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This afternoon I’d like to introduce you to Albelli who are a photo book company who have been kind enough to offer all Boho readers £10 off any order booked though them.
Albelli offer many services and products perfect for before and after your wedding day.

With so many couples choosing digital only packages from their photographers, it’s good to know there are companies that offer high quality photo books where you can create your wedding albums as well as an assortment of other wedding memorabilia! Albelli come recomended by the Gadget Show….so you know they must be good!


To Receive your £10 welcome voucher all you have to do is:

♥  Enter promotion code BOHOBRIDE at checkout and click ‘validate’ to automatically apply discount

♥  Welcome voucher can be used on all products purchased on Albelli.co.uk

♥  Voucher expires 01.07.12


albelli photo books

Albelli have put together their top 5 wedding ideas to help you add a bit of DIY photo magic to your big day


1. A personalised guest book
When everything at your wedding is a reflection on you, why stop at your guest book? Too many guest books are impersonal and stuffy. This great guest book idea will mean your friends enjoy writing in it as much as you’ll enjoy treasuring it for years to come.

How to create:

  1. Scavange around in your photos and try to find a picture of each of your guests. These can be a combination of formal portraits, candid shots and silly pics depending on the people.
  2. Download the free Albelli software for creating a photo book
  3. Fill the book with photos of yourselves and your guests, leaving enough space (and even prompts) for comments. Be sure to theme the book to match your wedding style.
  4. Order your photo guest book a few weeks before the wedding and Albelli will deliver.
  5. Get the MC to encourage guests to browse through the book and leave their thoughts, feelings and inspiration on their page.
Albelli Photo Books



2. Pocket-sized entertainment!
For many guests biding time while all the “official photos” take place can be a little dull. Some photographers take hours to capture those special shots. Our fun pocket photo book quiz is a great way to keep your friends and family interested and engaged, share some happy memories and a great icebreaker too.

How to create:

  1. Select 22 of your favourite memories (these can be recent or old childhood photos too)
  2. Download the free Albelli software for creating a pocket photo book
  3. Add a question to each photo, i.e. Why is John laughing in this photo? Who is it pulling Sally’s hair in this picture?
  4. Order in advance of the big day and Albelli will deliver to your door.
  5. Scatter a few of the books around the wedding area and let your friends and family enjoy!

Albelli Photo Books



3. Personal yet professional signs
Ensuring that people do what you want them to do at a wedding can always be a bit of a task! By creating large signs (for things like photo booths or table settings), you can prompt your guests to do what they are supposed to in a very personal, yet beautiful way!

How to create

  1. Decide on what you are trying to communicate and create in a simple document online (if you’re not particularly savvy you can always ask a friend or relative to create this for you). Note creating the seating plan in this manner is a great job for the groom!
  2. Upload the image file to the Albelli quick and easy online editor.
  3. Select the format, size, make and tweaks, then order your sign – Albelli will deliver to your door. If your wedding is romantic themed, select to print on canvas, or select the acrylic option for contemporary look.
  4. Ask around if anyone has an easel, or hire one from a hire company.
  5. Watch your guests as they are directed to where you want them to go!
Albellie Photo Books



4. Quality menu cards
Selecting your menu for the big day is great fun and tasting the food in advance is even better! Many couples now choose food which has sentimental meaning to them or reflects their personalities. There’s no reason why your menu cards have to be dull. Creating your own using the Albelli greeting cards gives you a chance to inject some fun and personality into the Wedding Breakfast – you can even include some space for people to place their bets about how long the speeches will take!

How to create

  1. Decide on the information you want to include and choose an image to go with your wedding theme.
  2. Select the size and quantity cards you want (packs of 10) & create the cards in the Albelli free downloadable editor.
  3. Your personalised Menu cards will be delivered directly to your door ready to use on your big day!
Albelli Photo Books



5. The unofficial (read: FUN!) wedding album
Although the photos from your professional photographer are always utterly gorgeous, sometimes it’s some of the candid, fun shots taken by guests during the day (while you are totally unaware) that can be the real gems! Make sure to collect these images off your friends once you’re back from your honeymoon and create your own wedding photo book to treasure alongside your formal one.

How to create:

  1. Contact all those maveric photographers and ask if they don’t mind sending you the (high resolution) photos.
  2. Download the free Albelli software for creating a photo book
  3. Select the format and size you wish to create, upload and edit the photos, adding comments, backgrounds and borders to make the book truly yours.
  4. Order and Albelli will deliver to your door.

Special Plus: You can order as many copies as you like, so this is a great gift for parents and your bridal party as a thank you for all their belp.

Albelli Photo Books



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