Top Tips: Tips For Buying Secondhand Wedding Items

As you know the cost of living has sky rocketed recently, which isn’t ideal in any situation, let alone when you are planning a wedding. Suddenly your wedding budget may not be stretching quite as far as you first thought. So it may be time to get creative and start looking at getting some of your wedding items second hand. I have seen plenty of weddings on the blog where couples have sourced their items from flea markets, second hand shops and Facebook market place and the results are just as stunning as if they had bought everything brand new.
You could always look into wedding loans but I prefer to advice against this, or you could trim down the guest list to save on catering costs. There are many ways to reduce your budget, but considering purchasing certain wedding items second-hand is also a good option. Doing so can save you some money, and it shouldn’t make your special day any less memorable.

Here we have some tips for buying wedding items secondhand that will make your special day more affordable.

photo by Mneme Photography – full shoot here

Start Early

Unless you plan on having a shotgun wedding, you probably have at least a few months to assemble everything you need. Some couples set a wedding date more than a year after announcing their engagement.
If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on the wedding, you can start hunting for second-hand items as far in advance as possible. That way, you’re more likely to find some alternatives if you don’t want to purchase everything brand new.
There are many online marketplaces like OfferUp, Ebay or Facebook Market Place, where you can look for gently used wedding items. You can even set alerts when something that matches your search parameters goes on sale.

photo by Emma May. – full wedding here

Shop Offline

You can always look at online sites like eBay if you want to find used wedding goods. However, you should not discount in-person shopping during your search.
You can scour flea markets and estate sales to see if you can find anything that you can use for your wedding. Some people go old school and still post advertisements in local newspapers. Antique stores are another logical place to look.
You’ll certainly be on the lookout for things like gently used wedding dresses, but you might also look for cufflinks, linens, candlesticks, vases for flowers, picture frames, mason jars, etc.
You can tour your local Goodwill outlets to see if they yield up anything that fits your aesthetic. If you’re a little creative with what you find, you stand a good chance of saving a great deal of money vs. buying new.

Photo by Desert Born Studios – full wedding here 

Look in Different Categories

You will want to look in the wedding section at any second-hand stores you’re frequenting, but you shouldn’t restrict your search to those areas alone. You can also check out antique or home decor sections.
You might be able to find items that are not wedding-specific but that you can repurpose for your big day. Now is when your ingenuity will come in handy.
For instance, you might be able to find silverware or a chalkboard that you can set up which points your arriving wedding guests to where the ceremony is taking place. As you’re searching, keep a list of everything you still need, and see if you notice anything available that might fit the bill.

Photo by  Rosie Kelly Photography – full shoot here

Buying Used Wedding Items is Possible

You don’t need to break the bank to find everything you need for your wedding if you’re clever and determined. You can look at different categories online and in bricks-and-mortar store locations besides the officially designated wedding section. You can sometimes find items that are suitable or that you can repurpose.
You can shop at physical locations as well as visit online sites. Goodwill outlets, flea markets, yard sales, and estate sales are all possibilities. You might even find used wedding items advertised in newspapers.
Make sure to start hunting for what you need as early as possible. If you have a long engagement, that’s perfect for getting the ball rolling as you make a list of what you need and start looking around for all of it.
Finding and purchasing second-hand wedding items is often possible and can save you some real money on the event.





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