My Photography Diary: My Baby Dee Dee – October 2012

Entry 4 of my Photography Diary and this time a short post with just a few pictures of my baby Dee Dee.

If you follow me on instagram or Facebook you will already know Dee, she is my tabby/maine coon mix and I love her with all my heart! If your not a cat person, you probably won’t get how much she means to me, but she really does mean the world, I love her with all my heart and I can’t imagine life without her.  I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old and she is now 15 years old!  A present (to myself) for my 26th Birthday, I answered an advert in the paper that read ‘Fluffy grey kittens- £10’ and after a 2 hour drive to pick her up, she was mine and we have been best friends ever since. She has been though  a lot with me, ex fiances, houses, flats, and now our house in Sheffield.  Nik now loves her, not as much as I do, but I know he is pretty soft on her, and in the absence of any children of our own she really has become our little baby!

She keeps me company every day and for that reason I tend to get a bit trigger happy with the camera when she is around! so you may see quite a bit of her on these pages over the next few months!

These photos were sot in AV mode with my 50mm.

my baby Dee Dee

2 my baby Dee Dee 3 my baby Dee Dee 4 my baby Dee Dee 5 my baby Dee Dee 6 my baby Dee Dee 7 my baby Dee Dee 8 my baby Dee Dee 9 my baby Dee Dee 10 my baby Dee Dee 11 my baby Dee Dee 12 my baby Dee Dee 13 my baby Dee Dee 14 my baby Dee Dee

Big Boho Love

Kelly xx





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    Jaye Cole

    OMG I love Dee photos…seriously as I reviewed them, each time I thought I had picked my favourite….there would be another cute one! I love the light you captured in a few of them…really red and gold. Fab work!


      Thanks so much Jaye, glad you like them. i have lots more to come of Dee Dee, she is going to be quite the star!


    Hi Kelly, These pictures are great. I really enjoy seeing her and your progress is visible it’s quite inspiring to see how far you’ve come. My Dillon was a cross Main Coon so I can totally see Dee’s personality in these pictures and they remind me of Dillon’s curious & playful nature. He passed away a few weeks ago & it broke my heart. I was 13 when we got him as a kitten & he’d been with us through so much.

    I wish I’d have taken more pictures of him. Instead I rely on memory which fades. Seeing Dee reminds me of him. You’ve inspired me to take more pictures of Alfie (the Persian one). I’m always too busy for him, what with Lilly and all that. And with Dillon gone and just seeing your pictures, they make me realise how a good picture can really capture their unique little personalities and still a memory.

    Hope your having a fab friday fajitas! Clare & Si xx


      Bless you Claire, that’s so sad to hear, you must have been heartbroken. Unless you have an animal I don’t think people really understand just how much they can mean to you!
      Do take some photos of Alfie, even if it’s just on your phone. I’d love to see more of him.



    Omg, your cat is so sweet! Looks a bit like our’s… They could be a great couple! ;-) The fotos are really good! It’s so interesting to follow your photography diary… Keep it up!


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