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Welcome along to another edition of Boho Pins, where I delve into my pinterest board collection and choose one to share with you. I was delighted to be involved in the UK Launch of the Pin It Forward Campaign this week, which launched on Thursday, so today I thought I would treat you to a very special Boho Pins and one I have been looking froward to pinning for a while now.
If you’re planning a wedding then pinterest is the perfect visual planning tool. Fantastic for putting ideas together and keeping all your ideas organised! You can find me here pinterest.com/bohoweddings and I update my boards on a daily basis!

On Thursday I talked about what  Pinterest meant to me and I shared with you some of my favourite boards. Even though my main focus was on my Boho Board the one that really got your attention and the one that was viewed  what seemed a zillion times was my cats Board! So today I thought I would focus my attention on my favourite board in my whole 122 board collection; Cats. If you know me at all you will know I  LOVE cats, my baby Dee Dee is the most special thing in my life (she even has her own pinterest board) I find myself pinning cat pictures more than anything else. If you are a cat person you will totally get it, but if your not an animal lover then I’m afarid todays board is not for you! But come on how can you not find these beautiful kitties adorable, so much cuteness and fluff all in one place! You can see my full Cat pinterest board HERE

Boho Pins Cats Photo Source: cat in box,  cats jumping,  cat on chair,  ,  little grey kitten,  cat under newspaper,  cat on chair arm,  cat with balls of wool,  cat with milk,  tabby on it’s back,   Dee asleep on green blanket,  cat standing,  cat with glasses,  cats cuddling,  Steven sitting,  cat licking it’s lips.



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