown really begins.

However, before I can even think of my Wedding “To-Do’s” I have a lot of hours to put in elsewhere. As a manager at a mahoosive food retailer ( i will give you a clue…the orange one) I have the job of supplying you all with everything you need for the most important meal of the year. I can do everything bar cook it for you and as I wasn’t blessed with culinary skills myself, Al and I are off to my parents for a festive feast and a cheeky tipple. We really make the most of Christmas Day with family and friends as it’s the only day we have off together (if I ever find the person responsible for opening supermarkets on Boxing Day, I will not be responsible for my actions!!). I am sure talk at the dinner table will turn to our plans for the big day, as everyone is so excited and enjoying every moment of the journey with us.

This is me signing off until next year. I hope you all have a truly wonderful Christmas and look forward to what 2013 has to bring, it really is going to be a year like no other.

Char x x



Diary of a Boho Bride

Our wedding planning is taking a bit of a break over the festive period. As we were pretty organised and had a lot of stuff booked a while ago, many of our suppliers told us they would be getting in touch in the New Year to start making final arrangements for our July wedding. So really and truly we are looking forward to Christmas being over so we can crack on with things and we will be that bit closer to our big day! We will be starting Christmas Day itself with bucks fizz, pancakes, maple syrup and crispy bacon as has become a bit of a tradition and we’re then going to Jo’s sister’s house with the rest of the family and our very excitable nephews. See you in the New Year with out first proper blog entry!

Jo and Nick x



Thank you everyone, it’s great to hear what you will be up to and interesting to know that some of you will still be dipping into the wedding planning during the christmas break.
I hop you all have a wonderful Christmas!

More from the brides and grooms in the new year!




Photo credits:

Laura & Chris – Greyeye Photography

Rachel & Philip – Tux and Tales

Jo & Nik – Paul Joseph Photography



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    There’s just something romantic about Christmas. Maybe, it comes with the magical feel. Hope everyone had a happy Christmas with their loved ones!


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