(Part 2) Wedding Planning – How to make your day different

A follow on from part 1 of the ‘We have been blogged’………….here is the little artical I wrote for the wonderful makers-online blog.

Wedding Planning – How to make your day different

My own wedding was different to any other wedding I had been to, non traditional and relaxed, it really reflected me and my husband’s personality. Prior to the Ibiza wedding I had planned a full on traditional English wedding, countryside location, marquee, 80-100 guests, but we both decided a few months into the whole process that it just wasn’t for us, so we took a step back and decided to get back to basics and create a wedding for us………..not what was expected of us!
From here Boho weddings & Evens was born.
My ideal is to create weddings with a difference no matter how big or small that difference is, weddings should be about you as a couple, it’s all about individuality!

So how do you make a wedding different?

1) Firstly forget about tradition, some of the best weddings I know about, are weddings were neither the bride or groom had been to a wedding before, so had no preconceived idea of what a wedding should be like.

2) Forget about the rules, don’t just do it because it says in a glossy magazine that you should do, there are no rules when it comes to planning weddings.

3) Draw upon your own personalities. What are you two like as people? What are your likes and dislikes? What are your hobbies? Try to incorporate these into your day to make the day more personal.

4) Try not to follow trends. Whether this be in decor, dresses, food or entertainment. Trends come and go in the wedding world but your pictures will last forever!

5) Be true to yourself. Stick to your guns, if you want to do something that is unconventional do it, after all it’s your wedding, no one else’s. If other people think it’s a strange idea that isn’t your problem. Don’t get bogged down by family members or friends telling you to fit around them.

6) Look for inspiration. There are so many wedding blogs and websites out there catering for the bride and groom who don’t want the norm. These can give you loads of inspiration and ideas.

7) Work with like minded suppliers, a lot of suppliers are itching to do something different. I hear so many of my wedding friends say that they would love to do things differently, suppliers are gagging to get creative and run free on an idea, but rarely get the chance.

8] Research, research, research!!! Don’t just book the first thing, or choose the first supplier you meet. Everyone is different, each wedding supplier you meet will bring something different to the table, each with a different price and style, look at a few and then decided who works best with the ideas you have.

9) Remember it’s your day create the wedding you want….not the wedding you’re told you should have!

10) Use a wedding planner (yes I know yawn, yawn!!) we can help you to bring your ideas to life; we have a huge amount of experience and knowledge and may come up with some ideas that you haven’t even thought of.

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