A Bit of News – Boho Weddings is Expanding!

At the beginning of 2014 something exciting will be happening to the Blog, It is something I have been thinking about for a while now, so I decided a few weeks ago that it was about time I stopped thinking and started doing!

At the beginning of next year Boho Weddings will be expanding. The Blog will stay the same, with the same amount of posts per day, the same fabulous real weddings and the same features. I will still pour my heart and soul into it and give it as much care and attention it deserves. BUT There will be a new addition, another blog that will run alongside Boho Weddings.

The new Blog will be a place for people to go once they are married. A Blog that is the natural progression after all the wedding talk has died down, after the wedding presents have been put away and the dress hidden at the back of the wardrobe! I have so many readers who love reading about weddings but once they are married feel as if they shouldn’t  be caught up in the wedding world any more………..well this new Blog is for you.
Full of equally pretty features, I will be blogging a few times a week to begin with and will be looking for a number of guest bloggers to contribute on a number of subjects. I have a few bloggers lined up already, and will be contacting others over the next few weeks.


Many may think I am mad starting a new Blog a few months before I have a baby, but I’ve never been one for doing things easily or slacking off. Nik is 100% with  me and I have a fab team behind me, so I am confident that this venture will be an exciting new project that you will all enjoy, especially those of you who are now married.

Design is beginning at the beginning of January and we hope to have the new site live by February, so not to long to wait!


If you are interested in getting involved then email me at [email protected] and I will be able to go into more details about the categories that will be covered.


I’m really excited and can’t wait to get started, I hope you are too.

Big Boho Love

Kelly xx


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    Oh my.. How exciting and yes sign me up please… I am sometimes like a lost little lamb after the wedding, my news feeds and Pinterest still full of wedding stuff and although I am still interested in it all, it also feels a bit silly looking at it at it all now the dust has settled. Bring it on Kelly, it will be fabulous!!!
    Here’s to an exciting 2014 all round!


    Yay! Becki that is the exact reason why I decided to start the new Blog, it seems such a shame that you only get to read about pretty stuff while you are engaged. This blog will be full of interesting stuff to keep you busy now you are married! xxx

    Nicola Russill-Roy

    Oh great idea Kelly, and if the new additional blog is anywhere near as popular and amazing as Boho Weddings then i salute you in advance! I cannot wait to hear and see more and have the bookmark button at the ready to add it to my list of daily reading! xx


    Thanks everyone, so glad you like the idea. I have had lots of excited now married brides email and message me to say they are looking for something like this, so the feedback has been very positive!
    Very excitted xxxx


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