Wedding Planning Wednesday – 20 Top Tips For Your Wedding Planning

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Wedding Planning can be hard, so much to think about no matter what stage of the planning you are at. So today I thought I would share with you some of my top tips for wedding planning after being asked to contribute to an article for Wedding Ideas Magazine (You can read the full article HERE along with a few of my other lovely blogging friends)

I hope you find these top tips helpful and if you think I have missed anything and would like to contribute, do feel free and add your planning tips in the comment box below.

Top Tips For Your Wedding Planning
  • When you first start planning, sit down together and work out your budget before you book anything, be realistic. Now use that as a reference point and try not to go over it.
  • Decide what is most important to both of you and what is less important to you and split your budget accordingly.
  • Split your jobs up into what needs to be done first, and then allocate each job a month, giving yourself a monthly check list of things to do.
  • Always spend as much on photography as your budget will allow, it’s one of the only things from your wedding you will be able to keep forever and your lasting memory
  • DON’T get a friend to do your photography (unless they are a professional) you will regret this forever!
Top Tips For Your Wedding Planning
  • Don’t do wedding planning every day, give you self-set days in the month to ‘wedmin’ based jobs otherwise the planning will consume you and you will begin to hate it.
  • Never loose site of what the wedding is for. At the end of it all the wedding is a day, but your marriage lasts forever, remember your relationship.
  • Don’t get forced into doing things you don’t want to, remember it’s your day, no one else’s.
  • However if parents are contributing to the budget me mindful that you may need to ask for their input at times, but lay the law down from the beginning.
  • Don’t ask too many peoples for their opinions, this will lead to confusion and will blur your own vision on what you want.

Top Tips For Your Wedding Planning

  • Guests will cause you stress no matter what, so try not to worry about pleasing everyone, this is impossible, no matter what you do someone will not agree with your decisions.
  • Send out invitations earlier than you think you need to, people these days needs plenty of notice. And always give a RSVP date earlier than you need it, guests will need to be chased for their reply.
  • When looking for suppliers ask friends who are recently married for their recommendations. Also ask other suppliers for people they have worked with and would recommend.
  • Book the Venue first, then photography, dress, catering, bar and then entertainment, these are the things that get booked up way in advance. Try and get these booked as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.
  • When dress shopping, try and only take a maximum of two people with you, these two people need to be people who’s opinions your value, who know you well and will tell you the truth.
Top Tips For Your Wedding Planning
  • Try and make the wedding personal to you by adding in little DIY bits yourself, such as using a barn wedding venue in Columbus Ohio, call in the help of friends and family, people love to be involved.
  • The week before draw up a list of everyone involved, the wedding party and all the suppliers including full contact details, give this out to the main people in the wedding party for any last minute emergencies. Make sure that everyone has allocated jobs.
  • The week before draw up a time line to give out to the wedding party, the venue and photographer. Always allow more time than you think you need for things like photographs and getting guests from once place to another.
  • The day of the wedding take some time together away from the wedding party to reflect on the day. The day will fly past and you will hardly get to see each other. Take it all in and enjoy it.
  • The day of the wedding, try to accept you won’t be able to talk to everyone for a long period of time, priorities the people who have travelled far and you don’t see as often.
Top Tips For Your Wedding Planning
  • Hire a wedding planner, they can take all the above stresses out of your wedding planning


All Photos taken from wedding I’ve planned myslef for more info go to www.bohoweddingsandevents.com 

Photo credits in order: S6 Photography,  Nicola Thompson,  Lee Allen,  Mark Tattersall,  Shell De Mar



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    Unique Wedding Ideas

    I like your advice on photography. Hiring a friend is bad news. I would also add that the same for videography. Too many brides decide to skip on a wedding film or have a “friend” film it. This is never a good idea. Hire a professional. Bottom line.

    earcandy - team

    Some fantastic tips. Wedding days can be so hectic, and taking some breather time is great advice. Sit in a quiet corner somewhere and soak up the atmosphere. Thanks for the great blog.

    Wedding Planners

    Fabulous post! It is good to spend more hours for your wedding. Plan your wedding slowly and steadily. The planning people have to make use of the wedding app and their tools. The well planned wedding will make easy for the wedding planning people.

    Steven Rooney

    Some great tips here. It’s important not to let wedding planning take over your life and become a stress. Starting to plan early can prevent this – plus you’ll be surprised how quickly things get booked up! Getting the right photographer is very important as you want someone who will be able to capture not just the big moments, but the little ones too. Don’t take a gamble or skimp on the photographer.

    Antwerp Diamonds

    Planning a wedding and who won’t want the tips for that. Everybody does! It’s a great help. The article is extra ordinarily helpful in guiding people how every little thing shall be.

    Derek Page

    Dude! Awesome stuff. Please keep writing more things like this. I really like the fact you went so in depth on this and really explored the topic as much as you did. I read a lot of blogs but usually, it’s pretty shallow content. Thanks for upping the game here!


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