Diary of a Boho Bride: Sarah & Del (Entry 8) Stop Stressing! Let’s Get Down to the Fun Stuff!

diary of a boho bride

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you are all well.  I am just packing the last of my stuff as this weekend I have my first wedding of the year in Essex!  I must say I am a little bit excited to be back taking pictures again.  I hope you all have some great plans for the weekend!  Today we are back with Sarah and Del and we have a fantastic subject today.  Stop Stressing and get down to the fun stuff.  Sarah makes so much sense in this post and it’s remembering that wedding planning can be and is fun! Sarah spoke about her progress for far in wedding planning on her last post.  This diary entry really ties in nicely with what she has done.

Sarah & Del Ibiza

I’ll pass you over to Sarah and Del…..

Hello! How’s the planning going? We’re almost there… Well, at least that’s what we think as we tick off another box, only to find that there’s something else to do! We’ve started to plan honeymoon part 2 – we will of course write a full blog post on our honeymoon plans once we’ve booked everything – and that has been SO exciting! We’ve arranged a tasting for our wedding food, and on Sunday afternoon we met up with our Humanist – I’ve only met Claire twice, but I think she’s one of my favourite people – so funny and brutally honest about her wedding likes & dislikes – I’m so glad she’s going to be marrying us, I couldn’t imagine having gone with anybody else! And on Saturday we were at the Glasgow Wedding Collective bridal fair – we finalised our wedding rings with the lovely Alison MacLeod, and chatted to our brilliant photographers Chris & Gillian about our engagement shoot that we’re having Valentines weekend.

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So that’s a long list of things ‘ticked off’. And today I planned to write a post about our wedding stationery (another ‘tick’), as we’re also working on our invitations with my sister’s wonderfully talented new boyfriend. In fact, I wrote the post on stationery, but reading it back I realised that it was just a long-winded list of how I ticked off some more boxes.

I realised that I had everything about wedding planning all wrong. Enough with the to do lists and box ticking – this entire wedding planning experience has been so much fun, often without me realising, and so I wanted to write something that would celebrate that, and hopefully reach out to a few couples like us, that sometimes are so caught up in those to do lists that we forget how lucky we are to be planning such a fun and expressive event!

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So what caused this sudden realisation? I have just returned home from an accessories event at the shop where I got my wedding dress: The White Closet. I only saw the advert for the event this morning and so decided to go alone as I live close by. I was tired after a long day at work and my long commute home from Liverpool to Manchester. I thought I’d just pop in and have a look around and go home. But then I spotted a beautiful accessory, and unlike me, waited 10 minutes to speak to the designer – Debbie Carlisle. She was lovely, so helpful; we were styling my hair, trying on veils – it was brilliant! And I realised I’d been so uptight about getting everything ticked off the list, that I’d forgotten to enjoy the fun stuff involved in wedding planning. Everything about our wedding has been carefully considered, from the ceremony to the tables, to the DIY touches to the drinks on the tables. But it’s also been such a creative process, and I’ve always loved being creative. All of our lovely suppliers are hugely creative, and I’ve loved being around them, discussing ideas with them and just seeing all of the wonderful creative businesses there are out there.

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There’s less than 4 months to go until our wedding now, and so I’ve decided to change my attitude: no more ‘ticking things off the list’. This wedding has given me an excuse to be creative again, to have fun, to try lots of new things I’d never think of doing, and so instead of focusing on a never ending to do list, I’ve got to remember how much I’ll miss having so many lovely decisions (& decorations) to make once we hit June!

But until then, I’m going to relish in DIY loveliness and dream honeymoon planning!


Love Sarah & Del 


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    Catherine Kerr

    I had a cocktail hat made for my wedding and at one point it was the milliner who reminded me that it all supposed to fun and enjoyable. Because we had a DIY wedding, and because I was marrying an ex-project manager, ‘to-do’ lists definitely featured in our wedding planning but we made some occasions a treat too: like when we collected his suit, we stayed in town for a champers celebration.


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