Ask The Experts: How to Maximise the Chances of Good Photos From Your Wedding Guests

Here on the blog I am a BIG advocate of getting as many amazing photos of your wedding as possible. Hiring a professional photographer is SO important, I have talked about this on numerous occasions. BUT what about your wedding guests? In the age of social media, your wedding photos can be up on Facebook, Instagram or Tick Tock before you have even had time to blink, so how can you guarantee that the photos that your guests take are social media worthy?? Today we are going to look at a few ways you can maximise the chances of good photos from your wedding guests.

How to Maximise the Chances of Good Photos From Your Wedding Guests.


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Hire a Photo Booth 

If you want super cute photos of your wedding on your guests Instagram account or even your own wedding hashtag, then hiring a photo booth can be a great way to encourage your guests to let loose and enjoy themselves. It can also be a central talking point throughout the day and ensure your guests are thoroughly entertained from start to finish. Photo booths are a great way to break the ice, and everyone loves them. They are a sure fire way to get your guests up and taking photos in a fun way. Photo booths can come in many forms, from photo vans, photo booths, DIY photo booths, photo backdrops, and of course bringing in the use of fun props can really liven up the end results!

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Establish Designated Photo Spots 

Establishing designated photo spots around your wedding can guarantee that any photos posted to social media are to your taste and follow your wedding theme. Setting up photo backdrops is a great way to do this. Flower walls, ribbon backdrops, photo props, photo frames are all a great way to get your guests involved and taking really fun and imaginative pictures that you know will go straight onto social media. You can then print your Instagram photos at My Social Book to create long lasting memories.

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Organise Fun Activities 

Putting on extra entertainment and making sure your guests are kept occupied can also create some amazing photos. To maximise the chances of getting good shots at your wedding, make sure your guests have lots to do so they want to take photos. These can include sports games, giant inflatables, village fete games, a magician, fortune teller, a make-your-own-cocktail station, festival style entertainment to name a few. Your guests will appreciate the extra activities and you will appreciate their photos.

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So if you want to to maximise the chances of getting good photos from your wedding guests follow these rule and you won’t go wrong. Hire a photo booth, designate a photo wall area where photos can be taken. Make sure there is lots for them to do. These ideas will make sure that your guests create wonderful photos that they can share on social media.






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