Bridal Style: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Weddings happen once (hopefully) and it’s always important to get everything right, from the right partner right down to the style and theme of the celebration. But try as you might to nail the perfect mix of classic and modern, the reality is that bridal trends are constantly changing. Check out this blog post from a top bridal jeweler and prepare to be overwhelmed. You will need a dress that compliments you, a dress that makes you comfortable and one that, years to come, when you go through your album with your kids or grandkids, the beautiful pictures give you a nostalgic feeling. You can check out some of my favourite wedding dresses here. With this in mind I am going to talk you through the main wedding dress styles, and which one will suit you and your body type.

Bridal Style: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles


Let me take you through the most popular wedding dress styles.


Ball Gown

Bridal Style: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Ball gown dresses are best known for their tight upper part that perfectly fits a bride’s body and a full flare skirt from the waist that conceals the hips and legs giving it a perfect silhouette that brings a blend of sexy and purity. This unique princess-like look that compliments any bride regardless of the body shape.

A-line Wedding Dress

Bridal Style: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

The A-line silhouette is characterized by its gradual flare-out towards the full skirt’s hem giving in an “A” shape. The dress fits perfectly on the bride’s upper body, and at the waist, flares out gradually just to maintain the bride’s figure at the hip. The A shape flare also helps create a figure illusion for petite bodies, making it perfect for all body shapes. Linen dresses for women also work well with this style.

Mermaid and Trumpet Wedding Dress

Bridal Style: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

The main feature of a mermaid wedding dress is its fitting style. The gown perfectly fits on the bride’s body, revealing her body shape. Its mostly used by brides who want to look sexy and maintain their style. The mermaid silhouette flare-out from the knee and creating a beautiful mermaid-tail like helm. This gown is perfect for brides with a flat tummy but even those without can wear a bodysuit underneath the wedding dress.

The trumpet, just like the mermaid, hugs the body all the way, revealing the bride’s figure up to the mid-hip. While mermaid flares-out at or below the knee, the trumpet flares out at the mid-hip. For a bride who wants to look sexy and still maintain her style, the trumpet is her go-to style: this style compliments petite bodies and small waists. For the plus-size, a bodysuit should be worn underneath.

Sheath Wedding Dress

Bridal Style: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Sheath dresses are flattering as they follow a bride’s body revealing her natural body and highlighting her curves, especially in the hip region. The dress’s skirt is fitted at the waist, and the silhouette falls just at the hip, giving an effortless, feminine charm. This dress is perfect for those with a straight figure or those who want to show their curvy figure.

Fit-and-Flare Wedding Dress

Bridal Style: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

A fit-and-flare dress embeds in it the features of a mermaid and trumpet dresses. The key differences are where the flare starts. In this dress, the flare starts below the hips. This dress is flattering as it mimics a thin waistline and curvy body like an hourglass. Regardless of the body shape, the dress perfectly fits a bride’s body and compliments it.


A perfect gown is key to an ideal wedding. The bride has to be a standout. Walking down the aisle, it’s the dress that will always attract peoples’ attention, and therefore you must get it right. Study your body, and find a dress that will compliment you, maybe add a custom wedding pin maintain your style and make you comfortable.


images taken from www.brideaccess.com and www.essensedesigns.com





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