Flower School: Beautiful British Blooms and the Importance of Keeping it Local


British Flowers

This afternoon we are talking flowers with our resident flower expert, Tracey Campbell from Campbells Flowers. When I met Tracey a few years ago the first thing that became clear is that she loved her job, secondly the importance of using British flowers within her gorgeous arrangements. Tracey has stuck by this ethos over the past few years and today she is here to tell us why. Using British only flowers is ethically the best thing to do, no using flowers out of season, no flying flowers around the world, keep it fresh, keep it local and keep it in season!

British Flowers

I’ll pass you over to Tracey……….

Hello again all you lovely Boho fans, it’s so lovely to be back and our heartfelt thanks to Kelly for giving us the opportunity to talk flowers. As you can imagine, it’s pretty exciting here at Campbell’s HQ at the moment as we’re in the midst of our busiest wedding season yet, but are totally loving working with more wonderful couples than ever, designing abundant, ‘just-picked’ prettiness, using as many locally grown blooms as we possibly can.  Which brings me neatly onto today’s post and an absolute passion of mine, British grown flowers. When I set up Campbell’s back in 2012, working with British and locally grown blooms, along with working as ethically as possible, was something I felt incredibly strongly about. It’s just beyond thrilling to see how the industry has grown over such a short space of time and how so many more florists are offering their couples the option to buy British.

British Flowers British Flowers

But why? I hear you ask! Well, apart from the fact that you get gorgeous seasonal blooms which are at their very best in terms of size, scent and longevity; you’re also contributing to a lower carbon footprint and supporting a really worthy industry full of fantastically enthusiastic and truly caring small business owners. Why wouldn’t anyone want this ethos as part of their special day?

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Jessica and Ebony’s Intimate London Wedding Planned in 3 Weeks By Babb Photo

Todays wedding is a fine example that you don’t need years and years of planning and 100s of guests to have the perfect wedding. Jessica and Ebony planned their day in a matter of 3 weeks and still managed to have a gorgeous day that reflected them as a couple. They wanted a relaxed, intimate wedding with their closest friends and family and by hiring out the The Games Room at the Zetter Townhouse in London they did just that. Big thanks to Alice from Babb Photo for the images.

We wanted something relaxed, intimate and quirky. A pleasant environment for our friends and family to meet and mingle’

1 Intimate London Wedding By Babb Photo 2 Intimate London Wedding By Babb Photo

Ebony and Jessica were married on 4th April 2015 at Mayfair Library and the reception in The Games Room at the Zetter Townhouse. ‘We wanted a simple town hall wedding. The Mayfair Library had a clean, classy feel and they were responsive and easy to work with. We had 35 guests at the wedding and 55 at the reception. It took about three weeks to plan the wedding! We went to Bali the month before and “forgot” to do any planning. We had the venue and a dress/suit… what more could you need, right…’

3 Intimate London Wedding By Babb Photo

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Boho Loves: Savvy Spreadsheets – Wedding Budget Speadsheets FREE for all Readers

Boho Loves: Savvy Spreadsheets’

This afternoon is all about wedding planning and budgets. Maybe not the subject a lot of couples really want to think about, but believe me in all my years of planning weddings getting the budget right is one of the most important aspects of the planning process. You can have the most amazing ideas on how to create a truly stunning and individual wedding day but if you don’t have the funds to make it a reality, or if you find you have over spent in the wrong area then your day could be ruined.

Today I have invited Janet Kim from Savvy Spreadsheets onto the blog to talk to you about her business and share with you her 2 most popular wedding planning spreadsheets. Janet is an Excel geek who loved creating Excel templates for herself, based on feedback from friends and colleagues, she quickly learned that there was a shortage of user-friendly Excel templates available on the web. She founded Savvy Spreadsheets in 2013, as a resource for sophisticated, yet simple, downloadable Excel templates for users of all levels.

‘We offer budget templates, calendar templates, organization templates, and much more. These templates are so easy to use, they’re perfect for Excel users of all levels ‘

Janet offers lots of different spreadsheets all offering something different but the two I would like to talk to you about today are the Easy Wedding Budget and the Savvy Wedding Budget. One is Totally free and one costs just $7. I urge you to download them, it will make your wedding planning SO much easier I assure you!


www.savvyspreadsheets.com/easy-wedding-budget (FREE)

easy wedding budget FREE



www.savvyspreadsheets.com/savvy-wedding-budget ($7.00)

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Joy and Jihad’s Beautiful Boho Luxe South of France Wedding

Todays wedding is an absolute stunner, a beautiful Boho Luxe wedding full of wonderful details in the gorgeous location Gordes, Provence. The wedding has been sent into me by the wedding planner Dites Moi Oui who did such an amazing job in putting together such a beautiful day, and has been captured perfectly by Ingrid Lepan. I just adore everything about this day, from the brides dress, the church ceremony, the outdoor reception, the tablescapes, the olive trees and gypsophila, to the evening dancing and beautiful lighting. Such an amazing day that I know you are going to love a msuch as I do.

‘A French-Lebanese wedding in Gordes’

1a Boho Luxe South of France Wedding 2 Boho Luxe South of France Wedding 3 Boho Luxe South of France Wedding

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Bridal Style: Sabina Motasem ‘En Pointe’ Collection – Dresses With The Elegance of Ballet


Sabina Motasem ‘En Pointe’ Collection

Good Afternoon to all our Boho readers out there.  I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your Monday so far. As you will know the blog is currently going through a re design,  Kelly H is working hard behind the scenes on the design and fresh new content for you all. The blog will be featuring more Bridal style so today, we are happy to share with you this amazing collection from Sabina Motasem.  The En Pointe Collection, dresses with the elegance and poise of ballet and dance.  

Elegant Bridal Dresses Elegant Bridal Dresses Elegant Bridal Dresses

Here’s a bit more about this collection………….

The new ‘En Pointe’ collection are dresses with the elegance and poise of ballet and dance. We have created dresses which can be effortlessly transformed during the big day, there are separates, different shapes, colours and options to choose from for each dress. She can be demure during the day and uber sexy for the evening. There’s a style to suit any bride! We also have a new Luxe collection of highly covetable pieces and intricate embellishments coming later this year too.

I love taking inspiration from the Edwardian, Art Deco, Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau eras, the glamour of old and new Hollywood in sumptuous yet simple, refined shapes.

The dresses have always been named after iconic, inspirational women, such as ballerinas and performers like Anna Pavlova, Geneviève Gosselin, Josephine Baker, Colette, Mistinguett and Loie Fuller. Each dress has a story behind it, which the brides love.

The new ‘En Pointe’ collection, was inspired by the world of ballet. I think a ballerina, just like a bride, encapsulates the same elegance, grace and beauty with movement and flow, she has on her big day, as if she’s floating weightlessly on air with the special man in her life. Very romantic

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Pamela and Kenneth’s Intimate Woodland Wedding By Tomasz Kornas

Happy Monday people and how are you all this fine Monday morning? Did you have a good weekend? Mine was lovely and I’m now ready for another busy week ahead. I’m starting off the week with this wonderful woodland wedding from Ireland.  It’s a gorgeous day and the setting is totally magical, a wonderful woodland outdoor ceremony venue which allowed for some beautiful couple shots, all stunningly decorated like something out of a fairy story. Big thanks to Tomasz Kornas for the fabulous images.

‘Our wedding day was very relaxed & intimate, without too many formalities. Most importantly we had a lot of fun with close friends and family’

1a Woodland Wedding By Tomasz Kornas 2 Woodland Wedding By Tomasz Kornas

Pamela and Kenneth were married on 9th August 2014 at Station House Hotel, Kilmessan, Co. Meath. ‘We were lucky to get such a beautiful venue with award winning restaurant and stunning gardens at such short notice due to a cancellation. I wanted an intimate outdoor ceremony and the grounds were idyllic for that. I knew the Station House Hotel was “the one” from the first moment I saw it.’

3 Woodland Wedding By Tomasz Kornas

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