Bye Bye 30s, Hello 40s………Today I’m 40 and Fabulous!

So today I am 40 years young, a mile stone Birthday so they say! I have to admit I have been excited about my Birthday for a few weeks now, I love Birthdays, well I love other peoples birthday, I’m, normally not so keen on my own. I normally find then a complete anti-climax, but as the years have gone on, I have managed to enjoy my own a bit more each year.

Many people have commented about the BIG 40…….like it is the end of a life time, like I’m going to shrivel up in an old decrepit heap as I wave goodbye to what was supposed to be the best years of my life……..but you know what I’m looking forward to my 40s, so I feel like I should embrace today.

Bye Bye 30s, Hello 40s.........Today I'm 40 and Fabulous! (Photo Source) 

When I turned 30 I hated it, I recon I had a midlife crisis for at least 2 years prior to my 30th Birthday, but I wasn’t in a good place then, I was unhappy in my personal life, being engaged to a man I really didn’t like very much, financially I was in a bad place and my head just wasn’t with it. I hated being 30 because I hadn’t got to where I wanted to be in life, I was disappointed with where life had taken me and disappointed with some of the stupid decisions I had made that had lead me to where I was.
10 years on and things couldn’t be more different, I have a job I love, I have married the most amazing man ever, and in doing so have adopted a family that I never had as a child. My mind is stable, and I am happy! The only thing missing is a baby…….but I am hoping and praying that comes along soon.

I’m sure those of you who are 40 or above will agree with me that turning 40 doesn’t bring with it the mental and womanly hang ups that being 30 does. As I grew into my 30s I found myself confidence growing, I became more sure of myself, more sure of who I wanted to be, and I cared less and less about what others thought of me. I am who I am and no one can change that! I learnt self-acceptance and I learnt how to love myself (yes cheesy as it sounds it is true) so now moving into my 40s I am really excited at how much more confident and happy I am going to be feeling, not only about myself but my whole life!

Ok so I may not be as thin as I used to be, I can’t wear miniskirts like I used to, I prefer big pants to a thong these days and I’d rather stay in on a Saturday night with a giant packet of crisp and a selection of dips than go raving like I used to……….but you know what that’s OK, because that is who I am.

Growing older is all about accepting who you are and accepting that what you like is OK. I may not be able to shop in all the young clothes shops anymore I may need to think twice before I pick out a party outfit and ask myself if it is age appropriate  or will I look like mutton dressed up as lamb……but that’s OK because I’m not the 20/30 something having a meltdown because I think I need to be a size 8 to attract the man of my dreams.

Bye Bye 30s, Hello 40s.........Today I'm 40 and Fabulous! (photo source) 

I guess what I’m trying to say is who cares that I’m 40………I certainly don’t feel 40 whatever 40 is meant to feel like! I’m pretty content, I have a job I love, a man I adore, a family who I hold dear to my heart and some pretty amazing friends, oh and the cutest cat in the world…….Life’s pretty good!

So today I am going to wave goodbye to my 30s, the decade I found happiness in my own skin and my own head, the decade I dumped one idiot of a man and in turn found the man of my dreams, the decade I got made redundant from a job I hated and ventured into a career that I love……….and I’m going to wave in my 40s with great expectation and happiness.

Happy Birthday to me!  I’m 40 and Fabulous!

Big Birthday Love
Kelly xx


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    Helen Lisk

    Aaaah love it! Happy birthday – have a really fabulous day, and enjoy celebrating all the great things that you have achieved so far, big pants and all ;)


    Amma // Beyond Beyond

    Kelly, loved reading this post today morning and more than that hope that your 40th year brings you everything that you dreamed of and much more! Much love xxx

    Claire Jones

    Happy Birthday Kelly….very special day indeed, enjoy every minute of it.


    Ahh Kelly, what a positive and inspiring post! I’m in my late 20’s and feeling much like you did at 30, so it’s nice to know the only way is up!

    Have a lovely last 20 minutes of your birthday! Xx


    Thank you for all your lovely birthday messages, you are all very kind! I had a lovely day, and now nursing my hangover………Love you all lots xxxx


    Such a wonderful outlook on turning 40. I love it and so glad you were spoilt on Wednesday you SOOOO deserve it. xxxx


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