Markus and Daryen’s ‘Eclectic Bohemian’ Outdoor Nevada Wedding by Ross Kyker Photography

Today’s wedding is laid back, cool and full of Boho charm. Daryen and Markus were married on 5th May 2018 at El Dorado Canyon Mine Tours in Nevada. They found this unique venue after looking for something more unconventional and fell in love with it straight away. They wanted the wedding to be full of flowers but wanted them to last, so Daryen created lots of amazing arrangements and bouquets using artificial flowers. They then collected together an eclectic mix of decorations for the ceremony and reception and the results are this desert loving outdoor wedding, filled with so many fun ideas, a super stylish couple and some amazing photos brought to you by Ross Kyker Photography.

Ghost Town Budget Wedding in El Dorado Canyon

How they met
Well this is Markus’s favorite story to tell so he is responding to this now. We met at a bar in a town up in North Dakota we both were in attendance for a fight night event that was going on. I was in attendance after having just started my new job and going out with my new coworkers. The place was so crowded that I didn’t have a place to sit, but while standing and watching the TV screen I noticed pretty gorgeous lady staring very intently at me from a table down. I asked her if I could help her but all she did was scooted over and gave me a spot to sit next to her. Throughout The rest of the night we totally hit it off she was funny had some great stories and I seem to have gotten myself hooked.

I wanted something that would be elegant and classy, yet allow for a good body movement, and always having been a fan of classic lace my choice was easy. I also wanted something that would complement my skin tone, but conceal my tattoos a little bit, so I opted for a dress that had longer but see-through sleeves. The dress itself had a 12” train and was made by Wear Your Love XO. The flower crown was another personal touch of my own.
Markus wanted something that wouldn’t detract from my looks nor be too hot out in the desert so we chose against any formal jackets. The wine colored suspenders and bow ties were my call and the darker pants were so they didn’t blend in with the desert landscape in photos. The old dog doesn’t clean up too bad I guess.

Theme or color scheme
The planning all started on Christmas Day! Markus and I were relaxing and enjoying some time off up in North Dakota, going ove color schemes, flower colors, the men’s attire and such. We got a pretty solid plan opting for a less traditional but eclectic bohemian vibe with simplistic decor. We had the dream but we hadn’t a place to put it all. It wasn’t until I began working down in Las Vegas that I found the perfect place. I was doing first responder medical care near the El Dorado gold mine in Nelson Nevada and on the way back from work I stopped and visited the tourist site. I immediately fell in love and when Markus came down I took him there and he did also, from there on it was the devil in the details and making it not perfect but us.

We decorated using a bohemian inspiration but also I threw in a lot of my personal touches. I have always been a big fan of old-school floral pattern, lace and we were lucky enough to have the perfect place to decorate for our first dance and dance floor. Most of the deck Decour was DIY, from the table lighting to the flower arrangements to the bridesmaids bouquets and my bouquet. I don’t think there was much other than the guest registry that was store bought and ready to go. It was our special day and we worked really well together making sure it was perfect for us.

The florals were a mixture of roses carnations orchards sun flowers daisies petunias and a myriad of others. I chose to have make all of the flower arrangements myself using synthetic flowers. I wanted my bouquet to have a personal touch of me in it and I wanted it to be something I could look on forever. The “fake” flowers allowed me to put my spin on things and to have something physical to cherish forever. The flowers were a major design focal point for the wedding everywhere you went we had some sort of floral arrangement , from the tables in the dining area to a very special hidden aspect of the wedding. My father flew in from Hawaii he brought in hand made leis for us to wear during the wedding.

Personal Touches
We knew many of the guests were going to be drinking and to prevent them from driving back we chartered a party bus for transport, the fact that the party began before we even got there was pretty awesome. Some good family friends of ours volunteered to do the cooking and bartending, it was Cinco de Mayo so most everything was Hispanicthemed from the food to the drinks! My favorite part was having all of his and my closest people coming together for such a less traditional wedding, that felt so much more like a celebration of the two coming together to make one.

Special Moments
My most anticipated moment was probably the first look, I knew it was coming, But nothing could have prepared me for that actual moment. I think Markus got a little bit more emotional than I did but he said to me during the first look that he hasn’t ever seen something as gorgeous as I looked. At least he came prepared with tissues lol.

Advice for other couples
Don’t stress about it! You probably will anyways, I know I did, but it’s about being with the person across from you saying “I do” and not so much about the stuff you know your soon to be hubby is going to get wrong. Live it up, let loose, and have fun! You’ll only get to do it one time!


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