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best bits

Boho’s Best Bits: W/C 24th September

Welcome along to another Best Bits, my weekly highlights package from the wedding world. I hope this Sunday finds you well? what have you all got planned? For me it’s a ay off, my first in a month, so to say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement  I have lots planned but I wouldn’t be surprised if I actually spend all day collapsed on the sofa,… Read more »

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Best Bits

Boho’s Best Bits: W/C 17th September

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome along to another of my Best Bits. Today is the 2nd day of  The Designer Vintage Bridal Show where I am exhibiting along with a host of the UK’s finest wedding suppliers. If you have the day free and you live around the Worcestershire area why not pop along to Hagley Hall and come say hi, it would be… Read more »



gypsy wedding - rock my wedding

Boho’s Best Bit’s – W/C 27th August

Welcome along to another week of my Best Bits, I hope this Sunday is treating you well? What have you all been up to? This week has been a petty busy one as I venture in to what is possibly the busiest month of my year! From now on I have weddings every weekend so this… Read more »

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boho's best bits

Boho’s Best Bit’s – W/C 20th August

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday? I’ve been having a lovely few days break in Cornwall, full of food, wine and lots of relaxation. I always enjoy my time down here, and it does make me wish sometimes that I still lived here, but I love my life up north and if… Read more »

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african wedding

Boho’s Best Bits – W/C 7th May

Hello you lovely Lot and welcome along to another Sunday! Is it sunny where you are? I do hope so! I do hope you are enjoying your Sunday whether you are working, chilling, spending it with family or with friends, what ever you are up to, enjoy and make the most of it! I’m meant to be on my… Read more »

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day 94

365 Happiness Project: Day 94

Today a lovely piece of wall art arrived from my new favorite company Hello Canvas. It’s a photo taken of me and Nik by the amazing Marianne Taylor. It was taken last June on our 2 year wedding anniversary. Both me, Nik and Marianne happened to be in Cornwall at the same time all on holiday, so Marianne agreed to… Read more »

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