6 Reasons Why you Should Buy Lab-Grown Gemstones For Your Wedding

If you have been to a jewellery store in recent times, chances are that the attendant presented you with lab-grown options of gemstones as well as natural stone options. Chances are also that you have seen a lot on the internet – celebrities flaunting jewellery made from lab-grown gems and blog posts that outline them as the next big thing.

Here are six legit reasons why you should consider buying a lab-grown gemstone for your wedding

6 Reasons Why you Should Buy Lab-Grown Gemstones For Your Wedding

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1. They are Real Gems

Contrary to what many think. Lab-grown gemstones are not a substandard or look-alike form of natural gemstones. They are chemically, physically, and optically identical to their mined counterparts.
Manufacturers like BIRON® Gems produced lab-grown gems from the exact elements that form natural gemstones. It means you can get all the value in a mined gemstone in its laboratory-created counterparts. Speak of the sparkle, luster, colour, and beauty, you have it all in lab-grown gems.
This explains why no one would know if you are wearing a lab-grown gemstone or not. Since they have the same characteristics, there are no distinguishing properties between both classes of gems.

2. They are Less Expensive

Perhaps, the funniest attribute of lab-grown gemstones is that for all their value, they are way less expensive than mined gems. And we are not talking about just a few punds in price difference here. You may be able to get a lab-grown diamond for half the price of an exact natural counterpart of the same carat size. The beautiful thing is the price difference is even more noticeable when buying gems of higher carat size.
Meanwhile, if you already have an amount budgeted, buying a lab-grown gemstone can help you get jewellery of higher carat value and better cut than you would if you go for a natural gemstone.
The shorter production chain and shorter production time are part of the reasons why lab-created gemstones are more affordable.

6 Reasons Why you Should Buy Lab-Grown Gemstones For Your Wedding

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3. Environmental-Friendly

When compared to natural gems, lab-grown gemstones do a lot better at promoting a sustainable environment. They are manufactured without destroying the earth’s structure or do not result in heavy carbon emissions, especially when laboratories use renewable energy sources.

4. Lab-Grown Gemstones are More Ethical

Lab-grown gemstones are also ethical and generally guilt-free. They do not promote land conflict issues associated with mining, child labor, smuggling, unauthorized mining, and so on. While mining may still continue as a practice for years to come, the lab-creation of gemstones provides a more regulated and safer environment for a guilt-free production chain.

6 Reasons Why you Should Buy Lab-Grown Gemstones For Your Wedding

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5. Top Flawless Quality

Inclusions are commonplace with natural gems. In fact, it is rare to find natural gemstones that are totally flawless. This is because the formation process of these gemstones occurs uncontrolled within the earth’s crust. Therefore, it is possible for internal factors such as a sudden change in temperature or external factors such as the introduction of a foreign element to cause flaws. These flaws can be unnoticeable, negligible, or highly noticeable.
One good thing about lab-created gemstones is that their chances of being flawed are very low. Therefore, most lab-grown gemstones are of top flawless quality and do not generally present issues with clarity, unlike mined gems.

6. They Allow for Variety

Mined gemstones are as they are – natural. Therefore, they do not allow for much influence on their final properties such as color and clarity. Also, the presence of flaws in some gems reduces how they can be made into different cuts or shapes.
However, this is not the case with lab-grown gemstones. The manufacturer can be intentional with every detail right from the beginning. This makes it possible to have gemstones in all kinds of colors possible, with specificity on cut and shape as preferred by each individual.

6 Reasons Why you Should Buy Lab-Grown Gemstones For Your Wedding

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While the decision to go for mined or lab-created gemstones is totally up to you, there are several positive reasons why you should consider buying lab-grown gemstones. The laboratory innovation was designed to transform the jewellery industry and provide us with gems that are quality, eco-friendly, and affordable for all their value.




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