DIY Tutorial: Rose Petal Confetti and Cone

Following on from last weeks DIY Tutorial I have another one for you today, courtesy of Jenni Bush of Bespoken For. Jenni has been kind enough to talk us though how to create your own rose petal Confetti, complete with cones. Jenni creates bespoke bridal jewellery and accessories and makes them to oder, so she is more than handy with a bit of crafting.

I’ll hand the blog over to Jenni
‘Making your own confetti is really easy and simple.   If you have a fiancé who buys you roses, then this is a great little project to do with the petals when the roses are past their best or if you have a rose bush in the garden (or your mum does) then you can make confetti free! Just save the petals when pruning!’



DIY rose petal confetti

For the petals
Kitchen Roll /Paper
A Tray
Rose Petals (or roses)

For the Cones:
Card or paper if you wish to make cones to put confetti in.
Double sided tape
Any embellishments to co-ordinate with your wedding. i.e Ribbon etc.


1) Lay kitchen paper onto your tray

DIY rose petal confetii

2) Take the rose heads and remove all the petal, lay them out on the tray.

DIY rose petal confetii DIY rose petal confetii DIY rose petal confetii

3) Once you have removed all the petals, take the tray to a warm space like an airing cupboard and leave it there to dry the petals for a few days ( Ours were ready in two days).

DIY rose petal confetii

4) Remove from the airing cupboard when they are ready. You can store them in a plastic bag until you have enough for your needs if you wish.  If you crush and scrunch them they break up and will go further, but this is optional.

DIY rose petal confetii



1) Take  a piece of A4 Card or paper, and cut off a third of it (you can make 3 cones out of one piece)

DIY rose petal confetii

2) Roll it up to create a cone shape and snip off the end at a 45 degree angle

DIY rose petal confetii DIY rose petal confetii

3) Add double sided tape to the angle you just cut.

DIY rose petal confetii

4) Remove the protective paper from the tape, roll up your cone and fix into place.

DIY rose petal confetii

5) Add any embellishment or leave plain if you desire

6) Fill with your confetti and place into baskets to hand to guests, or fill a basket with confetti and let guests scoop into cones or grab handfuls.

DIY rose petal confetii


Thanks you to Jenni for this tutorial, if you decide to try this your self do let me know how you get on.

For more information on Jenni’s work go to:
[email protected]

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    Georgie Elston

    Hi there,
    I’ve just stumbled across this tutorial….absolutely love it! I’m getting married in July this year and would love to make these for my wedding…just have a question, how far in advance can i make them?
    Georgie xx

    gill bone

    my daughter gets married in august so I am going to attempt this can you use other flowers as well or does this only work with roses .thanks gill xx

    Bride to Be

    This may be a crazy question but what size of paper is best to use??? Also just regular scrapbook paper or is there a better type??? Thanks

    Andrea C

    Hi have just come across your page. My son and future wife are getting married in June and asked in March if I could make enough flower confetti for 140 guests!! After the initial shock, I reckon I’m going to make it. Spring helped enormously, we have a cherry blossom orchard next door, so even if there will be less cherries this year, I have some great dried cherry blossom! Cistus flowers are fantastic too, honeysuckle, clematis, mexican orange, mock orange even daisies from the lawn! If you are drying whole flowers I have found it best to dry them face down on the paper towels otherwise the flower tends to curl up and you can’t fully appreciate its beauty. The only flowers I found that didn’t dry very well were Camelia and Magnolia they tended to go brown. So in answer to any questions, yes, most flowers can be dried.


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