2 people 1 Life: Wedding 48 – A Modern Matador in Spain

Today we are back with Lisa and Alex from 2 people 1 life for wedding number 48. Last time Lisa and Alex were in Lisbon in Portugal today we find them in Spain for this traditional Spanish wedding that actually takes place in a bull ring. Now I have to admit I am totally against bull fighting as it seems are Lisa and Alex, however they decided to go with the day and honour the traditions that were put in-front of them. Unfortunately Lisa was only sent a small selection of the photos and is still waiting for the full set to be delivered. I did contemplate not featuring this wedding but I really want to share with you their compete journey and keep to the right order if possible.

(In case you have missed it the whole story Lisa and Alex have spent the last two years travelling round the world getting married in every country they visit, you can read more about their adventures HERE.)

2 people 1 Life Wedding 48 in Spain

2 people 1 Life Wedding 48 in Spain

I’ll pass the Blog over to Lisa………

The day of our 48th wedding was full of mystery for me, like most of the time. Alex and Alejandro had worked together to create a truly traditional Spanish wedding. We had a very relaxed morning as the wedding did not start until late afternoon. Feeling more physically prepared than ever we met with Alejandro, Susana and the team at the very famous ‘Plaza de Toro Valencia’…yes, that IS a bull ring.
The Plaza del Torro was built in 1851 and has held meetings with torero’s (more commonly known to us as Matadors) and bulls at least once a week for the last 150 years. The controversial ‘sport’ is still popular today with the Plaza de Toro holding over 100 shows a year. The Spanish in favour of Bull fighting claim that it is a fine art as there are no competitive elements involved in the spectacle and Portugal have now made it illegal to kill the bull inside the ring and often they live to be put to pasture. The Spanish not in favour of the fighting define it as a blood sport and call for the spectacle that has been referenced in literature since BC and has been tradition since the 19th century to be banned completely.

The bull ring was the perfect cultural location for for our 48th wedding and as much as we are not supporters of bull fighting we do believe that such a historical building can be put to so many wonderful uses. Susana handed me over to Nuria, told Alex to change and off they went, Alex, Alejandro, Susana and Cristina (Ale’s wife) to go take pictures while I got ready.
After what seemed like a decade they came back laughing, Alex said he didn’t know what his faces were and needed me to help him. Susana had been asking him for his angry face and he couldn’t do anything but laugh! I got changed and we went back to the amazing spots around the bull ring to take more pictures, we were waiting for just the right light for the wedding…and also for the TV crew to arrive. (more…)



A Boy a Girl and a Bike – A Styled Shoot By Hat Therapy & Toast of Leeds

This afternoon I have a gorgeous styled shoot for you, courtesy of Chrissie from Hat Therapy and Shelly from Toast of Leeds. The shoot isn’t necessarily a bridal shoot, more of a fashion shoot but I lov the overall feeling of it. Shellys’ photography style realy lends itself perfectly to the 1940s era that is represented though the photos and I think she captures the ambience perfectly. The shoot took place in March at Hebden Bridge in West Yorks and it shows off Chrissie’s hat masterpieces to perfection!

‘It was our take on the 40′s movie and the local back drops provided the perfect scenery, including the local bike shop workroom. A northern mill town love story.’

Girl on a bike by Toast of Leeds Photography Girl on a bike by Toast of Leeds Photography Girl on a bike by Toast of Leeds Photography

Chrissie says ‘I try to do a couple of  styled shoots a year if I can to show a different side of my work so a bike themed shoot seemed very apt. The inspiration came from the movie ‘A boy a girl and a bike’ made in 1949 around Huddersfield starring Honor Blackman and Diana Dors plus the The Tour De France will be passing through Hebden in the Summer and the whole town seems to be buzzing with cycling news.’ (more…)



Anna and Glenn’s Relaxed, Pastel Wedding By Jasmine Jade Photography

Wow the week is whizzing by again! It’s a bank holiday tomorrow, how did that happen so quickly? Anyway before we all break up for hopefully a lovely Easter break, lets take a look at this beautiful pastel wedding that has been sent into me by Jasmine Jade Photography. The couple Anna and Glenn, chose a gorgeous pastel theme that gave them lots of creative freedom. They used cakes, beach huts and bunting within their decoration, while Anna really went to town on all her homemade projects. Glenn put the grooms outfits together himself sourcing accessories from ebay and really thinking outside the box. A lovely summer wedding that is super pretty and colourful.

The best bit was being able to share the most important day of our lives with all of our favourite people. There was such a lovely atmosphere and people were having fun, which was our main priority. 

2 Relaxed, Pastel Wedding By Jasmine Photography 3 Relaxed, Pastel Wedding By Jasmine Photography

Anna and Glenn shared their wedding vows in front of 80 guests, during their ceremony at East Mersea Hall in Essex on 10th August. “We chose the venue because Anna grew up on the Island and East Mersea Hall has a really intimate feel about it with beautiful surroundings. The owner, Sarah is a star and we knew that she would ensure that our day was perfect. This was the only venue that we visited! We were engaged for just under two years before we tied the knot, which was just about right as it gave us some breathing space to create the wedding we had in our heads.”

4 Relaxed, Pastel Wedding By Jasmine Photography

5 Relaxed, Pastel Wedding By Jasmine Photography (more…)



Wedding Wednesday Discussions: Speeches Before or After Vs Between Courses with Bride Vs Groom

 Speeches Before or After Vs Between Courses

Today it’s time for a bit of a discussion on the Blog. I have enlisted the help of the wonderful Dom and Matt from Bride vs Groom. Dom and Matt are married to each other and also work together in the wedding industry. This makes Dom and Matt the ideal people to discuss all things weddings and today we are looking at the tradition of the speeches.


These days the timing of the speeches and where they will be placed in the running order is a big factor of the day. The main question used to be if the speeches were going to be before or after the meal. Putting them before meant that the people giving the speeches were able to carry them out and then relax and enjoy the wedding breakfast, have a drink and really get into the proceedings of the wedding. Where as having them after (the more traditional approach) rounded off the meal and gave the guests something to look forward to.

However now there is a new option, having the speeches split up in between courses. Personally from a logistical point of view and with my experience as a wedding planner this can often be a nightmare. Getting the food out all at the same time for around 100 people can often be a catering headache, throw in a speech in-between each course and it really can thow the kitchen in to disarray! It only takes one speeker to go on longer than expected (and beleive me this happens A LOT) and the whole meal can be ruined! Also this is often the only time that some of the wedding suppliers there for the whole day, like photographers, planners and videographers get to have a break and a sit down. If the speeches are split up then this isn’t going to be possible. Belive me working a 12 hour day at a wedding is hard work and we really need that hour sit down when the wedding breakfast is going on to take a break and re group.

So that’s my point fo view, but I know not everyone will feel the same!


I’ll pass the Blog over to Dom and Matt…………….

In the Red Corner, fighting to keep the speeches all together in one go, it’s Dom The Bride.

In the Blue Corner, fighting for speeches between course it’s Matt ‘The Groom’


Let The battle commence

Dom: As Kelly said For the caterers it’s difficult enough to get the timings right for the food when all the speeches are before the meal, let alone when people are talking for an indeterminate amount of time between serving each course, you could easily end up with some very cold courses!

Matt: yes but for the guests it can be great as you get bite-size entertainment between the courses and can actually encourage the speakers to be much tighter on their timings knowing that the next course is on its way.

Dom: But the guests generally get themselves into the right mood for speeches and having them interrupted with meals in between means they have to get into the mood several times rather than the speeches just flowing nicely into one another and drawing everyone in. (more…)



Emily and Sian’s Laid-Back, Homemade Wedding. By Mike Plunkett Photography

I have a gorgeous same-sex wedding for you today from Mike Plunkett photography . Emily and Sian the two lovely brides, put on a totally homemade wedding with lots of amazing DIY details that they spent months creating. From paper flowers to invitations,  wooden signs, place names, decoration and centre pieces, they really worked as a team to get the ‘brown paper bag with a hint of pastel’ theme put together throughout their wedding day. Working to a budget also meant that the day was more personal and it also meant they could go traveling to Asia and Australia after the wedding

Our beautiful, laidback wedding was filled with humour, art, family and good times. The homemade touches made it so personal and the Cheshire countryside was the perfect location to show our love and commitment to each other.

2 Homemade Wedding By Mike Plunkett Photography

3 Homemade Wedding By Mike Plunkett Photography

Emily and Sian were married on 20th September at Wincham Hall Hotel, Cheshire. Over 100 guests joined them throughout the day and evening celebrations. “During the wedding planning Sian’s mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away. We also both left our jobs and moved from Leicester to Liverpool. Looking back it was a very stressful time and planning the wedding gave us a focus in such difficult circumstances. Budget was really important to us as we were planning a trip to southeast Asia and Australia in our first year of marriage. When we saw an advert for the venue on Groupon we went to see it and booked it the next day. Although it was an inexpensive package we really felt that no expense was spared and Alan and Claire let us put our own stamp on things, which helped make our wedding unique.”

4 Homemade Wedding By Mike Plunkett Photography

5 Homemade Wedding By Mike Plunkett Photography (more…)



Bridal Style: 10 Minute Bridal Make-up – 2 Key Looks


10-minute Bridal Make-up

Today we are talking Make-Up, but specifically super fast make up! Now I have to admit I take an age to get ready, a good 30 minutes to get my face done, 20 minutes for a quick look, so when I was sent this book 10 Minute Make-Up by Boris Entrup, I was interested straight away! Anything that can get my face made up quicker has to be a good thing surely!

Today I have picked out two classic make up looks from the book that can be used in Bridal make up as well; Chocolate Eyes and Red Lips. These give you quick and easy ways to transform your face from bare to totally fabulous! The book not only offers 50 step by step guides, but also lots of useful make up hints and tips!

8 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

1. Eyeshadow - Using a rounded brush, circle your eye with chocolate-brown eyeshadow powder. Using a larger brush, soften the edges.

2 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

2. Pencil Eyeliner - For even more expressive eyes, outline the eyes with a pencil eyeliner that matches the eyeshadow. Don’t forget the inner corners. Then, brush
eyeshadow over the eyeliner to set it.

3 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

3. Mascara - To finish off this sensuous eye make-up, curl your eyelashes to give them a lift and then apply lots of mascara.

4 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes (more…)