Blooming Into the Future – Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024

There is nothing quite like flowers on a wedding day. Whether you’re a boho dried florals kinda couple, or you prefer a minimalist single stem vibe, here at Floristry at Wharfedale Grange, we embrace all the floristry styles. And with wedding planning season in full swing right now, what better time to think about your wedding blooms. As we celebrate the new year, let’s take a look at the top wedding floristry trends for 2024 that are set to blossom here in the UK.

This year, couples are looking for more than just flowers – they are seeking a symphony of trends that elevate their special day to new heights. Whilst 2023 seemed to be the year of the bud vase, 2024 is becoming more and more adventurous. From bold colour palettes to sustainable choices, edible florals, to native wildflowers, there is more to wedding flowers than bouquets and buttonholes.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024


In 2024, expect to see a shift away from the traditional muted tones of white roses and fashionable peonies, towards richer and bolder colour choices – think dark mauve, deep reds, velvety purples, fiery oranges and chocolate cosmos. Couples are moving away from the more traditional pastels we’ve seen over the last few years and instead, embracing the drama of deep burgundies, emerald greens, and royal blues. It’s a trend that adds a touch of opulence to floral arrangements, making a bold statement that captivates the eye. It can also add a wonderful contrast to a white wedding gown, and give your wedding tables a touch of class. Against a groom’s velvet jacket, dark coloured buttonholes and lapel corsages can look particularly striking.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024 Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024


2024 is the year of eco-conscious weddings. With sustainability top of the agenda, couples are opting for locally sourced and sustainably grown flowers, reducing the carbon footprint of their celebrations. From wonderful wildflower bouquets to potted plant centrepieces, the emphasis is on minimizing waste and embracing the beauty of nature. Of course, we grow many of our own blooms here at Floristry at Wharfedale Grange in our cutting garden and Victorian glasshouse, so you can be assured that your wedding blooms are as eco-conscious as can be. Opting for locally sourced, seasonal blooms not only adds a touch of natural beauty to a wedding but also aligns with a commitment to reduce the environmental impact of their wedding. From reducing carbon footprints associated with transportation to supporting local florists and farmers, couples are weaving a tale of love that embraces both the beauty of the moment and a sustainable future. one trend stands out as a celebration of nature’s ever-changing beauty – the embrace of seasonal blooms. Couples are choosing flowers that align harmoniously with the time of their wedding, creating a connection to the natural world that adds depth and meaning to their celebration.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024


Dried flowers have seen a popularity increase over the last couple of years, especially with the soft relaxed grasses and dainty seed heads. 2024 will see this trend continuing as couples look to preserve flowers in order to keep a piece of their wedding day forever. Whether incorporated into bouquets, boutonnieres, or table arrangements, dried florals add a touch of nostalgia, making each bloom a cherished memory. For couples seeking a boho-chic ambiance for their wedding, dried flowers offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and rustic charm. Embracing the free-spirited and eclectic nature of bohemian style, certain dried blooms perfectly complement this aesthetic. Pampas grass stands out as a boho favourite, with its feathery plumes adding a touch of whimsy and texture to arrangements. Delicate dried lavender, known for its soothing fragrance, can be woven into bouquets or used to create aromatic centrepieces. The muted tones of dried eucalyptus provide an earthy backdrop, while dried thistles add a hint of wild, untamed beauty. Protea, with its exotic and unique appearance, is another standout choice for boho arrangements. Incorporating a mix of these dried blooms, couples can achieve a boho-inspired floral ensemble that effortlessly embodies the carefree and romantic spirit of their special day.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024 Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024

Statement Installation Pieces

Move over traditional archways; 2024 is all about grand floral installations!  Suspended floral chandeliers with their delicate blooms and greenery, not only draw the eye upward but also infuse a sense of romance and sophistication perfect if you’re getting married in a stately home or country house venue. Cascading walls of blooms, and intricate ceiling installations are all the rage in 2024. These statement pieces create a breathtaking backdrop, turning wedding venues into immersive floral wonderlands and giving guests a picture-perfect backdrop, ensuring that every moment becomes an Instagram-worthy memory captured in the midst of this botanical splendour. Ceremony backdrops can be repurposed to frame cake tables, or used to complement table decor whilst ceiling installations can be hung over your top table, your bar, or used to frame doorways.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024 Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024

Less is More – Minimalism is back!

For couples who believe in the beauty of simplicity, minimalist blooms are gaining popularity. Clean lines, monochromatic palettes, and understated arrangements create an elegant and modern aesthetic. Focusing on the lush greenery of foliage, couples are incorporating foliage-heavy designs. From eucalyptus to ferns, these arrangements add texture and depth to wedding florals. Whilst there will always be brides who choose large statement bouquets, 2024 will see lots of minimal smaller bouquets that make a powerful impact. Embracing the less-is-more philosophy, these petite bouquets exude elegance and simplicity. Perfect for the modern bride, small bridal posies often feature a carefully curated selection of blooms that emphasize quality over quantity. Delicate flowers like lily of the valley, ranunculus, and anemones take centre stage, their subtle beauty capturing the essence of a minimalist aesthetic. Accents of greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, add a touch of organic charm without overshadowing the blooms. The result is a refined and timeless bouquet that not only complements contemporary bridal styles but also reflects the inherent beauty found in the smallest of details. As we step into 2024, the small bridal bouquet emerges as a symbol of sophistication, offering brides a chic and minimalist accessory that effortlessly enhances their wedding day ensemble. It’s a trend that proves that sometimes, less truly is more.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024

Native Wildflowers

With sustainability in mind, more and more couples are opting to think outside the box and celebrate our native wildflowers. This trend showcases the diversity of blooms found right on home soil and shows that you don’t have to have expensive non-native blooms in your bouquet for it to look amazing. Look for varieties like cornflowers, oxeye daisies, and harebells, each with its own distinct beauty and cultural significance. These pretty little wildflowers can be thoughtfully incorporated into the wedding in various ways, from creating bouquets and buttonhole that evoke a rustic and whimsical ambience to crafting natural-looking aisle arrangements. For a sustainable touch, consider planting wildflower seeds as wedding favours, allowing guests to take home a piece of the celebration that can continue to bloom long after the wedding day. By choosing native UK wildflowers, couples not only embrace the charm of the local flora but also contribute to the conservation of native plant species, making their wedding a celebration of the great British countryside.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024

Dahlia’s Take Centre Stage

The traditional blousy English Dahlia is the flower of choice right now. And it comes in some amazing shades too. It’s big, it’s blousy, it’ll knock your wedding guests for six! With its diverse shapes and vibrant colours, is emerging as a star in 2024. From bouquets to centrepieces, dahlias are becoming a go-to flower for couples looking to make a bold statement. Larger, dinner-plate dahlias make a big statement in centrepieces, while smaller varieties can delicately adorn cake decorations and buttonholes. Dahlia’s versatility shines through a spectrum of colours, from the soft blush of Café au Lait to the vibrant magenta of Karma Choc. This range allows couples to tailor their wedding florals to suit any theme or colour scheme. Plus your grandma will love it!

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024

Edible Centrepieces

In recent months, a trend that has taken centre stage and added a burst of freshness to wedding decor is the inclusion of fruits in wedding floral displays – we’re not talking the local horticultural show here though!

Aligning your wedding decor with the seasons is a timeless trend, and fruits offer a versatile way to achieve this. Berries and cherries evoke the vibrancy of summer, while apples and pears bring a rustic autumnal charm. Citrus fruits can brighten up a winter celebration, and tropical fruits can transport you to a summer paradise. The seasonal flexibility of fruits ensures that your wedding florals are always in harmony with the time of year. This innovative approach not only introduces vibrant colours and unique textures but also infuses a wonderful scent and a sense of playfulness into wedding design. Getting married in a Barn? Why not try a little rustic table setting with trailing strawberries in pots?

It’s not just about scent, but also focuses on texture. The smooth surface of apples contrasts beautifully with the velvety petals of roses, while the juiciness of berries introduces a playful element. The juxtaposition of textures adds intrigue and complexity to your wedding florals, making them truly memorable. Why not try the rough texture of Kiwi fruits intertwined with glossy leaves, or grapes still on the vine? I know we’re probably stating the obvious, but of course, the joy of fruits in wedding flowers is the fact that your guests can tuck into the edible tablescapes! Juicy berries, tangy fruits, crunchy apples… it’s a nibblers delight!

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024

vintage Inspired Florals

Maybe it’s us, but we’re seeing a lot of vintage inspired florals for 2024. Maybe it’s a sense of nostalgia but there’s a positive revival of vintage-inspired garden florals, evoking the timeless charm of English country gardens. Cascading arrangements, reminiscent of a bygone era, offer an elegant and romantic touch, creating an immersive atmosphere that transports couples and guests to the tranquillity of an idyllic country garden.

Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024 Wedding Floristry Trends for 2024


Here at Floristry by Wharfedale Grange, we love to see the trends evolve and change along with the seasons and we’re always ready to embrace a new way of working with different plants, flowers, fruits and foliage. 2024 promises to be a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and, above all, the enduring beauty of nature’s blooms. A wedding isn’t quite a wedding without flowers.




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