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Today I am delighted to welcome Mick Shah from Miki Studios onto the Blog. Mick is a fantastic wedding photographer who brings with him, in his words a Creative, Contemporary, Stylish & Fun attitude to his work. I have been a fan of Mick’s work for a while now and was delighted when I got to feature one of his wedding on the blog a few weeks ago!

Miki Photography

As well as answering a few questions for me and sharing with you all some of his favourite wedding images, Mick has been generous enough to offer an Exclusive Offer to you the Boho Reader


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Miki Photography Miki Photography

Miki Photography

What made you start your business?
I was a full-time musician for 5 years and loved it but felt that time in my life was coming to an end and around that time my wife got pregnant and just kept nagging me to get a camera for when the baby was born but I was so insistent it was a waste of money and I could do just the same on my iphone ha! In the end she literally dragged me to the camera shop and we bought a camera. I figured I wanted a hobby that I meant I didn’t need to travel (ha again!) so started practicing. Naturally all my mates were musicians and they all needed ‘promo’ shots, live band shots etc so I started practicing on them and loved the whole image side. But then my son was born and I started capturing him and my wife interacting with him, and it was amazing – there was something about the connection that was sooo powerful and gave much more meaning to the image. Then the Manger of a singer I had done some work for was getting married and so since I had never done a wedding before and he had a pro photographer booked already I asked if just for a laugh if I could tag along. It was at that wedding where it kind of all came together and I had that ‘eureka’ moment! It’s difficult to explain but there was all the ‘buzz’ of doing a live gig coupled with the emotional connection of the bride and groom and all their family similar to that connection of my wife and son. Capturing all of that just made sense creatively. When the photos came back the response I got was amazing and from that I got my first wedding ‘booking’ and then more referrals etc and the rest is history! That was a year and half ago, I now shoot mainly weddings I am based in London but cover anywhere in the UK on a digital camera.

Miki Photography Miki Photography Miki Photography Miki Photography

What is your biggest achievement so far?
Ooo that’s a hard one as the fact that in my first year I booked 24 weddings for me was an amazing achievement so I feel like I’m living the dream already! But validation of my work has been great as well and by that I mean by Industry Standard Recognition like the fact that most of my weddings have been featured on some of the UK’s Top Wedding blogs and also a few of them have also been taken up by some of the Top UK Wedding Mags as well.

Miki Photography Miki Photography Miki Photography

What makes you different to your competitors?
With out sounding cheesy or clichéd but ‘I make me different’. What I mean is it’s taking me a long time for me to accept that in life and all creative arenas we’re all different, not necessarily better or worse but just different and we all bring our own ideas, experiences and creativity to the table. So you give two photographers the same camera, lens, computer, photoshop actions and couple to shoot and they’ll both come out with something unique and it’s not necessarily that one is better than the other it’s just what connects best with the couple who then decide which one they want to book

Miki Photography Miki Photography

What do you enjoy most about your job?
First and foremost I love hanging out with the couple and their family on the day: it’s an amazing privilege to be given access to all areas of what is probably one of the most memorable day of most couples lives. But also, and this might sound weird, but I love the ‘theatre’ of it all. It’s like a play being played out and you have the principle characters and all the supporting cast and at first everyone’s back stage getting ready and the audience is waiting for it to begin and then ‘you’re off’. Everyone’s in a type of costume and there’s a type of script or timeline that everyone is trying to stick to being played out in these various scenes and I get to be in and around the midst of it all. I’ve had the privilege of playing on some of the biggest stages, Wembley Arena, Royal Albert etc but the buzz and the ‘high’ I feel after a wedding, no matter the size, is exactly the same as when coming off those stages. Then there’s that amazing moment when the clients get to see their photos and you feel like you’re actually doing some good in the world – lol ok maybe that last statement was a bit theatrical!

Miki Photography Miki Photography Miki Photography Miki Photography

What sort of couple do you think you attract?
The Clients I seem to attract are those who seem to understand that when they chose a photographer it’s not an optional extra but something they actually think about. They also tend to be a bit more creative and different and know they want something different but maybe not sure exactly ‘what’ that might be but trust me to get it anyway! Lol

Miki Photography Miki Photography Miki Photography

What would be your ideal wedding to work on?
There isn’t an ideal wedding as such, I’ve done Weddings where the budget for the entire Wedding was £5K and then other Weddings where they spent £5K on just the fireworks but to me they were just as ideal because the people were equally awesome, in love and just up for it! For me that’s what makes the day ideal and that energy, love and awesomeness will always show through in the pictures.

Miki Photography Miki Photography

Pricing Structure
I only have One Standard Wedding Package as I figured couples have so many options thrown at them when they get married it be nice to have one simple one for a change and it’s designed to have everything most couples would need from their photographer on their day and they can add some extra add ons as they see fit.
Standard Wedding Package Includes:
• 10 hrs Coverage (11am -9pm)
• DVD of approx 300+ fully edited images
• Private Online Gallery (to preview and share with family before your finished pics before your DVD arrives)
• 100 miles Wedding Day Travel inc (all extra miles charged at 0.45p per mile)
• Engagement Shoot – 1-2 hr shoot before your wedding day to hang out and get some great pics, includes DVD of 30+ fully edited images.
• Price: £1100


♥ I’m offering a special exclusive 10% off this Package to Boho Blog readers who book their Wedding for 2013 before the end of Nov – just quote ‘Boho’ when contacting ♥


Miki Photography Miki Photography Miki Photography


For more information on Mick’s work and this exclusive offer go to:

www.mikistudios.com [email protected] / FACEBOOK / TWITTER  / 07812 056 222


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