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Good Morning to you all! Finally it’s the weekend.  It’s been a busy week on the blog behind the scenes, are you all ready to see the new blog design? Not long to wait now  Kelly H cannot wait to reveal it to you next week!

We are back today with our regular Pinterest feature.  I hope you like our selection this week, it features a lot of gorgeous looking food and cake!

Here is a selection of our top 10 pins of the week……………..


Pinterest Kelly H Boho Pins

Image Source – I am so in love with sparkle at the moment and this Ersa Atelier dress is ticking all the boxes or me

Boho Pins

Image Source – I just adore metallics, as you will see in the new Blog design, and this gold wedding cake is just amazing (more…)



Diary of a Boho Bride – Emily & Jonny, Entry 11: 2 Weeks to Go!

diary of a boho bride

Three Cheers for the Bank Holiday Weekend! How are you all? I am currently on my way to York, we have a weekend full of weddings so we are staying near the wedding locations as I expect the traffic maybe a little crazy on the roads this weekend. With it being a 3 day weekend I hope you all have some wonderful plans.

Today, we are back with our regular feature Diary of a Boho Bride. Last time Emily and Jonny were on the blog they chatted all about getting organised and today they are back talking all about their final post and sharing her final piece of advice.

This will be Emily and Jonny’s last blog before the big day!  I will be so sad to see Emily go, It’s been a pleasure getting to know her and her amazing plans over many emails. I may have also had a little DIY tutorial from Emily to help me with a little DIY gift idea! Thank you so much Emily for being the perfect Boho Bride, we are looking forward to sharing your wedding on the blog in the near future!

Emily and Jonny

I’ll pass you over to Emily………

Argh! This is my last blog post before the wedding. That is a crazy thought.

After a year and a half of wedding planning and years of dreaming, the wedding is only 2 weeks away. The last couple of weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster to be honest. No one tells you, nor can you plan, how you’re supposed to feel so close to your wedding. I’m excited, nervous, anxious and giddy. My head is at full capacity as I juggle final wedding plans, honeymoon preparation, a full time job and a flat crammed full of favours, jars and the usual daily mess. Breathe, everything will be fine…I think.

Diary of a Boho Bride - Emily & Jonny, Entry 11: Hey it's ok List Diary of a Boho Bride - Emily & Jonny, Entry 11: Hey it's ok List (more…)



Chris and Rachel’s Mint Green Rain Filled Wedding, by SMB Photography

Happy Friday everyone! How are you all this lovely Friday? I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend? Have you got anything fun planned? I have a quiet couple of days and then on Sunday we are all off to a little music festival with some friends. It’s a family friendly day so Dexter will be happy as his favourite thing at the moment is dancing!
To end the week in style I have this gorgeous wedding from Missouri. Rachel and Chris were married on 9th May 2015 at St. Louis German Cultural Society in Missouri.The day started off with lots of rain but Rachel and Chris didn’t let that ruin their day, they just got their umbrellas out and got on with it. The mint green accents are beautiful against all the lovely details. The cake table is a particular favourite of mine. Thanks to Steven from SMB Photography for the wonderful photos.

‘A beautiful rainy wedding’

1a Rain Filled Wedding by SMB Photography 2 Rain Filled Wedding by SMB Photography 3 Rain Filled Wedding by SMB Photography

4 Rain Filled Wedding by SMB Photography (more…)



DIY Tutorial – Fabulous Flower Crown with Real Flowers

Good Afternoon to you all.  I hope you are all well on this lovely afternoon.  The new blog design is nearly here and I have had a few peeks from Kelly H and I have to say, it’s looking really great!  The launch will be on Tuesday evening and I hope you will be tuning in to see the all new Boho Weddings Blog.

Today we are back with a fabulous DIY tutorial. Flower Crowns are SO popular at the moment, they are perfect for a Boho wedding and can really top off any wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. I’m delighted to bring you this super cute and super easy to make flower crown tutorial, I just know you are going to love it!

DIY Flower Crown DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown (more…)



Anne and Patrick’s Homemade Wedding with a Rainbow Wedding Dress, by Scuffins Photography

Wow! Is it Thursday already? This week certainly is speeding by! I’ve been super busy putting the very last-minute details to the new blog, I really can’t wait to share it with you all on Tuesday evening. Today’s wedding is a gorgeous outdoor wedding. Admittedly there was a bit of rain but the weather didn’t put Anne and Patrick off having the outdoor ceremony that they had dreamed of! With friends and family all pulling together they created a wedding that suited their personalities. Full of fun, laughter, lots of origami stars made by Anne and the most gorgeous rainbow dress that has been dyed in the colours of a sunset. Big thanks to Chris and Helen from Scuffins Photography for the lovely images.

‘Organised outdoor chaos. With beautiful people, lights, food and music’

1a Homemade Wedding by Scuffins Photography 2 Homemade Wedding by Scuffins Photography

Anne and Patrick were married on 13th June 2015 at Rococo Gardens in Painswick and the reception was held at Patrick’s mum’s field in Longhope, Gloucestershire. 
‘We are both quite a relaxed and laid-back couple so we were looking for a venue that reflected that. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and always wanted to get married outdoors. We actually debated having the wedding in Cape Town, but we had to get married in June and as that is the middle of winter, it was about the same chance of rain there as getting married here in the UK! When I started my venue search, I was surprised at how far in advance venues are booked. I was also surprised at the response of some of the venues which seemed to indicate that several years of planning are required for the perfect wedding. Fortunately, the Rococo Gardens are as laid-back about weddings as we are and from the first moment we contacted them it just felt right. On our first viewing sealed the deal. Patrick and I are also very determined to do things our own way. Therefore, we also wanted a venue which we could tailor to our own needs. We really struggled with the numbers. As the ceremony was held in an outdoor venue with a backup venue that could only hold a certain number of guests in the event of torrential rain or hail, we needed to keep the numbers down for that part of the day. So 50 guests attended the ceremony. However, we could be more flexible with the reception (or after-party!) and 80 guests attended that part of the day.’

3 Homemade Wedding by Scuffins Photography

4 Homemade Wedding by Scuffins Photography (more…)



Honeymoon Ideas – 7 Stops for the Ultimate Sri Lanka Honeymoon

This afternoon I’m delighted to welcome back Tom to the blog, our resident Honeymoon expert. Today Tom is sharing with us all his tips and advice on a beautiful Sri Lanka Honeymoons.  This is one place that I am wanting to explore myself and Tom’s tips once again are fantastic.  How amazing does Sri Lanka look!

I’ll pass you over to Tom……

Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for an Asian honeymoon for so many reasons. However, when planning that special first holiday together as man and wife, the following are seven top choices to visit for a dreamy and romantic Sri Lankan honeymoon…


Relaxing Up in Ella

When looking for a few quiet days up in the hills, Ella is a great choice. This small town is located around 200 kilometres east of Colombo and perches up at 1,041 metres above sea level. The town offers some of the best guesthouses in all of Sri Lanka and the views surrounding the town are stunning.

When not kicking back and relaxing with a book, there are pleasant walks through the tea plantations to enjoy for the more energetic couples, along with fascinating visits to waterfalls, stunning viewpoints and historic temples along the way.

Sri Lanka Honeymoon

Exotic and Classical Galle

If looking for a destination to shop until you drop, Galle is an exotic trade city, offering the best in not only shopping but also unique history, while nestled among a beautiful collection of Dutch-colonial buildings.
One of the must-see sites of Galle is the historic Fort. Built by the Dutch back in 1663, sprawling over 36 hectares and framed on three sides by the ocean, this site is well worth the visit. The Fort has rightfully been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and within this beautiful setting, many fascinating boutique shops, hotels and cafes can be found. Owned and run by local and foreign artists, photographers, writers, poets and designers, the fascination of the Fort are never-ending.

Galle is also home to some of the best hotels in the country, so for a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka it’s a perfect spot to soak up some culture but also relax in splendor.

Sri Lanka Honeymoon (more…)