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Good Afternoon to you all. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the last week of January. Today I am happy to bring you this lovely DIY post from Francesca Stone from Handmake Me. It’s a lovely tutorial showing you how to make a super cute ring dish and it looks really easy to follow. You don’t have to use these just for wedidngs, as I’m sure they would look lovely in any house!

Ring Dish

It’s the added extras that make your wedding so special. It’s a day to put together the finishing touches that you will only do once in your lifetime.

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Personal Ring Dish

STEP 1) Take a ball of clay and using wet hands add moisture until it is soft and easily workable

Personal Ring Dish

STEP 2) Roll out flat. If you’re going to be making a lot of these it could be worth investing in a cheap pasta roller for about £20.

Personal Ring Dish

STEP 3) To make this size ring dish you will need a circular object around 3 – 4 inches in diameter. I’ve used a small bowl. Place over the clay and carefully cut around the circle with a craft knife.

Personal Ring Dish

STEP 4) Using water and your fingers smooth out any cracks or bumps on both sides of the clay.

STEP 5) Carefully place into a large bowl, pressing down to ensure the middle of the clay is touching the bottom of the bowl. You want the dish to be slightly curved so that the clay doesn’t fold over onto itself too much. If it is folding then you’ll need a smaller circle of clay or a larger bowl.

Personal Ring Dish

STEP 6) Smooth the clay down in the bowl and leave to dry for at least 24 hours. You can use this time to practice your handwriting for each person’s name

STEP 7) Once the clay is hard remove from the bowl. Sand the edges to make them smooth

STEP 8) Pencil draw the name onto the middle of the bowl. Try to find examples of handwriting you like and emulate that style

STEP 9) Once you’re happy with the text, paint over with black acrylic. Hold the paintbrush further from the tip than you would usually to create a fluid line. If you make a mistake sand off and start again

Personal Ring Dish Personal Ring Dish

STEP 10) Once you’re happy with the lettering leave to dry so you don’t accidentally smudge it

Personal Ring Dish Personal Ring Dish

STEP 11) Tape off the whole dish apart from the rim and spray gold

Personal Ring Dish Personal Ring Dish

STEP 12) Once dry peel off the tape and and cover with varnish

Personal Ring Dish Personal Ring Dish

Personal Ring Dish If you’re planning on making a lot of these I would recommend completing them in stages. For example, make four at a time and work on the same steps on each to maximise working time.


If you’re looking for more DIY ideas for your wedding you can also find Francesca  on he own personal blog ‘Fall For DIY’ www.fallfordiy.com with all sorts of different tutorials from wedding jewellery to decorations.


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‘At Handmake Me we know the value of bespoke, customisable products that make any special occasion a little more personal. That doesn’t mean you have to increase your budget. Instead you can go DIY! Making the smaller details will give you more money to spend on your statement pieces (the dress of course) and will be even more memorable to each of your guests. Imagine their faces when they realise they can each take home their own personal ring dish as a memento of your day. And when you can make 100 of these for under £20 it’s worth the time!’



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