Q&A with Emma Case from Emma Case Photography

Today I am beside myslef with excitment as I have the amazing Emma Case answering my Q&A.
Emma is a huge talent in the wedding photography world and is flying the flag for the alternative wedding scene. Not only has she got a full order book for 2011 but she regulary has her work featured on the likes of Rock n’ Roll Bride and Love my Dress, as well as fetauring on my little blog (check her out HERE.)

So if you wanted to find out more about the talent behind these great photos then read on………….

Name and company name
My name is Emma Case from Emma Case Photography.

I’m an alternative wedding photographer shooting couples that want to do things a little differently.

How long have you been taking photos for?
My boyfriend Pete bought me an SLR camera for Christmas 2007 and on Boxing Day he proposed!

How would you describe your style?
I would say honest, individual, playful, emotional, quirky, soft, alternative, me. I get asked this a lot and I think my photography is completely me…

What made you get into wedding photography?
It was a happy accident to be honest. I took photos of a friends wedding as a bit of a favour and it was full of gorgeous vintage details… I sent it to Kat (RocknRollBride) and it went a bit nuts from there!

Where are you based?
I’m based in Birmingham but due to the style of photography and the type of weddings I photograph I tend to travel the country a lot.

How far will you travel for a wedding?
I had an enquiry for Utah the other week…

 How long do you normally spend at a wedding?
I say 8 hours but if you need me longer then I’m happy to stay!

What is your favorite bit of technical kit?
When I first started shooting weddings at the start of the year I had pretty average equipment. In the past few months I’ve managed to get some new gear and it feels such a luxury it’s untrue. I’ve just got a 35mm 1.4 and I absolutely love it. Over the past few months I’ve realized just how much of a geek I am… I can spend hours talking about lenses and software.

What is it about wedding photography that you love?
My couples mean the absolute world to me. I live their day with them and I’m a sucker for crying at speeches or when I see the dress. I also love the emotion, the costumes, the details… the drama side of me I suppose!

What sort of couple would be your ideal couple to photograph?
A couple who are open and not scared to do things their way…. I have been incredibly lucky with my couples… I’d happily sit and get drunk with all of them (and have done on a few occasions!)

What celeb would you like to photograph?
Johnny Cash if he was still alive.

Who is your favorite photographer and why?
For weddings I’d have to say Featherlove.

If you were to get married who would take your pictures / Who did take the pictures at your wedding ?
We’re currently deciding that now….

What are you plans for the next 2 years?
More weddings (including my own!), more learning, more collaborating, more creating… I have lots of ideas regarding the business and I’m so excited to see things develop.

 What in your opinion makes the perfect photo?
Feeling and emotion… from both sides of the camera.

What is your biggest achievement so far within your photography?
I look back over this past year and I really can’t believe how things have happened. I will have shot 27 weddings this year, have 32 booked for next year, have shot a wedding in France… it’s crazy!

What sort of other photography do you do apart from weddings?
Families, children, bands, still life… anything really! It’s nice to try different things and challenge yourself.

What advice would you give couples when choosing their wedding photographer?
Go for someone you click with (no pun intended). More often than not you spend the most time with your photographer (especially Brides) so you need to trust and like them! Oh and remember that your wedding photographs are going to be with you forever.

What is your favorite photo that you have taken?
There are lots of photographs that I love or that I’m proud of but this one is my favourite. It’s probably only the 3rd photo I took with the camera Pete bought me for Christmas but straight after this photo was taken Pete got on his knees and asked me to marry him. For me this photo means so much… it’s the start of my photography journey but also the fact that behind Pete’s eyes he’s thinking ‘I’m going to propose to Emma right now’… I love that…

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know, non work related.
I’m fluent in Sign Language.

What do you really love? And what do you really hate?
I love boiled eggs. I hate wooden spoons.

Full Contact detail
[email protected]
Emma on facebook
Emma on twitter

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    okay, I have always loved Emma Case’s work and was so psyched to see you feature her! (congrats, Emma… didn’t know you were getting married!)

    my absolute favorite Emma Case photo is the one of the flowers on the front of the car… how perfect was that?

    thanks for the Q&A!


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