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It’s Monday afternoon, which means I have another fabulous DIY Tutorial for you. This time the tutorial comes from Imogen at Wedding Rings Direct and she has put together a rather wonderful save the date, in the form fo this ribbon garland. I’m sure you will agree this save the date would be greatly received by your future guest, and I’m sure you would have loads of fun making them!

Save The Date Ribbon Garland

I’ll pass you over to Imogen……..

This Save-The-Date Ribbon is both unique and charming and is also really fun and easy to make. It’s a little time-consuming but once you get the hang of it you could do most of it in the evening whilst relaxing in front of the TV. If you’re planning a quirky, handmade wedding then these will be perfect for giving your guests a sneaky peak of what’s in store.

you will need words


 STEP 1) Cut out your envelope template, place it on your, now double sided, card and draw around it with pencil. Cut out your envelope shape and use your rubber to rub out any pencil marks that may be visible.


STEP 2) Using your ruler and scissors, score the card along where the dotted lines are on the envelope template. It is best to do this on the side of the card that you would like to be the inside of your envelope. Once you have scored along all four lines, use the ruler to fold the paper along these lines.


STEP 3) Run a line of double-sided tape along the inside of the long tab and fold and stick as in the image below.


STEP 4) Repeat this process for the slightly narrower, small tab. You will now have an envelope with one open flap ready for your save-the-date ribbon to go inside.


STEP 5) Repeat this process for the slightly narrower, small tab. You will now have an envelope with one open flap ready for your save-the-date ribbon to go inside.


STEP 6) Using a scalpel and cutting board or just a pair of scissors, cut out the numbers. Rub out any visible pencil marks with a rubber once you have done this.


STEP 7) Once your numbers are all cut out, punch a hole in each of them using your hole punch. Be careful to do this is in a place where you will have enough card around the hole so there is less chance of it ripping.


STEP 8) Take your ribbon and thread it from the back, through the hole in the first number in you date. Thread it through leaving enough ribbon to the right of the number for the rest of your date and then roughly an extra 20cm so that you can thread it through the card at the end and tie a bow. When you are happy with the spacing tie a knot in the ribbon so that the number will stay in place.


STEP 9) Continue this process with the rest of your date leaving a small space between the date, month and year.


STEP 10) To make the card, choose two sheets of paper, one that will sit behind and create a border and then one without a busy pattern that you will write on. Take the paper that will be the border piece and use your envelope as a reference for size. You will want to cut a rectangle shape that it very slightly smaller than the envelope so that it fits snugly inside.


STEP 11) Then take your plain piece of paper and cut a rectangle that is about 1cm smaller on two sides than the previous one. Using your scalpel or scissors, cut two, 1cm slits towards the bottom of your plain piece of paper.


STEP 12) Use your ruler and pencil and draw some lines above the slits for you to write your text. I then used the pencil to draft the words and make sure the spacing was right. Once I was happy I wrote over the top in my black fine liner and then rubbed out the pencil.


STEP 13) Take the end of your ribbon and thread it from front to back through the first slit and then from back to front through the second. Pull the Ribbon through so that there is a nice amount of space between the date and the card and then tie a bow in the ribbon.


STEP 14) Spread some glue stick over the back of this piece of paper and stick in the middle of the larger rectangle so that there is an equal amount of border on all sides.


STEP 15) Put a small amount of double-sided tape on the front of the other end of the ribbon.


STEP 16) Stick this end of the ribbon on the inside of the envelope.


STEP 17) You can then delicately fold the letters up, place them on top of the card and carefully slot everything into the envelope.


STEP 18) Add some double-sided tape to the open tab of your envelope and stick it down to contain everything inside. Write the name and addresses of your guests on address labels and stick them on the front or the envelope


Now all you need is a stamp and your save-the-date ribbons are all ready to send to your guests! When your guests open their envelopes, handmade loveliness will, literally, come spilling out.



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