Saturday Cinema: AM showing – Aleks and Sirvan’s sentimental day by Muse Motion Pictures

Happy Saturday to you all and welcome back to Saturday Cinema, it seems like ages since I posted anything in this feature what with Christmas and New year but our weekly delve into the world of wedding film is back and raring to go.
This mornings featured presentation was sent to me by Aziz at Muse Motion Pictures  and it’s the wedding of  Aleks and Sirvan who were married on 9th sept 2011 at  Syon park/Syon house, in West London.

The wedding is a very Glam affair, and you will see for yourself that Aleks is THE most stunning bride ever! isn’t she just gorgeous! the words from Sirvan at the beginning fo the film when he is talking about her are just so touching and then near the end when he is giving his speach…..I think we can all feel how much he loves her! the end of the video where the venue is all lite up is amazing, what a stunning place to hold a wedding. But the favorite bit for me is the part fo the wedding that normally gets me crying and this wedding is no exception, where Aleks is walking down the  aisle and she meets Sirvan for the first time, they bot have tears in their eyes and you can just feel the love between them….just beautiful!

Aleksandra & Sirvan’s Wedding from Muse Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

From the video you realize date and venue are very important to the Aleks, her father has passed away and he used to bring her to this park when she was a child. The wedding date is actually the same date as her fathers birthday.

I asked Aziz what his favourite part of the wedding was’ My fav part of the wedding was towards the end. I know we had captured some great stuff throughout the course of the wedding, but i wanted some cool night couple images as i had pre-visualized my closing shots (just like any good hollywood movie)’
The key ingredient for stills/movie is emotion – and we got tons of it at this wedding!’


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