DIY Tutorial: Picture Frame Seating Plan

If you are currently looking for a cheep and easy way to display your table plan then todays DIY feature is just for you. This picture frame seating plan has been sent into by Hazel Ball, owner of decorating accessories website – Velvet Brown.

This is a pretty simple DIY feature so hopefully accessible for everyone and it can be adjusted for your own taste in terms of colour and also the shape you decide to use for the names and numbers. For this tutorial Hazel has chosen heart shapes with blues and greys but you can choose what ever you like to go with the theme of your wedding.

DIY seating plan

You Will Need

 Old Picture frame with no glass
Ribbon thick
Ribbon thin
Decorating Hooks


How to Make the Seating Plan

1) Get your self a picture frame, from a charity shop or from a picture framers (they often have miss shaped and 2nd’s that they are more than likely going to throw away) take the frame and sand it down  and then paint.


2) Decide what shape you want your names and numbers to be, draw out on card and then cut out. You could also use luggage tags

DIY Seating Plan
3) Take the  thin ribbon and thread it through the place names, string them together to create rows.  An alternative to threading the names onto ribbon is to buy miniature pegs to clip them on with. This is great if you have last-minute changes.

DIY Seating Plan

4) Take each row of ribbon and attach them to the picture frame using decorating hooks, Hazel has used 3m Command decorating hooks, which need no hammering or screwing .

DIY Seating Plan

5)  Using the hooks again on the back of the frame, take the thicker ribbon and thread it through the hook and then tie in a knot to finish so the table plan can be hung up on a wall.

DIY Seating Plan

6) And you’re finished!

DIY Seating Plan


Big Thanks to Hazel Ball, from Velvet Brown for this fab DIY Tutorial.


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