Choosing Your Wedding Cake – Ideas and Inspiration


Wedding Cake - Ideas and Inspiration

You will all remember Laura who got married in April, she kept us up to date with her wedding plans in Diary of a Boho Bride, as well as sharing with us her DIY ideas and tutorials. I told you a few weeks ago that I have invited Laura back to the blog to join me as a guest writer. A couple of weeks ago, Laura wrote a wonderful post for us on her Musings on a Marriage. Well today Laura is back and she is talking about one of her favorite subjects, Cake!


I’ll pass the Blog over to Laura……………..

It’s lovely for Kelly to invite me back again today to talk about what has got to be one of my favourite topics – Cake. Give me a brew and a slice of the sweet stuff and I am in heaven. Who isn’t?

I have to say, too, that I am loving the way brides and grooms are embracing their love of desserts within their wedding. This means that we are regularly seeing weddings with no cake, weddings with lots of cake, cakes of all colours and sometimes a cake which isn’t sweet at all!

There are so many options out there for your wedding, and so today I want to show you a few options, some of my favourites and I challenge you not to feel hungry by the end!


A take on traditional

A option which plays on the ‘safe’ side if you will. A cake which perhaps looks more traditional on the outside but once you cut into it is bound to bring a smile to your guests’ faces, or a naked cake doused in icing sugar!

take on traditional (1)

Surprise cake: myhoneysplace.com ¦ Layered crispie and brownie cake: Style Me Pretty by Apryl Ann Photography ¦ Naked Victoria Sponge: Hannah Millard @ Camera Hannah Photography ¦ Pink Ombre : Ruffled by Natalie Spencer Photography ¦ Green Ombre: Duabu blog ¦ Rainbow Cake  Tutorial from Rosanna Pansino


Tiers of Treats

If you aren’t planning on doing a large cutting-of-the-cake, perhaps you’d like a stack of your favourite treats? Of course, here you can have almost whatever you like, and in most cases you can cut the very top if you want to. Guests can then help themselves and there’s no need to ask anyone to cut up the cake and dish it out!

Tiers (6)

Fruit: Style Me Pretty by Anushe Lowe  ¦ Croquembouche: The Natural Wedding Company via Sunday Suppers ¦ Fruit pastries: Wedding Chicks by Wildflowers Photography  ¦ Doughnuts: Wedding Chicks by Hetler Photography¦ Cookies: Wedding Chicks by Megan Welker Photography ¦ Macaroons: Bonbini blog.


Tables of Temptation

Dessert tables are becoming a big trend at the moment. You can theme them by dessert, colour, flavour or anything you like really! Either a sweetie table at the reception, or a dessert table after dinner from which guests can help themselves…how on earth will they choose?!


Ombre backdrop: Style Me Pretty by One Love Photo  ¦ Ice Cream Bar: Style Me Pretty by Paige Jones  ¦ Popcorn: Style Me Pretty by Jose Villa  ¦ Toffee Apples: Wedding Chicks by Odalys Mendez Photography ¦ Smores Bar: Green Wedding Shoes ¦ Macarons: Style Me Pretty by Joielala Photographie


Daringly Different

Sometimes there are couples out there who just aren’t that keen on sponge or cake at all, but still want a big sweet treat to cut into and dish out.  Never fear, there’s an array of sweet good for you out there – cheesecake, pie or even ice-cream!

Different (1)

Crepes: The Cake Blog by Lavender and Twine ¦ Rice Crispies: Eighteen25¦ Chocolate Sculpture: Rock N Roll Bride by Eliza Claire Photography ¦ Pies: Style Me Pretty by Jose Villa  ¦ Icecream: Baker’s Royale ¦ Pavlova: Style Me Pretty by Birds of a Feather


Something Savoury

What if you don’t want cake? Or anything sweet at all? To be honest, perhaps you just want both because, hey, it’s your wedding after all.

savory (1)

Pork Pie: Rock My Wedding by Steven Gerrard ¦ Cheese Tower: John Armstrong Miller


Tremendous Toppers

Back in the day you had a little plastic Mr and Mrs on the top of your cake. Nowadays there’s a world of toppers out there for you – flags, ceramic figures, craft your own or go all out – you can be sure there is something out there to finish off your cake with some flare!

  Topper (4)

Sparklers: Style Me Pretty Living by Erich McVey Photography ¦ Succulents: Style Me Pretty  by Alixan Loosle Photography  ¦ Flags: Coco Cake Cupcakes ¦ Crown: Style Me Pretty by Divine Light Photography


So there you have my favourite selection of cakes and alternatives, and not a fruit cake in sight! I hope it has given you some ideas if you are currently debating your cake. Remember that the high street can be your friend, especially if you aren’t going for something traditional. Check out Krispy Kreme for a doughnut stack, or your local Costco for an array for fresh pastries, cookies and desserts for bulk buy. You could bake your own cakes as a way to ensure you get just want you want, or even ask your friends and family to bring their favourite dessert to adorn the cake table. (I hope a good sherry trifle would make an appearance…). Remember, a wedding cake doesn’t have to break the bank and you can always serve it for dessert too!

I’d love to know what you think? What are you planning on eating on your wedding day? Are you going to have a cake cutting or a more relaxed help yourself style?


If you want to read more about Laura’s  she has her own blog




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