Virginia and Vicenç’s Relaxed Mediterranean Beach Party Wedding by Bodas de Cuento and Sara Lazaro

Happy Monday everyone, I do hope you all had a lovely weekend? Have you survived the heat? I don’t know about you but it just seems to be getting hotter! This weekend has been crazy! I’m not complaining though, how amazing is all this sunshine! We have really been making the most of it this weekend and have spent so much time outdoors enjoying lots of family entertainment and days out. How brilliant is summer! Talking of sunshine and summer, today’s wedding takes us to the Costa Brava for a Mediterranean celebration. Virginia and Vicenç chose an outdoor beach party wedding, as they wanted something totally relaxed and chilled out. The whole day was planned in just 5 months with the help of Bodas de Cuento and the results are fantastic! A super stylish Boho chic celebration that has been captured perfectly by Sara Lázaro. 

A magical day with a Mediterranean party surrounded by friends and family. A dream which has come true, as if it was a movie; there were scenes full of emotion, surprises and details, were accompanied by our dear ones, we were the protagonists.

Virginia and Vicenç were married on 2nd June 2017 at Santa Cristina d’Aro – Costa Brava. ‘We have always had the idea to have our wedding on the beach. Our dream was to get married with our toes in the sand, not only with views of the sea, but we wanted to feel the nature and the sea breeze through our hair and it had to be a small, intimate beach. Bodas de Cuento facilitated different options which we went to visit and seeing the beach of Santa Cristina d´Aro, we fell in love immediately with the beach and the pure essence of Costa Brava. We had 80 guests and it took 5 months to plan.

How they met 
We met on a bachelor party of a friend we had in common, who later was the best man on our wedding. We are already 13 years together as a couple on the day we got married with two beautiful girls, Giulia and Carla, 7 & 4 years old.

The proposal
It was Christmas, there was one gift for me with a very cute ring in it and a small note- We explained to the girls the story of the vain little mouse (a famous Spanish tale). Inspired on this tale of the rat, my husband wrote a similar tale but about a vegetarian cat and he asked me to marry him assuming that I was the presumptive rat. Girls laughed a lot! And I was super happy and excited.

How did you allocate your budget?
The budget was divided in three parts: preparation/venue, dinner, and flowers&decoration.

Where did you splurge and where did you save?
We were lucky there was a restaurant near the beach of the ceremony, with a spectacular garden and really good and authentic food. Here we saved some money for a venue and transport for the guests. On the other side we had to invest more money they excepted in furniture and crockery, because the restaurant was not decorated with the latest trends / our taste.

How did you choose your photographer?
We already knew Sara Lázaro from others wedding blogs we saw online and Bodas de Cuento confirmed that she was one of the best in shooting exterior and that she was available. They presented her to us and we have an immediate click and you saw that later on the pictures. Honestly it was a great success.

The dress 
I fell in love with a dress of Rime Arodaky and I went to try on a lot of other dresses in stores in Barcelona, this one stole my heart from the moment I tried it on. The accessories and rings are designed by Elisa Brunells, a jewellery artist who has her own jewellery store in ´el Born´, a district in Barcelona. All the accessories are hand made and designed after our taste.

The suit 
The suit he bought at Hugo Boss.

Theme or colour scheme
Yes, the theme and colours were the ones of the nature, like the colour blue of the sea and the sky or the colour beige of the sand on the beach. These were the colours in most of the elements, from the wedding invitation and the set up on the beach. For the appetizer we added some colours and roses and for the dinner we wanted a sea of flowers and colours on the center of each table.

The flowers also were a presentation of the nature which was al around us, therefor we chose flowers with different colour tones, colours that are alive and represent the Mediterranean.

The decoration picked had the represent a real Mediterranean party, were lights and decoration created a relax atmosphere for the guests so that they could enjoy a very special night, next to the sea. We rented furniture to create a ´chill out zone´, high and low tables for the appetizer, a bar with an industrial touch to serve the cocktails, vermouth. For the kids we rented a tent with a bunch of pillows so they also could play comfortably.

The appetizer with some small dishes (pica-pica as we call it here in Spain), were typical Mediterranean for example: a vermouth, cheese buffet of local cheeses, buffet of Iberian ham, mussels, calamari, sashimi with tuna and salmon, fried fish, clams, pambaos shrimp and tomato syrup. Once seated at the table, for dinner we began with a citrus sorbet with vegetables and we made everyone choose between paella or fideua as main course and some good wines from the area. The highlight was a table of varied desserts, sorbets of different flavours, mini cakes, and pastry products. After dinner, we placed a bar of mojitos and other cocktails, and already at the end of the night, some churros with hot chocolate.

Wedding cake
There was no wedding cake, as we substituted for a buffet / dessert table, with all varieties of the restaurant and an assortment of cakes and pastries from a traditional pastry shop in Sant Feliu de Guixols, when we inaugurated the desserts after thanking the guests for there presence and sad a few words, the guests could go and choose up whatever they felt like.

First all the guests, gathered in the Port of Sant Feliu de Guixols then arrived at the ceremony by boat (Magic Boat) and when they disembarked in the sand on the beach they were waiting for LaBrava local cold beers and lemonade.
Gerard Borrell, proximity magician who did tricks to entertain all the guests, spectacular tricks since he recently won many prizes in national and international competitions. All the set ups and decoration that designed Bodas de Cuento, (ceremony, vermutería, buffets, tables, children’s area and service to entertain and take care of the smallest of the party).
At night illuminated balloons were arranged which all the guests released into the sky, making a wish, a dance and partying all night long.

Who supplied the stationery?
The paperwork was provided by Bodas de Cuento, although for dinner there were no menus since the menu was displayed on two large slates and in a smaller one.

Personal touches
The personal touch in general was the whole wedding, it was designed by us with help and advise from Bodas de Cuento. Some details were very personal, such as the names of the guests on the table, which I made myself writing on stones that we looked for with my daughters on the beach. Also the pai pais and hats we gave during the ceremony at the beach were a personal item. Furthermore on the chairs of the guests were hanging cloth bags with a CD with the music of the wedding. This was our gift for the guests, I wanted to give them something personal, even if it was not so professional.

Special moments
The highlights of the day were the trip by sail boat and zodiac to the beach where the wedding was held, to see the guests embark towards the beach, disembark on the beach with all the guests waiting and the music playing on the beach. The peaceful ceremony officiated by the judge on the beach. The organization of the dinner as we had dreamed, or even better! Seeing all our friends and family on such a special day all together and happy to be there. The wedding dance that we had rehearsed went perfect. The illuminated balloons released all together into the sky and the party that lasted until all night!

Advice for other couples
That they should be authentic with their ideals and do not renounce their dreams, although difficulties may appear in some moments. We recommend you strive to materialize your ideal wedding no matter how difficult it may seem and trust people as professionals to help them as we did with Bodas de Cuento, without them all this would not have been as successful.

Biggest surprise
Although we had everything planned, every moment we were surprised to see the reality of what we had been planning and organizing for months, that is, seeing our dream come true. For example, to see from the boat all the guests waiting for us on the coast and listening to the songs we had chosen for this moment. The assemblies of the ceremony, which could not be more beautiful, sensitive and delicate. The beach decorated, in such a natural way, the funny details of the aperitif, the magical area of the dinner: with the spectacular elongated table of friends, the wreaths of lights, the explosion of colours with flowers, the candles and the Macramé!


Supplier Shout Outs

P.S. We can not thank you enough Bodas de Cuento for making our dream come true. And MANY THANKS to all the people, professionals, suppliers, who participated in it


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