Diary of a Boho Bride – Louise and Chris, Entry 5: The Honeymoon

diary of a boho bride

Today on Diary of a Boho Bride we welcome back Louise who is getting married in August. Last time Louise told us all about the search for the all important wedding dress. Today Louise is sharing with us all her honeymoon search. Choosing the right honeymoon can be super easy or super hard. There is so much choice around and after all it’s your honeymoon you want to make it special. Do you go for all out relaxation, or do you go for a spot of adventure? a city break or something more off the beaten track? read on to find out what Louise and Chris chose for theirs.

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I’ll pass the Blog over to Louise………

With almost 5 months to the wedding, it’s safe to say that I’m veering from being super excited to super stressed so what could be better than to talk about our honeymoon to start feeling a bit more relaxed!

As soon as we started planning the wedding, we knew that we wanted a long honeymoon, abroad.  Our holidays thus far have mainly been in Europe and predominantly have been city breaks and often visiting friends who are lucky to live overseas.  Our decisiveness streak kicked in and we almost straightaway decided on the USA, we’d talked about New York so obviously that was first on our list, and we started thinking if we’re going that far why not visit a couple of other places?


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Immediately, I was like ‘New Orleans! Memphis! Las Vegas!’ Chris then began to question my knowledge of the geography of the USA. After being shown a map and sheepishly admitting that my plans for a grand tour were not exactly practical, we started looking a bit closer to NYC. I’d always fancied Boston – I don’t know why; the Ivy League associations’ maybe – I just fancied it. We then plumped for Philadelphia; Chris because ‘It’s the birthplace of modern America’ and me because of Rocky – obviously.  As we were talking about plans, we realised we were essentially planning a three week long city break and given that we haven’t been abroad for a couple of years, we were likely to be suffering wedding fatigue – we got thinking that maybe we’d need a beach holiday after all but we definitely didn’t want to give up on our East Coast tour. We looked at the Caribbean but it didn’t feel like ‘us’ and then we hit upon Mexico, admittedly mainly because of the food and the general value-for-money of the place and the fact that we could lounge round a pool or on the beach for week or two so we wanted a beach resort but not quite the hustle and bustle of Cancun so we plumped for Playa Del Carmen – about an hour away from Cancun.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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What do we plan on doing? Seeing the sights obviously; I mean we couldn’t not do the Empire State  could we? But also planning to eat good food, visit good bars and see things that are maybe a bit off the beaten track.  We’re planning to do a couple of nights in NYC, then get the train up to Boston for another couple of nights , across to Philly for a couple more days and then back to New York and then off to Mexico for 10 days. We’ve certainly got a busy 22 days in store for us


So, we’ve got the flights booked, the guide books bought ( enough to assist us on a 2 year sabbatical I think), the vague route planned; Amtrak website scoured and now we’re hitting TripAdvisor for hotel recommendations; in fact any recommendations – good food, good bars, must-see stuff – hit us with them!

Manchester-New York-Boston-Philly-New York-Mexico-Manchester – here we come!  (Now to buy that holiday wardrobe.


Have you booked your honeymoon yet? if so I’d love to know where you are off to. Have you chosen something relaxing or a city break? or are you combining the two like us? 

Love Louise


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    Hi Louise, your plans sound fab! In NYC if you want a romantic place to go for the most amazing sundae you will ever eat you must try Serendipity on East 60th. It is totally crazy but awesome! Also, 2 very cool places to eat & drink that are both romantic (we went there when we started going out whilst on tour and it was great!): the Secret Burger Joint in the foyer of the Park Meridien hotel on Broadway & 60th I think. You walk into the foyer of the posh hotel, go up to the big red velvet curtain in the corner and behind it is an old style greasy burger joint that is open late and is just the best! Also, if you go to Crif Dogs in the East Village (near 7th ave I think) you can get a great hot dog, then go into the phone booth, lift up the phone and you will connect to the secret speakeasy behind the phone booth. It’s tiny and you should book, but if you get in then the wall will swing open and you can go for honeymoon cocktails! Check out a late night jazz jam session at Smalls in Greenwich Village, go to Katz Deli for lunch on 1st & East Houston (it’s where THAT scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed), go ice skating in Central Park, go to the seafood restaurant in Central Station… It’s all generally awesome! Philadelphia is also great!!! We didn’t expect to love it as much as we did, you will have a great time. The Lonely Planet guides did us proud in all the places we visited in the USA so I heartily recommend them. Xx


      Thanks for all these tips Kirra – will definitely be printing them and checking them out! That speakeasy sounds amazing! Just our kind of thing :-)


    Sounds like you have an amazing honeymoon planned, I visited NYC with my OH in 2010 and I can definitely say it is the best holiday I ever had! We loved every single minute of our time there!
    Some things I would recommend are Five Napkin Burger on 9th Avenue great burgers, huge and delicious onion rings and decadent milkshakes to share (trust me you need to share!). Do the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island trip, and make sure you visit the museum on Ellis Island it might sound boring but it was actually the highlight of the trip for us and it was so interesting learning about the early history of immigrants to America. We also loved the Natural History Museum and Metropolitan Art Museum, where flats and be prepared to walk a hell of a long way while you see all the awesome stuff including the largest collection of Egyptian artefacts outside of Egypt.
    Most all you should just enjoy your whole honeymoon!
    Claire x


      Thanks so much for all of the tips – will get checking them out! Chris is a history buff so Ellis Island is definitely on the list :-)

    Harriet from The Zoots

    WHAT A cool honeymoon! Having spent some time in NYC and in Boston, I can tell you they are both fabulous! The Moma and Guggenhiem are amazing in NYC if you like art, oh and the shopping THE SHOPPING!! Just brilliant. Near Boston, Cape Cod is supposed to be amazing, although I’ve never been there myself! Tripadvisor was brilliant when we went on our USA road trips. Sounds like such an amazing trip…can’t wait to read all about it when you get back!


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