‘A Highland Romance’ Timeless and Contemporary Scottish Wedding Inspiration

Today I am taking you off to what could be mistaken for the Scottish highlands in today’s ‘A Highland Romance’ Styled Shoot. In fact we are actually in Montana in the US at the rather impressive Sage Lodge. The backdrop is breath taking, with snow topped mountains and green hills, totally emulating the Scottish landscape. The shoot has been put together by Kayla at Foxtails Photography and is a timeless collection of stunning images. With beautiful flowers and custom tartan running though the shoot, There is all you need to make you feel you are in Scotland. Timeless, contemporary and elegant!

Kayla the photographer and her fantastic team of vendors drew inspiration from the majestic Scottish Highlands and the storied heritage of the Campbell clan, making this styled wedding shoot an incredible celebration of love and tradition set against a breath-taking backdrop of Montana’s Sage Lodge.

The team meticulously crafted a colour palette inspired by the family tartan. The rich, earthy green, blue, and brown tones were handpicked to evoke a sense of timeless sophistication, infusing the entire event with an air of noble romance.

What sets this editorial apart is the carefully curated details that pay homage to the famed Scottish Clan while evoking an air of modernity and timeless elegance. A custom tartan plaid table runner, reminiscent of the clan’s iconic pattern, graced the tables, creating a visual feast for guests. The whiskey bar, a nod to the clan’s love for this spirited beverage, featured a smoked cocktail experience that added a touch of mystery and allure. Even the menus were inspired by the Campbell family crest, adding a personal and meaningful touch to the culinary experience.

In contrast to the darker, more rugged design elements, the celebration featured lush blooms in tones of ivory, creating a romantic counterbalance. Delicate details on the cake and the bride’s gown further emphasized the beauty in this union of tradition and modernity.

This editorial is not just a visual feast but also a story of love that spans generations. It captures the essence of a Highland romance, where the past and present intertwine to create a timeless and contemporary celebration.



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