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This afternoon I am delighted to introduce you to a wonderful company, Under Lucky Stars. Under Lucky Stars specialise in creating personal star maps of the sky at a significant moment of your life! These maps can be of your wedding date, when you got engaged, a special birthday, the birth of your baby, when you first kissed……the options are endless! They make the perfect gift for your husband, wife, fiance, family member or friend. I just love this idea, how special would a gift like this be! Having had a play around with the website I found it super easy to use. I simply chose my design from 16 different options, the size I wanted from 3 different sizes and price points and then chose to add a frame…..Simple! I added a title and then went with the text given to be as the date, time and location of my wedding. How gorgeous! The finished results are printed out on museum-quality, thick, matte art paper and will be delivered for free. I really love this idea, such a personal, heartfelt gift for someone really special in your life.

We make beautiful star maps showing the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Birthday, engagement, wedding, when you first kissed…

We love making people happy, by creating beautiful star maps which show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you – whether it be birthdays, engagements, weddings, a first kiss…
We have 16 different designs, 3 sizes and 6 frame options – with free shipping on unframed prints, all over the globe!
We are proud to be the original Star Map company and the only one verified by a NASA astronomer!!

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‘We design and immortalise our customers’ love, emotions and memories into something they can keep and view forever. We believe that it is not only a great gift idea, but also a beautiful piece of art in and of itself. Delivering our maps all over the globe, we consider ourselves as worldwide ‘smile creators’; fiercely proud of, not only being the first in our field, but also being the only star map company verified by a NASA astronomer!!

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When did you start?

Where are you based?
Barcelona but we ship all over the world!!

What is your biggest achievement so far?
Having Professor Neil de Grasse Tyson own and talk about our Star Map

What makes you different to your competitors?
We are the original Star Map company, having started in 2016 and are the ONLY company who are verified by a NASA astronomer!!

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Can you give me some information on your pricing structure?

  • £45 GBP for size 12 x 16 inches (305 x 406 mm)
  • £55 GBP for size 18 x 24 in (457 x 609 mm)
  • £75 GBP for size 24 x 36 in (609 x 914 mm)
  • Frames are £45 and £50

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For more information on Under Lucky Stars go to

www.underluckystars.com / www.underluckystars.com/blog[email protected] / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST





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