Sunflowers and Sunshine Ibiza Wedding

Emily and Dane’s Sunflowers and Sunshine Ibiza Wedding. By Gypsy Westwood

I love sharing destination weddings with you on the blog, who doesn’t want to see sunshine when it is so cold here in the UK?!? I especially love to feature Ibiza weddings, as this is where I was married.  Today’s weddings is a stunning Ibiza wedding full of sunflowers and brilliant sunshine. It is set in one of the venues I shortlisted for my own wedding  in fact it was my second choice but we decided to go with a private villa in the end!… Read more »

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Malibu Wedding

Audrey and David’s Beautiful Yellow Malibu Wedding by Laura Lzumikawa

I am LOVING today’s Malibu wedding, what an array of beauty I have to share with you! The gorgeous couple Audrey and David chose yellow as their main colour with a mixture of rustic details that worked perfectly with their Malibu ranch location! The Location is stunning, as is the outdoor ceremony and outdoor reception, those flowers and all the amazing lighting, so so pretty! A massive thanks to Laura… Read more »



Ibiza Wedding

Frances and Justin’s Magical Ibiza Wedding by Megan Spelman

It’s Monday, it’s cold outside, so what better way to start the week than with this amazing, warm and sunny Ibiza Wedding. I do love a destination wedding, all that sunshine just turns any wedding into an exceptional wedding! Of course any Ibiza wedding will hold a special place in my heart as that is where I got married. Today’s wedding in particular is very special as the… Read more »

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yellow wedding

Helen and Sam’s Bright and Sunny Yellow Wedding by Joseph Hall

Today’s wedding is full of sunshine and lots of yellow wedding details, my favourite colour! In my opinion, even with the darkest clouds and rain yellow can make any wedding seem bright and cheerful. However this wedding also has a whole ton of sunshine mixed in for good measure! And Jospeh Hall has captured the beautiful weather perfectly! The lovely couple are Helen and Sam who were married… Read more »

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