365 Happiness Project – Week 16


Happiness Project


Week 16……….things that have made me happy this week:


  • Nik working from home
  • Jerk chicken for tea
  • Dee in her box wrapped in bubble wrap
  • Getting stuff done
  • Date night
  • My fav dish for tea
  • Wine
  • Broadchurch
  • At last getting round to downloading BlogStomp
  • Getting a good night sleep
  • My new iPhone 5 arriving
  • Dee just being Dee
  • Sunny days and daffodils
  • Getting stuff done
  • Doing my bookkeeping and getting my end of year accounts ready for my accountant
  • Nik coming home after being away for two days ( I Missed him)
  • Cuddles
  • That Friday feeling
  • At last getting out of my boots and into converse, maybe spring is here at last?
  • Leaving the house for the first time all week
  • A catch up with my accountant
  • getting my nails done (I can type again now i’ve had them chopped)
  • A cute gift in the post from Squibblybups
  • Fajita Friday
  • Wine
  • The new Disclosure track (amazing)
  • Chocolate eclairs
  • The suns shining
  • Cuddles with baby scarlet
  • A night with friends
  • Takeaway and wine
  • Catching up and a good chin wag
  • Wine
  • A day off
  • Getting the house clean
  • Spending time in the Kitchen cooking (something I very rarely get to do)
  • Having Niks family round for Sunday lunch and Nik’s dad birthday
  • Entertaining (again something I very rarely get to do these days)
  • Wine
  • Feeling VERY full
  • A really lovely family day
  • last few hours on the sofa with Nik
  • A great week
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Big Boho Happiness Love

Kelly xx


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