Own Your Wedding – FREE Wedding Planning Guide


Own Your Wedding - FREE Wedding Planning Guide

This morning I had the pleasure of sharing with you Hannah and Dean’s gorgeous country fayre themed wedding. Well today they are back with a very special offer for all Boho Readers, a FREE 47 page wedding planning book.

Hannah and Dean set up ‘Own Your Wedding‘ after planning their wedding last year and realising they had so much useful wedding planning information that they wanted to share it with other brides and grooms. Fast forward a year and Hannah and Dean now have 2 amazing, information packed resources on offer and today the book is yours for FREE.

Packed with everything you need to know the book containes information on budgets, planning, where to gain inspiration, timescales and so much more. To gain your FREE copy just pop down to the bottom of the post.

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Why we Started Own Your Wedding

We tied the knot in June 2014 following a relatively short and intense 7 months of wedding planning. Like many couples, we worried about every little detail, but in the end our wedding went without a hitch and was the most fantastic day we could have imagined. So, with lots of amazing memories and a little sigh of relief, we settled into married life.

In early 2015 we finally got round to sorting through some of the bits and bobs from the wedding, including some of the DIY decorations and lots of the paperwork we had collected along the way. It reminded us of just how much work went into it all. We looked back over all the plans and especially the spreadsheets we had put together, thinking it would be a waste to just delete them. We have to admit in hindsight, we spent way too much time fine tuning these spreadsheets, but we like to be organised! We decided they might be something that other couples would appreciate – a fully developed and functioning set of spreadsheets, plus a guide book based on our real-life experience and advice. And so, Own Your Wedding was born – we thought the name emphasised our ethos, which is that this is your wedding, so go OWN it!

7th June 2014. Hannah and Dean's wedding at Middle Ashton House in Oxfordshire.

(Image by Emma Stoner Weddings)

What we offer

At Own Your Wedding we offer the tools and guidance to help couples to take control of their own wedding planning.

We currently have two products to help couples plan their wedding. 

Product 1) The Real-life Wedding Planning Guide

A 47 page e-book based on the lessons we learnt when planning our own wedding in 2014. It focuses on the organising side of things, such as:

  • How to set the priorities for the wedding
  • Managing the budget
  • Controlling the to-do list
  • And setting the timetable for the wedding day

We know that staying organised isn’t the most exciting part of planning a wedding, so we created this e-book to take some of the pain out of this process.  And once a couple knows that everything under control, they can relax and enjoy the more creative aspects of wedding planning.

Guide Book Closed Guide Open Book

Product 2) Specially designed spreadsheets

The second product, designed to be used in conjunction with the e-book, is a pack of specially designed spreadsheets for the key aspects of the wedding plans. This includes spreadsheets for the budget, guest list, to-do list, timetable for the day and much more.

It contains everything we used to plan our own wedding, and has been carefully refined to make it really clean and simple to use. As well as blank templates, we provide the completed spreadsheet examples from our wedding to illustrate how they can be used. It’s not just somewhere to put the numbers – the spreadsheets have features to show the progress made so far and highlight what to do next.

These spreadsheets helped us a great deal along the way, and when it came to the big day, we were able to print copies for the people who needed them to make sure everyone was singing off the same hymn sheet. We think even the venue manager was a bit surprised at just how organised we were – they ditched their own print outs and used ours instead!

  • By offering the e-book guide and spreadsheet pack, we want to help couples hit the ground running when it comes to keeping their wedding plans organised.


Special Offer for Boho Weddings

Boho Weddings was a massive inspiration for us, so we are thrilled to be able to make a special offer for other Boho fans! We’re offering our e-book, The Real-Life Wedding Planning Guide, absolutely FREE for Boho Wedding readers until the end of July 2015.

  • All you have to do is visit us at www.ownyourwedding.com/boho-weddings and sign up for your free copy. Also, just as an extra special bonus, we’ve added a discount offer for the Spreadsheet Pack, so look out for that at the end of the e-book…


Happy planning,

Dean & Hannah x


For more information on own your wedding go to

[email protected],

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