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I am such a fan of pretty fabrics. There isn’t a day where I am not looking over the internet at fabric, cushions and such. There is a beautiful old mill around 3 miles away from where I live that has the most beautiful fabric stalls, I can often be found here when I have a free hour or two. For me, today’s DIY post is perfect. These Fabric hoops would look fantastic in any home, as a wedding decoration or even a wedding favour. They look so beautiful, unique and Jenny from Zazzle has provided all the information and easy instructions on how to make your very own Colection of Fabric Hoops.

Fabric Hoops ] DIY

Jenny from Zazzle tells us more about the Fabric Hoops

Outside Spring is in full swing, but I looked at my apartment this weekend and it looked barren.
For a little refresh, I decided to give my living room a makeover with one of the easiest DIY wall treatments ever. Using Zazzle’s new custom fabric and a few inexpensive supplies, I spruced up my walls in a fun and kitschy way, in less than an hour.

If you’re looking to brighten up drab walls for Spring, this project may be the solution to a happy, creative space.

Fabric Hoops

Step 1) Cut a swatch of fabric about 2-3 inches (5- 7.5 cm) larger than the diameter of the hoop you’ve chosen to start with

Fabric Hoops

Step 2) Separate the hoop into two pieces. You will notice there is a larger, exterior hoop with a tightening screw and a smaller, interior hoop. Rotate the tightening screw so that the larger hoop is
at its loosest setting.

Fabric Hoops

Step 3) Place the larger hoop on a clear surface. Then, place the fabric swatch print-side down on top
of the larger hoop, centring the fabric. Once centred, take the smaller hoop and press it on top of the fabric, stretching the fabric and securing it between the two hoops. At this point you should begin to tighten the screw on the larger hoop while intermediately stretching the excess fabric on the ends of the hoop with your hands. Do this until you’ve tightened to screw as much as you can and the fabric is taut.

Fabric Hoops

Step 4) Cut the excess fabric on the sides of hoop about 1/4 inch (6 mm) from the surface.

Fabric Hoops

Step 5) Admire your completed hoop!

Step 6) Hang them up! Simple hooks, tacks or adhesives work just fine as these hoops are very light

Fabric Hoops


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  • This DIY was previously published on the Zazzle Blog in February 2015

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