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diary of a boho bride

Finally Friday is here. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend. I have a busy few days coming up, as Paul was away last weekend we have promised Fearne we would have a weekend of ‘family time’. Saturday we shall be spending it as a family, Saturday evening we have friends over and their children. We are all going to make some really delicious pizzas, I love home made pizza. I am hoping the weather is going to stay clear so we can manage a walk in the countryside to blow off some cobwebs!

Today I am happy to invite Saran and Del back to the blog.  Previously  they chatted about stressing and all the fun stuff and today they are back with Changes Afoot and Honeymoons! (Good Luck with the move Sarah and Del!)

Sarah & Del Ibiza

I’ll pass you over to Sarah and Del…..

Hello all, happy Friday! Hope the wedding plans are coming along well. With less than three months to go we seem to be leaking money here there and everywhere! I’m happy to say that the spreadsheet we posted about a while back has come in very handy reminding of all of the payments that are now due. But it’s all very exciting. We had our engagement shoot a few weeks back, which was lots of fun, although slightly awkward to start with. We’re looking forward to getting the pictures back any day now & hopefully share them with you in our next post. I also have my hair and make up trial in the morning, and have an accessories appointment tomorrow afternoon – I’m SO excited to try my dress on again. It’s nearly a year since we bought it, and I’m so excited to see it again, fingers crossed my dress may actually be ready and I can try that on instead of the sample. And the invitations are ready for printing – it really is all coming together.

DIY: Creating and Enjoying

I’m also very happy to say I’ve been trying to keep up with the new have fun and be creative ethos I chatted about last time. We’ve had LOTS of wedding planning fun lately. Our food tasting was incredible – so excited for the wedding meal! And we’ve been getting up to lots of DIY and focusing on all of the details. I had one particularly fun Friday night in with my lovely friends Jacinta and Alex doing all things DIY. We did lots of decoupage, made a HUGE paper pom pom and lots of origami, drank champagne (thanks Jacinta!) and generally made one hell of a mess. Del has been doing decoupage too, and some ‘manly’ DIY like tin lanterns which involves lots of hammering of nails, and we’ve even got my Dad involved – he’s made some giant light up initials. So it’s all starting to come together, which is good because we’ve had some very big news very recently. We’re moving from Manchester to Scotland…next month! This is very new news, I got a new job this week and so we’re going to be heading back up to Glasgow – whoop! So just to add to the stress and excitement of the wedding, we also need to move countries! wah!

Changes Afoot and Honeymoons

Sarah and Del at their tasting evening

Changes Afoot and Honeymoons

Sarah and Del’s crafting begins!

Honeymoon – Sri Lanka

Anyway, onto this month’s post – honeymoon part 2: Sri Lanka, which we booked a couple of weeks ago. I think we have quite a strong travel theme for the wedding, and so it’s not really a surprise that a) a lot of thought and budget went in to the honeymoon and b) we’re having two (oops). We’re having honeymoon part 1 a few days after the wedding – a week in Paris which will be romantically fabulous, especially as I’ve never been and have been desperate to visit for years. The reason we’re doing it this way (apart from loving holidays) is that we felt that it’d be too much of a come down to have the wedding and honeymoon all together and suddenly to come home to have lost that sense of planning something. By the time we marry we’ll have been engaged for almost two years, and we’ve been planning for most of that time, it’s going to be quite a change (and a challenge) for us once the wedding is over. And so having the main honeymoon a while after the wedding means we’ll have something else as lovely as a wedding to focus on when we return to normal life in June.

When it comes to honeymoons, there are so many choices, and we’re lucky that we’ve visited quite a few lovely places like Santorini (where my Mum married) and Croatia. We’re not really sure where the Sri Lanka idea came from, but for a long time we were set on Italy, starting in Venice, going to Lake Garda and then spending a week in Tuscany or Sicily. But we changed our minds for a number of reasons. I think it was the opportunity to do something different and recognising we could do more for the same amount of money in other places. So off we went to Kuoni one night before Del had a football match. We went in completely clueless, but the ladies were absolutely great – Emma had just come back from Sri Lanka and had lots of recommendations, and Susan came up with a flexible itinerary for us. We took it home, looked through, did some research on Sri Lanka and decided what we wanted to do, went back a week later and booked!

We’ll be travelling in November so lots to look forward to! I really didn’t want a long beach holiday as I know I’d get bored, but Del still wants to get some sun worshipping time. So we’re touring with a driver for just over a week, then spending a few days at a beach resort near to lots of things to do. We start off in the cultural triangle, in Sigiriya where we’ll climb the Lion Rock and visit lots of local cultural sites, then head south to Kandy where there are lots of Buddhist temples and shrines. We then go up into the hills to the tea plantations – the scenery looks absolutely stunning – where Del is insisting we also climb Adam’s Peak – a mountain (why not?!) and then finish in Galle – it’s a beach resort but is close to the Udawalawe national park (lots of elephants) and turtle hatcheries so I shouldn’t be getting itchy feet. I think to say we’re looking forward to it is an understatement!

Changes Afoot and Honeymoons Image Source Left/Right

Changes Afoot and Honeymoons Image Source Left/Right

Changes Afoot and Honeymoons

Image Source Left/Right

So until next time, when we’re likely to have a new life in Glasgow! Happy planning x

Love Sarah & Del 


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    It’s reassuring to see me and my fiance aren’t the only crazy ones…we’re getting married on June 6th and have recently both got new jobs in a different place so next month will also be moving countries (Wales – England)!! People keep telling us we must be insane but surely it’s better to get all the stress over in one go? ;) Good luck with the move!


    It’s reassuring to see me and my fiance aren’t the only crazy ones…we’re getting married on July 31th and have recently both got new jobs in a different place People keep telling us we must be insane but surely it’s better to get all the stress over in one go? ;) Good luck with the move!


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