Diary of a Boho Bride: Sarah & Del (Entry 11) 2 Week to go and 9 Random Wedding Planning Tips

diary of a boho bride

Today is a sad afternoon on the blog as it’s the last diary entry for Sarah and Del, as they get married in two weeks! Wow hasn’t that gone fast!! It has been wonderful having Sarah and Del write for the blog, I have really enjoyed hearing about their wedding planning journey and I’m sure you have too. Today they are talking through the things they have learnt during their wedding planning, with their ‘9 random wedding planning tips’ I’m sure a lot of these tips will resonate with lots of you and be incredibly helpful while you plan your own wedding.

So I’d like to wish Sarah and Del all the best for 2 weeks time, I just know they are going to have a magical day. I can’t wait to share the full wedding with you all in a few months time.

Sarah & Del Ibiza

I’ll pass you over to Sarah and Del…..

Hello all. We can’t believe this is our last Boho Diary! We can’t believe the wedding is just over two weeks away (at the time of writing!). It’s all passed so quickly – please enjoy every moment of planning because it’s over within a flash. We’re so excited to be nearly at the big day, but also sad that it’s nearly over (well I am at least, think Del is quite relieved). We thought for our last post we’d tie up a few loose ends and give some random tips for wedding planning based on our experiences…we hope they at least make you laugh, and that they prove useful for some!

1) It is never too early to start your DIY

We still have sooooo much to do. I had a long list of ideas when we started planning, but didn’t get on with making. I just kept adding to the list. So lots of it we won’t have time to do now which is a bit of a shame. We’ve delegated a lot, and are going to work with family and friends to get things done, but please please please do start early and don’t make the same mistakes we did. Del is still painting glass jars, and I have 100 paper pom poms to make with two weeks to go, and that’s not all of it – argh!

Wedding Planning Tips

Image Credit – Christopher Currie Photography

2) Your wedding theme will change and mish mash with others over time.

When we started planning I had a clear idea of what I wanted the wedding to look like – rustic rustic rustic. Lots of that has now changed. I’m sick of hessian weddings, so most of that is out of the wedding. We originally had quite a muted, beige sort of colour scheme, but it’s now multi-coloured with lots of bright origami and pastel coloured decorations. And that’s great because it reflects things we’ve enjoyed doing whilst we’ve been planning and how our ideas have changed.

Wedding Planning Tips


3) Vow writing is hard

How do you say what you want to say to the person you love the most, knowing that there are going to be lots of people sharing the moment with you? How do you make them serious enough if you’re quite a laid back couple? How do you know what to promise them, and what you can leave out? I’m finding it really difficult, and have different ideas each day, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out in time – fingers crossed anyway!

Wedding Planning Tips


4) Do an engagement shoot

We had our engagement shoot in February, and have been looking through the photos recently. Our top tip would be to definitely have one! It really helps you to get used to the camera, and to build a relationship with your photographers. It was also really helpful for us too to look at the photos, see what kind of poses we like, which we don’t, what we need to do to look a bit better in some poses, and which we did well with. It also gives a good talking point with your photographer about what you do and don’t like for the wedding day. Anyway – here’s a sneaky look at the pics.

Wedding Planning Tips

Image Credit – Christopher Currie Photography

5) Remember to put everybody in your table plan

We forgot one of the bridesmaids and her partner after spending 2 and a half hours agonising over the seating plan. Now we need to do the whole thing again. Not clever! Oops.

Wedding Planning Tips


6) Be yourselves and be creative

You really don’t need to go with the norm – be creative & explore all options for your wedding. A while back I included some information about our dried flowers in a diary post. And a few people contacted us to say they would never have thought about using them. They are absolutely brilliant, and I’m so excited to be having a dried bouquet. I recently met the lovely Tracey from Cotton & Thyme, and she’s helped me pick the dried flowers for the table. These will then be given away as keepsakes for many of our guests, and as an added bonus they’re so much cheaper than fresh flowers!

7) Take advantage of wedding supplier groups

We have found so many suppliers through the Glasgow Wedding Collective, which is run by our photographers, Christopher Currie and the lovely Gillian. Without this we’d have really struggled to find such lovely creative suppliers like our beautiful rings from Alison MacLeod, dried flowers from Cotton & Thyme, and cake from the Big Bear Bakery.

Wedding Planning Tips

Image Credit – Christopher Currie Photography

8) Wedding planning guides are great, but remember to plan for YOUR day

We found planning guides really helpful. Until we forgot to book our caterer, because generic planning guides assume you’ll have an in house one. So our advice would be to think through all of things you need to do for your wedding, then write your timeline using those planning tools as guidance only. Only you will know exactly what you need because every wedding is different.

9) Don’t stress – have fun with planning

Don’t let it get you down. Wedmin is rubbish, but everything else can be made fun. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do, or what tradition dictates – it’s your day, and it’ll be over so quickly so just have fun with it! And if you want to lower your stress levels, maybe get a planner or on the day coordinator. I’m starting to wish we had!

We’d also recommend not moving house and starting a new job 6 weeks before you’re wedding, but surely we’re the only ones stupid enough to try such a thing!

So these are our 9 random tips for wedding planning. We’ll see on the other side! Roll on 23rd May – we’re SO excited! x


Sarah and Del  x

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    We wish Sarah and Del all the best for their big day and can’t wait to see their wedding come to life. Stay tuned for their full wedding feature in a few months. A heartfelt thank you to Sarah and Del for sharing their experiences and tips with us!


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