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Happy Saturday to you all! I had an early night last night which was very much needed. I feel so refreshed today and ready for the weekend! I certainly have woken up with a spring in my step. I am having a full day blogging today at the studio today and I have to say we have some very beautiful weddings coming up on the blog next week. I do enjoy working on a Saturday when I can. It’s peaceful in our mill and I seem to be very productive!

Today we are back with our pins feature. I hope you like the images. If you do want a follow from either Kelly H or I then please do leave your user name in the comments section. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

So here is a selection of our top 10 pins of the week……………..

Pinterest Kelly H


Pinterest Pins Source – True That!

Pinterest Pins Source – Love this look and with spring just around the corner it’s nearly time to crack open the sandles and maxi skirts




Boho Loves Fabulous Wedding Suppliers – W/C 23rd February

Boho Loves fabulous suppliers

As you know the Blog also has its own Wedding Directory in the form of Boho Wedding Directory.  The Directory is a hand-picked list split up into suppliers and regions making it super easy for you to find the perfect Boho supplier for your wedding. Just to make life that bit easier for you and to make sure you don’t miss any of the wonderful suppliers that are getting added to the directory, I will regularly showcase the suppliers I have added here as a mini update.

Ceremonies: Blessings From Italy

Past couple Photo for Boho Weddings1 Blessings From Italy will design an unforgettable and personalized ceremony, which reflects who you are as a couple. Diane and Giuseppe are Premier European Celebrants, who are widely known for their originality, creativity, vast knowledge and experience.
More information: www.boho-weddings.com/blessings-italy

Photographers: Christopher Ian Photography

Christopher Ian Photography I am an award-winning photographer with an unobtrusive approach to weddings, adopting a contemporary, documentary photographic style. Your images will tell a story that will be a lasting, iconic memory for you to treasure forever. If you share this vision then we will make wedding memories like no other!
More information: www.boho-weddings.com/christopher-ian-photography (more…)



Diary of a Boho Bride – Emily & Jonny, Entry 7: Bridesmaids

diary of a boho bride

It’s Friday afternoon finally and I for sure have that Friday feeling. This week has been so very busy in my household. With Paul away in Mexico I have been left in charge of an unruly 5 year old for a full week. As much as I love being a mummy it is so much easier when Paul and I share the responsibility. I have some great plans for her this weekend that include visiting the cinema, watching the Corpse Bride again as she is wedding crazy like me, going out for a light lunch and to the play centre as well as visiting family. She certainly won’t have time to get bored without her daddy who is much more fun than me!

Without delay I will introduce you to our regular Friday feature Real Boho Brides. Today we have the lovely Emily back on the blog. Last time she spoke about Honeymoons and made us all very jealous here at Boho HQ. Today Emily is back and talking to us about the subject of bridesmaids.

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Emily and Jonny

I’ll pass you over to Emily………

Hello. So last time I hopefully brought you a bit of sunshine by talking about honeymoons. This month, the bridesmaids’ dresses have arrived, so I decided to talk about the importance of bridesmaids and the search for dresses.
First of all, how amazing are Bridesmaids? The answer, is ‘pretty awesome actually’! It is great to have your closest girls with you for support and laughs before and on your big day. Who else is going to hold your dress while you wee! I love having them there to share things with and I am so grateful for all their enthusiasm for the wedding.



I am blessed to have my big sister and best friend as my bridesmaids as well as our two gorgeous nieces as flower girls – aged 2 and 5. I’m sure every Auntie says the same about their nieces, but they really are the cutest things ever!
I think my unofficial bridesmaids are the mums but obviously they have their own wedding party position to fulfil. They are just as busy organising and making things. (more…)



2 People 1 Life: Wedding 60 – Wedding in Croatia

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a while but today we are back with Lisa and Alex from 2 people 1 life The couple took a few months rest away from all of their wedding planning, and seeing that today we are on wedding 60 I’m sure you can understand why. Imagine planning 60 weddings (and still counting) it’s hard enough for most couples to plan one wedding! Last time we saw them in Switzerland for wedding 57, they then went over to Italy for wedding 58 and 59 but unfortunately they are still waiting for the photos for these two celebrations, instead of waiting I thought we would head straight over to wedding number 60 and it’s an absolute beauty! Croatia is somewhere on my wish list to visit and after hearing Lisa talk so fondly of it it makes me want to go even more!  I think it’s fair to say that both Lisa and Alex loved it in this beautiful country and from the photos you can see why.

(In case you have missed the whole story, Lisa and Alex have spent the last two years travelling round the world getting married in every country they visit, you can read more about their adventures HERE.)

_01a _02 _03

I’ll pass yo over to Lisa to tell you more about the day………

Croatia is a stunning coastal country that has so much to offer. Perfectly blue water and skies like no other place in the world. It mesmerizes me and makes me feel like I belong where I can hear it. Constantly, gently, beautifully lapping the pristine pebbled shore. The small towns along the waters edge nestle close into the steep cliffs and offer winding narrow lanes that drag you to the sea. Stalls line the road that sails along the water offering freshly picked pomegranates, grapes and home grown honey. It is such a beautiful place, you just have to see it to believe it.

We took our morning coffee down to the shore, dangling our feet off the edge of a collapsed sunny concrete pier we dreamed of living somewhere so stunning, asking ourselves, would we ever get anything done? could we handle having our breath taken away every morning? (more…)



Warehouse Wedding Inspiration By Paul Joseph Photography

This afternoon I have a fantastic shoot for you with an amazing list of suppliers.  I am  just a teeny little bit biased because it was my husband at Paul Joseph Photography who took these images.  It’s a little different to the normal vision I suppose you would have for a wedding.  Paul has taken out all the pretty and added edge and grit.  The shoot is based on the story of the film Drive which features the lovely Ryan Gosling.  Paul managed to source some amazing suppliers who all did a fantastic job.  I hope you love these Warehouse Wedding Inspired images as much as I do.

Industrial Wedding Inspired Styled Shoot Industrial Wedding Inspired Styled Shoot Industrial Wedding Inspired Styled Shoot

Paul tells us a bit more about the shoot…………

Date and Location of Shoot
21st Oct 2013 at Superiormotorcars Garage near York

What made you decide to do the shoot
We have seen so many styled wedding shoots arranged around pretty flowers, a big grand venue or dress so we thought we would give something else a bash. We wanted to create something unusual. Something not the wedding norm and something that we could put our stamp on. We called in crack team of wedding supplier epicness and asked them all to create something ace. (more…)



Sarah and Ron’s Food Truck Wedding with Gorgeous First Look. By Emily Wenzel Photography

Today I am taking you off to the gorgeous sunshine of Washington in the US for this wonderful outdoor wedding from Emily Wenzel Photography. Sarah and Ron chose this beautiful location for their wedding, so their many guests could enjoy their love of camping. They had a food truck serving a taco bar for the wedding breakfast (how fun!) and the most stunning of first looks, which I am always a fan of! A gorgeous outdoor sunny wedding, that just hints at what is hopefully round the corner for us this summer, fingers crossed!

‘A fun filled day full of love and laughter’

1a Wedding with Gorgeous First Look By Emily Wenzel Photography 2 Wedding with Gorgeous First Look By Emily Wenzel Photography 3 Wedding with Gorgeous First Look By Emily Wenzel Photography 4 Wedding with Gorgeous First Look By Emily Wenzel Photography

Emily the photographer tells us more about the day……

Sarah and Ron were married on July 5th 2014 at Reardan, Washington in the USA. The Couple love camping and the outdoors, so they wanted their wedding to reflect their love of that life. Some of their friends even camped out in tents for the wedding! There were 140 guests.
Their ceremony took place overlooking the wheat fields that Eastern Washington is so well known for. Sarah’s sisters sang a song as she walked down the aisle. Ron & Sarah took a moment to thank their close family and friends during the ceremony for being so important in their relationship. Afterwards, they had a food truck serve a taco bar for dinner, and many heartfelt toasts were given. Later, they danced the night away under the stars. (more…)