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Today we are talking about one of my favourite wedding subjects CAKE! As you know we LOVE cake here at Boho Weddings and I know you do to. I also know there are many of you who will be attempting to bake your own wedding cake, so todays post is just for you.

To give you some first class advice I have invited Samantha Warwick from The Craft Company onto the blog to tell you more about her top tips for wedding cake baking.
For over 20 years, The Craft Company has provided cake makers with the equipment and supplies. Founded as a family-owned business, The Craft Company is now one of the UK’s best online retailers for cake decorating equipment and a specialist in sugarcraft supplies. Samantha is a Marketing Executive for The Craft Company and part-time cake maker. Sam is one of The Craft Company’s resident cake experts, and has just recently made and decorated her own wedding cake in April.


I’ll pass you over to Samantha…….

With more and more brides opting for DIY wedding cakes the team at The Craft Company decided that we wanted to help brides looking for advice on making wedding cakes themselves.
I got married myself in April and made my own wedding cake so I know how daunting it can be and how many questions I had before I started.

We canvassed our 78,314 Facebook followers to find the most frequently asked questions brides to be and hobby bakers had about making wedding cakes and favours. Teaming up with expert cake decorator and blogger She Who Bakes, we answered these questions and pulled together advice and inspiration on wedding cake colours, flavours and styles creating a wedding guide.
We thought we would share some advice on some of the top questions we received to help and inspire bridal bakers. 

1) Is there a timeline I should stick to when making a wedding cake?  

You will need to make sure you have time the week before the Wedding to bake and prepare the cake. Some types of cake will last longer than others, for example a fruit cake will last longer than a Victoria sponge, so you can buy yourself a few extra days by choosing something that stays fresher for longer.

One time saving tip is to use cake dummies to add a few extra cake tiers which can be decorated in advance and then you just need to bake and ice cutting cakes a couple of days before the wedding. It’s a really cost effective and quick way to add some drama to your wedding cake. Cake dummies are also great for practising decorating the cake ahead of the big day.

One thing that can be prepared ahead of time is decorations provided they are stored correctly. She Who Bakes suggests using a Tupperware box with kitchen roll over the top instead of a lid so air can get in and decorations don’t go soft.

Photo by: Pear & Bear Photography – full shoot HERE 

2) How much time should I leave for baking a naked wedding cake?

Icing covered cakes do stay fresh for longer so you do have less time to work with when baking a naked cake with no icing.

She Who Bakes recommends baking it a day or two before the wedding and wrapping the cake thoroughly in cling film. Leave yourself enough time on the day of the wedding to fill and assemble your naked wedding cake. It will stay fresh for about four hours on display and then it should be eaten.

photo by: Sarah Jane Ethan – full wedding HERE

3) What’s the best way to assemble a cake with multiple tiers? 

You can make life easier when it comes to assembling the cake by being precise in the size of your cake tiers when baking.  Each tier should be two inches wider than the last and the top tier shouldn’t be any wider than six inches. Each cake tier should also be the same height.

Cake boards should be used under each cake tier. Royal icing should be used to secure these and the cake should not be moved until the icing is entirely dry. Advice from She Who Bakes is to ensure that you are using enough dowels in the bottom cake tier. Five should be sufficient.

Photo by: Gideon Photo – full shoot HERE

4) How do I create a lace effect on my cake?

The easiest way is to use a silicone mould and paste. We would recommend having a few tries before the big day to perfect the technique. We also have lots of answers to cake lace questions on our blog.

5) How can I make sure that I have no waste?

Although you need to make sure you have enough cake for all of your guests, wedding cake portions should be smaller than those for a normal party so make sure you don’t order or make too much. A 1” piece of wedding cake per guest is a good amount to stick to. We have a portion guide and guides to help you work out the amount of ingredients required.

Leftover cake need not go to waste. Wrap it up in some cling film and freeze it to have at a later date.

Photo by: Martin Makowski – Full wedding HERE


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