Ask the Experts: Help – My Wedding Band Cancelled at the Last Minute!

This is the kind of advice we wish we didn’t have to share with our couples, but forearmed is forewarned as they say, so today I have another excellent Ask the Experts piece to share with you – this time from entertainment booking platform, Headliner.  Music and entertainment can really take a reception and wedding party to the next level, so what do you do when the band you agonisingly picks drops out?! Read on, and find out…

Ask the Experts: My Wedding Band Cancelled at the Last Minute!

Help! My wedding band cancelled at the last minute!

Getting married should be nothing short of enjoyable, fun, and memorable. You’ve planned this day for months and everything is ready to go: your guests have RSVP’d, you’ve got a photographer, caterer, your dream venue, and a perfect band. But what do you do if any one of these decides to leave you in the lurch – specifically, what if your band cancels at the last minute?

The first thing to determine is how exactly you made the booking. Was it an informal agreement with the band, their agent, or did you go through a booking platform?

Ask the Experts: My Wedding Band Cancelled at the Last Minute!

Talk it out

If you were dealing directly with the band or DJ, your first step should be to try and talk to them or their manager. Remain calm, and see if they can suggest an alternative band, provide a refund, or help you find another solution. As it’s so easy to leave bad reviews online nowadays, most acts will actively try to help you out of this tight spot.

The legalities: check your insurance and contract

Unfortunately, not everyone is trustworthy and the band may have disappeared without a trace. If you had taken out wedding insurance, it’s time to call your insurance company and check if “failure of suppliers” was included in your cover.
Every wedding supplier should have issued you with a contract, including the entertainment. Some contracts are less formal than others, but always make sure you’ve agreed to their terms of service at least in an email. The contract should lay out what your supplier will provide in the event of a cancellation – whether a full refund, a replacement act, or if this is your responsibility.

Ask the Experts: My Wedding Band Cancelled at the Last Minute!

Check the T&Cs

If you booked via a wedding platform, depending on how long before the day your band cancelled, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re not left without music. The company that you’ve booked the act with may offer a replacement free of charge, so check the terms and conditions and the company’s cancellation policy.
If the company does offer you a replacement act, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to go forward with the replacement. It’s well within your rights to voice your concern and request samples of the new band’s music. If the company hasn’t offered you a replacement act, you can always source one yourself using a different booking platform.

Ask the Experts: My Wedding Band Cancelled at the Last Minute!

Book elsewhere

If you the company you booked through or the band themselves can’t offer a replacement, then book a band or DJ through a different platform like Headliner. The platform is built to make it easy for bookers to browse and book acts without outside help. However, if you’re pressed for time and really want to find an act similar to your previous one, you can ask the platform to recommend a tailored list of acts. They also have a replacement act guarantee, which makes sure that even if an issue arises Headliner will provide you with a replacement band or DJ of similar quality and style.


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