DIY Tutorial: Decoupage Apple Place Names or Escort Cards

For today’s DIY Tutorial I am pleased to welcome back Anne-Marie to the Blog from www.posyrosy.com. Anne-Marie is going to be showing us how to make Decoupage Apple place names which can also be used as escort cards or just as general decoration around your wedding. They look great but are pretty simple to do, you just need a bit of time and patience to make them as pretty as the ones that Anne-Marie has put together.

Decoupage Apple


I’ll pass the Blog over to Anne-Marie……….

I’ve been really taken with the decorated pumpkins that have been popping up all over the place. Particularly the French style decoupage ones. So I thought why not do it with a different fruit or vegetable? That way they will fit in with any wedding season all the year round. I’ve chosen apples because their shape isn’t that different and they stand up nicely. I’ve also used plastic display apples, well you wouldn’t want your table displays going all ripe and squishy! I bought mine in a pound shop but they are also readily available on line.

Decoupage Apple

* I chose the words to Louis Armstrong’s We Have All The Time in The World and copied them into a word document in different sized fonts and styles *


Step 1) Get your glue ready on a protective surface

Decoupage Apple


Step 2) Tear up white paper into short strips, paint the surface of the apple with pva (in sections otherwise you get all gooey)

Decoupage Apple


Step 3) Layer the strips, adding more glue over the top until the apple is covered.

Decoupage Apple


Step 4) Tear up your lyrics, tearing some of the words that you want to highlight. I chose words like “love”, “precious”, or, short sentences that you want to stand out.

Decoupage Apple


Step 5) Layer the strips with glue as before, overlapping and going in different directions. Then position your key words or phrases over the top. Don’t worry if you find the words seem to disappear; the glue dries clear.

Decoupage Apple


To finish I tied a thin black satin ribbon in a bow round the stalk, cut out an apple leaf from textured card and wrote a “guest” name on it so it could be used as a place setting escort card.

Decoupage Apple


Anne-Marie will be back in a few weeks time with a great idea for a guest book, pop back next Tuesday for another DIY Tutorial.


You can read more about what Anne-Marie gets up to here:

‘I’m a Yorkshire lass and divide my time between Leeds and Girona, just north of Barcelona in Northern Spain.
 I make bespoke handcrafted heirloom bouquets and wedding accessories using vintage and new luxury fabrics, Swarovski crystal, vintage buttons and jewellery which I source in England, France and Spain. Each petal and leaf are entirely handcrafted I don’t use bought silk flowers.  All my designs are original and created to meet my brides wedding style and colour palette.
I also publish a weekly blog  on the website on colour, design, wedding style and feature regular DIY’s. Researching for the blog keeps my own design up to date and I hope gives inspiration to couples planning their wedding.’


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