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Did you know that throwing things at newlywed couples is a very old tradition?  It dates back from the Roman and Egyptian times. Mainly throwing items at newly weds was to wish them good luck in fertility, happiness and good wishes.
This afternoon I would like to introduce you to Shropshire Petals a wonderful company providing natural, biodegradable confetti, perfect for all venues. Most churches and wedding venues ask for natural confetti rather than rice or the paper these days, so Shropshire Petals confetti is ideal, plus they have the most amazing selection of colours and styles for you to choose from. I have used Shropshire petals confetti in a number of weddings I have planned in the past, and I just know you are going to love them as well.

‘Natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable, our petals cover a multitude of styles.  As we grow all of our petals and do not add any dyes, we offer a wide selection of colours and petals to suit all weddings.’

Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti

We asked Shropshire Petals to tell us a little more about their amazing products

About Shropshire Petals
We are Shropshire Petals and we grow and produce natural petal confetti on your Shropshire farm. Each and every one of our petals used to make our confetti is delicately handpicked to ensure only the best quality petals are used to shower newly-weds on their special day.

What made you start your business
This year marks our 10-year anniversary from when we first started our confetti business. It all started when owner Michael Bubb’s mum was given some land on the farm, which was originally an arable farm, to grow flowers. The flowers she grew were perfect for drying and as it was during the Laura Ashley era, these were a huge hit at local Women’s Institute markets, which soon led onto them selling through retailers and wholesale. In 2005, we were approached by someone asking if we could dye our flower petals for confetti… and this is when Shropshire Petals was born. Already growing delphiniums, these made the perfect confetti petal, as they are small and light giving that perfect flutter when thrown over a newly married couple. We grew a variety of colours and dried them naturally, which meant we didn’t have to dye any of our petals, ensuring they were 100% natural and biodegradable.

When Did You Start Your Business and where are you based
2005. We are based in Newport, Shropshire. We cover all over the UK and beyond. We use Royal Mail to deliver our petals to couples.

Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti

How Would You Describe Your Style
Natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable, our petals cover a multitude of styles. As we grow all of our petals and do not add any dyes, we offer a wide selection of colours and petals to suit all weddings.

What Is Your Biggest Achievement So Far
For the growing of our confetti, our biggest achievement and highlight was appearing on the BBC show Countryfile, as well as several local news broadcasts and Christine Bleakley’s ITV show Off The Beaten Track which all showcased our fields and how we grow the flowers to produce our confetti.
We were also proud to have supplied the wheat for the 2012 Olympic medal winner’s bouquets, as well as throwing confetti in front of the Queen at her Diamond Jubilee.
Our latest achievement was winning the Good Web Guide award for Excellence in Customer Service, something we are very proud of.

Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti

What Makes You Different To Your Competitors
The main difference which sets us apart from our competitors is that we do not add any dyes at all. Some other confetti companies add dyes to offer colours, which are not naturally available in flowers, however we are proud to say we don’t which means all of our petals are 100% natural.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job
We love to experiment; each year we have a trial section in the fields where we will trial new petals to get new colours. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Our most surprising trial was a couple of years ago when we aimed to get a new purple petal, which after the drying process turned out grey. This has been one of our most popular colours since as it works for silver themed weddings and is fantastic for vintage themes. We have just included it in a new confetti mix – Vintage Daydream.
We also love it when couples send their photos in after their big day. The confetti photo is always one of the most natural photos you will have as you are not concentrating on posing for the photographer. We love seeing the finished product in action, as we plant, grow, weed, pick and pack everything ourselves, it’s great to sit down with a cuppa and look through the confetti moments our customers have had.

What Couple Do You Think You Attract
All couples…who doesn’t want a confetti shot on their big day. The biggest challenge we face however is some couples still think that guests will bring confetti with them. The best way to ensure couples can have a wow factor confetti shot and be able to use confetti at their venue is ordering natural petal confetti themselves.

Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti

Can You Please Give Our Readers A Little More Information About Your Pricing Structure
Our confetti starts from £11.50 per litre for delphinium and wildflower petals. Our larger petals such as roses and hydrangeas are £15.95 per litre and mixes with both smaller and larger petals are £13.50. We also grow and produce wheat and lavender, which is available to buy in bunches, wheat sheaves and wreaths. These start from £2.75.

What is Your Ideal Way To Spend A Day Off
There are only a few of us working in the petal shed and we all love to relax; however we are also very creative. Some of us will spend time making things for the home; Katie who is getting married in December is even making her own wedding and bridesmaids dresses!

What Can You Never Leave The House Without
We never leave the house without our phones, one so we can get hold of everyone on the farm and two so we have a camera with us at all times to capture moments on the farm and petal shed.

Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti Natural Confetti

Do You Have Any New Products Or Ranges
We have just launched our brand-new Country Garden Wreath and Wheat Sheaf. We wanted to add something to our wheat collection, which added a touch of vintage as vintage country garden weddings are really popular this year. They feature lavender, nigella, marjoram, pink larkspur and rhodante.


For more information on Shropshire Petals please go to

[email protected]
01952 691 553


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    Love the natural confetti concept– hoping it doesn’t end up destroying someone with bad spring allergies.


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