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Boho Loves: Savvy Spreadsheets’

This afternoon is all about wedding planning and budgets. Maybe not the subject a lot of couples really want to think about, but believe me in all my years of planning weddings getting the budget right is one of the most important aspects of the planning process. You can have the most amazing ideas on how to create a truly stunning and individual wedding day but if you don’t have the funds to make it a reality, or if you find you have over spent in the wrong area then your day could be ruined.

Today I have invited Janet Kim from Savvy Spreadsheets onto the blog to talk to you about her business and share with you her 2 most popular wedding planning spreadsheets. Janet is an Excel geek who loved creating Excel templates for herself, based on feedback from friends and colleagues, she quickly learned that there was a shortage of user-friendly Excel templates available on the web. She founded Savvy Spreadsheets in 2013, as a resource for sophisticated, yet simple, downloadable Excel templates for users of all levels.

‘We offer budget templates, calendar templates, organization templates, and much more. These templates are so easy to use, they’re perfect for Excel users of all levels ‘

Janet offers lots of different spreadsheets all offering something different but the two I would like to talk to you about today are the Easy Wedding Budget and the Savvy Wedding Budget. One is Totally free and one costs just $7. I urge you to download them, it will make your wedding planning SO much easier I assure you!


www.savvyspreadsheets.com/easy-wedding-budget (FREE)

easy wedding budget FREE



www.savvyspreadsheets.com/savvy-wedding-budget ($7.00)

savvy wedding budget


We asked Janet from Savvy Spreadsheets to tell us more about their fantastic product……

What made you start your business
I was looking for a good budget spreadsheet online, something user-friendly and highly customisable.  But despite the endless supply of Excel templates on the web, I couldn’t find one that I liked.  Having over 10 years of experience with Excel, I realised the obvious answer was to make one myself.  I spent months working on the perfect budget spreadsheet.I figured that other people might be looking for the same kind of budget spreadsheet, and decided to offer it online.  Thus, Savvy Spreadsheets was born.  Savvy Spreadsheets now offers about 20 different downloadable templates, including our popular wedding budget templates

Savvy Spreadsheets launched in January 2013, I am based in New York City but cover all geograhical aeas.  In fact, some of my templates allow you to automatically reformat currency symbols based on your country.

Savvy Spreadsheets

What were you doing before? 
I was (and still am) a Retail Planning Manager for a luxury fashion brand in NYC. 

How would you describe your style? 
I like everything in my life to be clean, simple, and organized.  I also love bright colors.  My templates very much reflect my style.

What makes you different to your competitors? 
My competitors’ templates look and act like just regular, boring spreadsheets.  Mine are completely different.  They are full of user-friendly and automated features such as interactive instructions and navigation buttons.  Many customers have commented that they feel so much like full-fledged applications, they forget they are working in an Excel spreadsheet. 

Savvy Spreadsheets

What do you enjoy most about your job? 
I absolutely love receiving positive feedback about my products.  When someone tells me they found exactly what they were looking for, or that my products have made their lives easier, I couldn’t be happier!

What sort of couple do you think you attract? 
My wedding budgets are perfect for those who love to plan every last detail.  The Savvy Wedding Budget has room for up to 400 categories so you can really get down to specifics.

What would be your ideal wedding to work on? 
Can you give me some information on your pricing structure?
Most of my downloadable templates are completely free!  The paid templates are between $5 – $15.

Savvy Spreadsheets


For more information on Savvy Spreadsheets

[email protected]


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