Saturday Cinema: Sara and Steve’s AMAZING Thailand Wedding! by Muse Motion Pictures

Happy Saturday everyone! and welcome along to another Saturday Cinema! When I first watched todays wedding video my first reaction was WOW! as it’s one of the most fabulous weddings I have seen, and one that really made me want to be there as a guest! Set in the most gorgeously stunning settings of Phuket in Thailand, it is the wedding of Sara and Steve and oh my it is AWESOME!!

The wedding itself is full of everything you could wish for, a totally jaw dropping setting, white sand, blue sky, totally breathtaking, the ceremony is beautiful from the gorgeous flower to the service and personally written vows. Then there is the most gorgeous of brides, with equally gorgeous bridemades!….and then the wedding itself, dancing under the stars, sky lanterns, fire works but above all the whole wedding party (including the bride) diving into the pool fully clothed! AMAZING!
But on top of all this is the way it has been so beautiful shot by Muse Motion Pictures, they have put together a totally slick wedding video that looks like something straight out of the Cans Film festival!………….am I talking it up? no I’m not and if you don’t belive me watch it yourself!



I asked Peter from Muse what his favourite part of the wedding was ‘My favourite part of the Wedding was filming the wedding party jump in the infinity pool fully clothed including the bride in her wedding dress’

What do you think make a good wedding video ‘Story telling makes the best wedding film, it’s. Ery nice getting artistic shots and these days with great kit this is much easier, what is more of a craft is drawing the audience in and feel the emotions and sentiments of the day’


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    Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza)

    Truly magical! Found myself holding my breath as the video unfolded, one beautiful image and bit of footage after another! (And a Scottish brogue amidst Phuket’s tropical paradise…so great!)


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