Saturday Cinema: AM Showing – A totally stunning wedding in Israel by At Motion

Happy Saturday to you all and welcome to this double bill of Saturday Cinema. This mornings featured presentation is brought to you by Paul from At Motion. It’s the wedding of Ilana Lorraine and Romain Kedochim who were married on 5th September 2011 in Achuza, Israel.

This wedding is just gorgeous, I love At Motions style of shooting , the whole film is so well put together! I love the story they tell from the bride and groom preparations right through to the final stages of the celebration. Ilana is just beautiful, totally stunning! the gorgeous detailing, the crystals and lanterns in the trees, the evening ceremony with all the guests holding the candles, just adds such a romantic touch to the whole celebrations. I love it!

Ilana & Roma Wedding Trailer from @motion productions on Vimeo.

I asked Paul what his favourite part of the wedding was ‘That’s a hard question, there were so many! The ceremony taking place under a beautiful sunset was a joy to shoot. We were particularly proud though of capturing something as traditional as the Israeli dancing but also all the energy and jubilation that came with it… something we feel is reflected in the trailer.’
What do you think make a good wedding video  ‘Atmosphere and Emotion. If you can instantly bring memories and emotions of the day flooding back for the couple each time they watch our films then we have achieved our goals. We aim to capture these key elements by allowing our creative instincts to take charge. Cinematic is a word easily coined in this industry but to be truly “cinematic” we feel our films must thrill and exhilarate our audience. To quote the groom from this film “You have turned the single most important day of our lives into the single most important film we will ever own”. You know that you have achieved what you set out to do when your film touches the couple in such a way.’


For more information on At Motion films go to:
Website: www.atmotion.co.uk
Paul Richman:  [email protected]  Tel: 07718 893716
Steve Hill:  [email protected]  Tel: 07715 109800

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    wedding in Israel

    Wow! That’s trully a great clip. We love the fact that for once, the photographer’s views are expressed. It’s always interesting to hear the professional’s take on a wedding in Israel.


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