DIY Tutorial: Free Vintage Easter Printable Invitation

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As you will know it’s Easter Sunday this weekend, what have you got planned? Nik and I have been making plans for the Easter Break, lots of fun things to keep Dexter occupied. He is also going to taste his first bit of chocolate, we have held off giving him any so far and he has been fine without it, but as it’s Eater I thought it was about time he got in on all the chocolatly fun!

So staying with the Eater spirit I have this super cute Easter invitation from the lovely people at Download and Print . The invitation is perfect for anyone hosting an Easter brunch, lunch or event. The text is changeable, so you can let it read whatever you wish.


I’ll pass you over to Lisa to tell you more about the download…….

If you are thinking ‘grown up Easter brunch complete with grown up egg hunt’, then I have just the invitation for you. I’ve taken our Old Fashioned Typography wedding invitation and turned it into a vintage Easter invitation that is decidedly grown up. I love the chance to throw a little soiree, and a sophisticated Easter brunch sounds a treat. And it goes without saying that if Easter falls on a perfect spring day this will all be done on the patio.

If this sounds fun to you, download the free template and start planning. All the text can be changed in Microsoft Word, with the exception of the first two lines that read ‘Please join us for an’. This gives you the chance to remove the egg hunt if this isn’t your thing, and change brunch to lunch if anything before noon sounds ghastly.

The fonts used are Anderson Four Feather Falls, Landliebe, Trajan Pro, and Chopin Script. To recreate the look of the sample please download the fonts before opening Word and the template. I printed the sample on cream card stock, white will also look lovely.


  • You can download the word document HERE




Kate and Simon’s Bright and Colourful Horror Movie Themed Wedding. By Carly Bevan

Well hello Monday and hello to lots of lovely light summer evenings ahead of us, how exciting is it that British summer time is officially here!  I hope you all had a good weekend?  We are starting the week off in style with this fabulous DIY affair from Carly Bevan.  It’s the wedding of Kate and Simon who chose a day that was very personal to them.  Incorporating lots of bright and colourful colours, lost of paper lanterns and bunting with a Horror Movie theme, this wedding really stands out from the crowd.  I love all the individual details in this wedding, the venue is super cool and the couple are an absolute joy.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

‘Our wedding was exactly what we both wanted, non-traditional, loving, colourful and relaxed! We couldn’t have asked for a better day.’

1a Horror Movie Themed Wedding By Carly Bevan 2 Horror Movie Themed Wedding By Carly Bevan

Kate and Simon were married on 8th August 2014. The Ceremony was held at Beverley Registry Office and the reception at Fruit, a gig venue in Hull’s Old Town. ‘We’re not particularly religious, Beverley registry office is lovely and Fruit because it was a completely blank canvas for us to do what we wanted with. We had 30 guests to the ceremony and a further Ceremony 110 to the reception. The wedding took about a year to plan.’

3 Horror Movie Themed Wedding By Carly Bevan

4 Horror Movie Themed Wedding By Carly Bevan (more…)



Boho’s Best Bits: W/C 23rd March

Boho's Best Bits

Happy Sunday everyone and how are you all this lovely day? Did you remember to put the clocks forward? I am so excited that it’s now officialy British summer time, all those light evenings are on their way! After 3 days of Dexter being poorly we now have our healthy baby boy back. We had a few sleepless nights, a lot of crying and lots and lots of cuddles but he is now back to normal thank goodness, just in time as we have tickets to the Gruffalo experience today which we are very excited about. We are meeting up with some friends for the Gruffalo and then having a spot of late lunch, I can’t wait! With Easter break starting next week I have lots of plans to keep Dexter occupied over the next two weeks, it’s going to be lovely to share his first Easter with him and for him to have chocolate for the first time!

On with todays Best Bits, it has been another busy week across the internet, so here is my selection of the best the wedding world has to offer.


Best Wedding

Ths weeks best wedding award goes to this fabulous wedding found va Love my Dress, why? well check out those amazing bridesmaids dresses, simply stunning! Add in a whole load of colour and lots of lovely lighting and you have a wonderful wedding. Photo by Helen Russell Photography

A Bright and Colourful Old Hollywood Glamour Wedidng – From Love my Dress

Boho's Best Bits - best wedding

Best DIY

DIY Apple Centerpeice – From DIY Weddings Magazine

DIY Mini Bunny Bag – From Style me Pretty Living

DIY Sparkle Holders – From DIY Weddings Magazine

6 DIY Easter Treat Bags – From Mollie Makes

DIY Bunny Cake – From Style me Pretty Living

Silk Dahlia Flower Headpeice – From Love my Dress

DIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs – From Style me Pretty Living

DIY Willow Wreath Decoration – From Boho

Boho's Best Bits - best DIY


Best Photography

Gaila and Daniel – From Matt Parry

Scottish Highlands Wedding – From Dasha Caffrey

Cape Town Wedding – From Ed Peers Photography

Bri and Jordan – From Our Labour of Love

Nicola and Liam – From Paul Jospeh Photography

Louise and Ross – From Albet Palmer Photography




Boho Pins: Top 10 Pins of the Week

boho pins

Good Morning all and what a beautiful sunny Saturday we are waking up to! Do you have any plans for this weekend? Does anyone have any weddings they are attending or is anyone getting married? I have a very busy weekend packing because Paul, Fearne and I are going to Chicago on Monday for a week to see friends. We are really looking forward to a week of relaxing, exploring and eating as much American junk food as we possibly can!  I hope you have a great weekend whatever you get up to.

We are back with our weekly feature of Pins. Are there any themes you would like to see Kelly H and I put together?  Please do let us know and we will definitely make it happen.


So here is a selection of our top 10 pins of the week……………..

Pinterest Kelly H
Boho on Pinterest

IMAGE SOURCE – What can I say? to darn cute!

Boho on Pinterest

IMAGE SOURCE – Such a beautiful image the srength and grace in this image is beautiful. (more…)



Diary of a Boho Bride – Introducing Jo and Paddy

diary of a boho bride

Earlier today I introduced you to Ruth and Mike the first of our new Boho couples who will be writing for the blog over the next few months. It’s now time to introduce you to our second couple Jo and Paddy. Please make them feel welcome.

Joanne Foote & Paddy Smyth 

Wedding Date: 12th September 2015

Location: Kingshill barn at Elmley Nature Reserve in Kent – The barn and setting fits in well with our plans of having a relaxed and informal day outside. Paddy is a tree surgeon and landscaper so there will be tree trunks and slices representing him. 

Colour Scheme/Theme: blush pink, ivory, navy and mint green

Photographer: Photography by Vicki

Jo and Paddy

How they met

So 12 years ago I was working as a waitress in our local pub – The White Horse in Netley Marsh. One day a new chef came in and it was Paddy!! After not believing that he hadn’t met me but my twin sister, he started to make me laugh. We got to know each other that year and after I went away skiing with family and friends for New Year we realised we missed each other, 11 ½ years later the rest is history!!

The proposal

In September 2014 we decided to go away on a nice holiday (we don’t get away much!) after taking some time to decide we booked 2 weeks in Mexico, Moon Palace resort in Cancun. It was amazing, OMG we got engaged!! Months leading up to the proposal Paddy had decided he would pop the question sometime soon and asked a friend to make the ring (it’s lovely!!) He wasn’t quite sure how he was going to ask and a few different ideas came to mind. With Paddy not being the most romantic it has made for a story!! Of all the places in the resort, romantic beach meal for two, sunset stroll along the beach, the list could go on! Paddy decided he would take the ring inside his shorts to the spa for a couple’s massage we had planned. After putting on his disposable pants and falling asleep within 60seconds he woke to remember his task! Paddy got down on one knee and put the ring under the head hole of the massage coach, with my eyes closed I didn’t manage to see the diamond he was flashing until he poked me in the back. He didn’t even manage to ask the question other than ‘well then….?’ Not being one to presume I asked ‘what?’ and eventually asking me to marry him, of course I said yes. After he jumped back on the coach he continued to snore for the next hour, whilst I had time to keep peeking at the ring which was now on my finger!

The wedding

As we have been together for 11 years and want a more personal touch to our wedding we decided to arrange to meet a celebrant. Jenny she will be taking our day and going through our story. Although the barn is licensed we feel it will be more interesting for our guests. We have chosen to take the empty barn option meaning we need to light and decorate and as the barn doesn’t come with furniture we are deciding on this too. We quite like long wooden tables and chairs/benches, this will keep in with the rustic theme of the day.
We have chosen to have a relaxed BBQ with our close family and friends which will be a day in true Paddy and Jo style. We are currently looking for a singer to bring out a slight summer festival vibe.
Fingers crossed the weather will be good so we can set up an area for lawn games, there is likely to be a large number of children so it will also help keep them entertained. Giant Jenga, corn hole (we call this bag go), hessian sack race, noughts and crosses etc.
After the evening has finished in the barn at midnight most of our friends will be staying on site and Glamping. The venue has agreed a fire pit which will be ready for us to sit around on hay bales and carry on until the birds start singing!!
So far we have aimed to get the larger bits completed and ticked off the ever growing list. With the venue only booked in December we made a rapid start on the rest! Other bits sorted are Wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, DJ, photographer and catering.
We still have plenty to organise with invites next on the list.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first blog, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our story and look forward to our entries along the way.

Jo and Paddy wedding ideas

Photo Source (top left to bottom right): Corn Hole / Wood centerpiece / Long wooden table reception / Giant noughts and crosses / Bell tent / bridesmaids / Step ladders / paper pom poms / Barn venue with lighting.


Take care

Jo & Paddy xx




Diary of a Boho Bride – Introducing Ruth and Mike

diary of a boho bride

Today  is the day when I get to introduce you to the new Boho Brides who will be writing for me over the next few months/year. I was originally only looking for 4 new couples, but I loved reading about everbody’s weddings so much that I ended up picking 6! 2 of these will be getting married this year and 4 next year.

Today I will be introducing you to 2 of the lovely brides and over the next 2 weeks I will be introducing you to the other 4, 2 next week and 2 the week after.

We are starting off with the lovely Ruth and Mike. If you are a reader of A Boho Life then you may well know Ruth from her House renovation project. When Ruth applied to be one fo the next boho brides I was delighted as I loved sharing her house story and now I get to share her wedding story. So here are Ruth and Mike, please make them feel welcome.


Ruth Terry & Mike Andrews

Wedding date: 22 August 2015

Location: Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire

Colour Scheme/Theme:  Grey & navy / vintage hollywood glamour theme 

Photographer: Philippa James 

Ruth and Mike

How they met 

Mike and I met in a house we both lived in (at different times) but we didn’t get together straight away! I rented a room in a large house in Derby, I lived with four other young profesionals. After a while my circumstances changed so I moved out and Mike moved into my old room! He’s originally from The Wirral and he’d had a job offer in Derby hence the move. I made some lovely friends at the house and we regularly got together for nights out and house parties and this is how Mike and I met. We all went to a festival together a few months later and shared a kiss in a tent in the middle of a field in the pouring rain!

The Propsal

Mike proposed in Vietnam in May 2014 on a small, quiet island called Con Dao, it’s literally in the middle of nowhere! The island is renewed for having beautiful sunsets & sunrises & we’d both said it’d be lovely to experience it. We kept missing the sunset, so on our second to last day on the island, Mike got us up at 5am (I was quite happy to stay in bed at the time!) & we rode across the island on our scooter to find a good spot to watch the sunrise. We went to a secluded beach and watched the sunrise together. I took some pictures and enjoyed the moment for a couple of minutes then I turned around and there he was, on one knee in the sand, holding up my late Nana’s beautiful engagement ring asking me to be his wife. He later told me that he actually wanted to propose during a sunset but we kept missing it!

The Wedding

Creating the right atmosphere is really important to me. I want everyone at the wedding, including Mike and I, to be relaxed and just enjoy the day. Soft lighting, flickering candles and warm neutral colours is what I had always envisaged and this is really what we’ve build the wedding theme around. We’ve hired festoon lighting and lanterns to decorate our venue and I’m hoping to put candles absolutely everywhere I possibly can. I’ve also been saving large jars for the past year or so and I plan of making fairy light jars to dot around the venue. If I had to describe the feel of the wedding it would be romantic, timeless and elegant….that’s what I’m aiming for anyway!

We booked all of the big things around seven months ago now so the venue, wedding dress, photographer, videographer, band, flowers and cake are all sorted. We’re just in the middle of gathering measurements from the groomsmen as Mike’s getting the guys custom-made suits from the place he got his suit made in Vietnam and I’m currently searching for bridal hair accessories and bridesmaid shoes amongst lots of other bits and bobs! It’s all coming together!

Ruth and Mike Wedding ideas

Photo Source (top left to bottom right): Bride / Room with Festoon Lights / Flowers / Grow old with me vintage sign / Room with drapes and lights / bride and bridesmaids / Suit / cake / Outdoor lighting.


Chat soon

Ruth x