Bridal Style: Magaela – Beautiful and Colourful Hair Accessories

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Here at Boho we love hair accessories and flower crowns, they make the perfect addition to any Boho wedding. So today I am over the moon to be able to introduce you to a fabulous designer of floral hair accessories called Magaela.  Magaela brings a feminine quality with a Boho twist, a whimsical style that would suit so many brides looking for a soft romantic look for their wedding day. With so many styles to choose from there is something for everyone in this collection, from pretty pastels, to bright colours to muted autumn tones. The whole collection is absolute stunning fom start to finish.

Magaela_0001 _4

‘I started with handmade about two years ago during university studies. I started with felted earrings, later doing hand sewn lace earrings. After finishing university we moved to a little village in Austria. I don’t know the language and don’t have a driving license so I was quite “isolated” here. I had problems finding a job and had a few silk flowers and hair combs at home, so I made a few floral hair combs and added to my Facebook. They had big success and were sold to my friends instantly. So I started to make also headbands, wreaths and lot of other fashion accessories and sell on handmade portals. In a year and a half, it grew from a hobby to my full time job, now with my boyfriend also working with me.’

Magaela_0006 Magaela_0015 Magaela_0007 Magaela_0004 Magaela_0009

Where are you based?
Our workshop is located in our house in a little village – Deutsch Jahrndorf in Austria. It’s a beautiful place and it helps me to find inspiration.

What sort of geographical area do you cover? 
I ship worldwide. For now most of my customers are from Slovakia and Czech Republic. But in the last few month I had many new customers from Australia, US, UK, France, Spain, Germany.

What were you doing before you started Magaela? 
I had a few side jobs during my university studies, I worked as a teacher of performing arts and as a florist in a few small flower shops, but Magaela is my first full time job.

Magaela_0003 Magaela_0010 Magaela_0019 Magaela_0012

How would you describe your style? 
Tender, romantic, dedicated to all fragile creatures loving theme of fairies and other mystical creatures. I try not to look at the world just with my eyes but also with my heart.

What is your biggest achievement to date? 
Doing what I love for a living.

What makes you different from your other competitors? 
I work a lot with natural materials and I customize a lot of the materials by myself. I try to stand out from the crowd and be original.

Magaela_0011 Magaela_0008

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
The diversity and freedom. And getting to know a lot of different great people as my customers and through cooperations with many different photographers and designers.
What sort of couple do you think you attract? Romantic people, fond of nature, dreamers… People who are not afraid to be themselves.

What would be your ideal wedding to work on?
I like weddings in nature, outside, in the vineyard or in an old barn. Currently I am also preparing for my own so I will have also experience from the other side ☺

What would be your ideal way to spend the day off?
I really love nature and mountains so a walk in the woods or trip to the mountains always fills me with positive energy and new inspiration.

Magaela_0014 Magaela_0013 Magaela_0018 Magaela_0016 Magaela_0020

Who would be your 5 dream dinner guests dead or alive?
Coco Channel, Alfons Mucha, Afrodita, Billy Holiday, Tomas Bata…

What would you do if you won the lottery
I would give something to people in need, invest in my company, maybe open a little shop.

If you were not running your business, what would you be doing now?
I would probably sing in a band.

Magaela_0017 Magaela_0021


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Sarah and Mark’s Boho Country Wedding With Gorgeous Outdoor Ceremony. By Shutter Go Click

What a lovely wedding I have for you today, set in the Yorkshire Countryside this gorgeous day has Boho charm and a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Sarah and Mark decided on a country-style wedding and set a budget to stick to, they did very well to stay on track and worked as a team to make this happen. As they are both keen cyclists they decided on a tandem bicycle theme, to go alongside the boho style of the day. With wildflowers, homemade cakes and lots of DIY projects this wedding is super cute and full of personality. A child friendly day that is pretty as well as fun. Thanks to Ryan from Shutter Go Click for the images.

‘Only second to the day my daughter was born our wedding day was the biggest emotional roller coaster ride, from being completely petrified to being on the biggest high ever. It was incredible.’

1a Boho Country Wedding By Shutter Go Click 2 Boho Country Wedding By Shutter Go Click

Sarah and Mark were married on 27th July 2014 the ceremony was held at the Priest House in Barden and the reception was at the Devonshire Fell in Burnsall. ‘I drove past the Priest House on a regular basis and when we started planning the wedding and I heard you could get married there we had a look around and just fell in love with the imposing building and surrounding area and knew it would be perfect for the outdoor ceremony that we were looking for. They also had a licence for weddings so we could do the legal part with a registrar on the same day indoors. We chose the Devonshire Fell for the reception as it had excellent reviews, stunning views and ticked the practical checklist we had, which was a big priority when it came to our daughter. Cara at the Devonshire Fell is a fantastic wedding organiser. We had 75 day guests and 90 evening. About 6 months it took to plan but it felt like most of it was done in the last week before the wedding. Our wedding vows were written just the day before the wedding. It was very stressful and I promised myself I wouldn’t leave it all until the last minute but it’s easier said then done when your fitting planning into your daughters nap times.’

3 Boho Country Wedding By Shutter Go Click

4 Boho Country Wedding By Shutter Go Click (more…)



2015 Spring and Summer Make Up Trends – From Julia Jeckell

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The new year is in full flow now we are in March, the Spring/Summer months will be upon us before we know it. We thought that today it would be a good time to share with you some 2015 Spring/Summer Make Up trends. I personally feel it is great to keep refreshing your make up by styles, the colours and what type of product you use, it keeps you looking fresh and on trend! Today I am pleased to bring Julia Jeckell to the blog to tell you more about the 2015 trends.

Make up trends for Boho inspired Weddings Spring & Summer 2015…How to create the perfect bridal make-up look to compliment pastel colours…

Spring and Summer Make Up Trends

I’ll pass the blog over to Julia……….

Spring will soon be upon us, with many boho inspired Weddings picking up on a popular trend: pastels. With the Brides dress in pale delicate lace and bridesmaids in light and airy pastels, how do you create a natural long-lasting glowing make-up look to suit all skin tones without looking pale and washed out?

Spring and Summer Make Up Trends

Creating the perfect base

Bridal make-up needs to have enough colour to compensate for the paleness of the dress. There’s a big difference between everyday clothes and a Wedding dress, so there should be a difference in the make-up too.
I like to sit the Bride in natural light and start by making sure the skin looks smooth and even. The first step is using a great moisturiser that matches the skin type. For example if a Bride has oily skin, go for a moisturiser such as ‘Active Moist’ by Dermalogica‘ which is oil free and acts as oil control primer. (more…)



Gemma and Gareth’s Up Cycled Travel Themed Winter Wedding. By Roar Photography

Well hello you lovely people and welcome along to another Wednesday! It’s officially the middle of the week and I am so excited! It’s my birthday on Saturday so I am counting down the days till I can go out and celebrate! Shopping, cocktails, a lovely meal and dancing are on the menu, so I can’t wait! Today I have a gorgeous winter wedding for you from Paul at Roar Photography, it’s a really lovely wedding with some amazing details. With winter weddings for me it’s all about the use of light and this wedding has so many lovely touches. I just love the giant light up letters and all of the little tea lights and fairy lights that make the venue so pretty. The vintage travel theme is present throughout and works really well with the rest of the gorgeous decor.

1a Travel Themed Winter Wedding By Roar Photography 2 Travel Themed Winter Wedding By Roar Photography

Gareth and Gemma were married on 20th December 2014 at the Hundred House Hotel in Norton Bridgnorth. ‘We chose the venue because it was super quirky, with award winning secret gardens and a fabulous chef. It also had the all important Ironbridge Brewery guest ales, the only factor for consideration according to my brother! We had a total of 80 guests and the wedding took 11 months to plan.’

3 Travel Themed Winter Wedding By Roar Photography

4 Travel Themed Winter Wedding By Roar Photography (more…)



Boho Loves: David Morgan Photography ‘Capturing Emotional Moments Between People’

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As you know here at Boho we think that photography is REALLY important, a unique and pesonal wedding is all well and good but if you don’t have the memories of the day captured with some wonderful photos then the day can be lost forever. I feel that an important part of my role as a wedding blogger is to introduce you to lots of different photographers, all with different styles but all of a high-caliber and today I have a wonderful photographer to introduce you to. David Morgan Photography specialise in photojournalism ‘Capturing Emotional Moments Between People’ in an unobtrusive and subtle manner. His use of light, flash and lights and darks is amazing, I just know you are going to love his work.

David Morgan Photography Davd Morgan Photography

.The fundamental part of my style is based in photojournalism. By that I mean that I am really focused on capturing emotional moments between people. That said, I really enjoy crafting atmospheric portraits of my clients using off camera flash and ambient light and, in recent years, I have developed this to evening and night time portraits too. The light can be really spectacular in the evening and it’s a shame not to take advantage of that sometimes.’

David Morgan Photography
David Morgan Photography (more…)



Emily and Jonathan’s Pretty Pastel Barn Wedding. By J and M Photography

I have a lovely wedding for you today, a pretty pastel barn wedding with the most gorgeous outdoor ceremony. Emily and Jonathan chose a lovely colour scheme of pale pink and grey, mixed in with ivory and an English garden theme. With Pimms a plenty, hay bales, giant balloons and paper pom poms this wedding is super pretty and full of handmade touches. I just love the cake table with the most amazing cup cakes and naked wedding cake, totally delicious. Big thanks to Jonathan and Maresa from J and M Photography for the images.

‘A fantastic day spent with close friends and family’

1a Barn Wedding By J and M Photography 2 Barn Wedding By J and M Photography

Jonathan and Emily were married on Saturday 13th September 2014 at Battlers green barn in Raddlet. ‘Our friends got married there and we loved the location – the barn the house and the garden truly stunning! We had 100 guests– close friends and family. It took Three months to plan. Our wedding day was just as we imagined and more! With perfect weather and our closest friends and family there to enjoy the day with us.’

3 Barn Wedding By J and M Photography

4 Barn Wedding By J and M Photography (more…)